42% in US Think Gays Are Born That Way

Written by scott on March 11th, 2015

titleA new Gallup poll shows we still have a long way to go on public education about gays and lesbians.

The Washington Post reports:

Are people born gay or lesbian, are do they become that way due to their upbringing or environment? Though opinions are changing, it turns that America is still deeply divided on this “nature vs. nurture” question. Gallup polls taken over nearly four decades show a sharp rise in the view that people are born gay or lesbian, from about 12 percent in 1977 to 42 percent in 2014. The percentage of people saying that homosexuality is due to a person’s upbringing or environment has fallen, from more than 50 percent in the late 1970s to less than 40 percent today.

Gallup Poll on Homosexuality

Unfortunately, the poll shows a bit of a drop-off since last year.


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  1. jerry says:

    It’s interesting that these numbers are from non-gay people. How the hell would they know. In general….why would someone CHOOSE a life which would be filled with hatred and and discrimination against them? So many young men take their own lives when the discover that they are gay. Choice????? I think not. However the struggle to survive makes us stronger and hopefully more tolerant of others. We are beautiful and bring so much to the world in so many ways. History is filled with the great accomplishment of gay men and women. It’s really not hard to figure out……just think about it and the answer is clear.

  2. Erin says:

    In the third grade I liked kissing girls better than kissing boys, because they were softer. My upbringing was totally straight.

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