Italy: 64% Support Civil Unions, But 59% Oppose Marriage Equality

Written by scott on February 2nd, 2015

titleSome disappointing marriage equality and gay adoption numbers out of Italy today.

Gay Star News reports:

A public poll, conducted by Eurispes pollsters, found that 64.4% of those polled supported juridical protection for de facto couples of any gender – a benefit of legally recognized civil unions. However, 59.2% opposed gay marriage – up from a figure of 50.7% in 2014.

The percentage of people against gay adoption was 72.2% – a similar figure to previous polls. Adoption of children is currently restricted to opposite-sex married couples only, although a court in Rome recently allowed a woman to legally adopt and become the co-parent of her female partner’s child.

The support for civil unions is a good thing, but a nine point increase in marriage equality opposition seems drastic.

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