What Homophobia Sounds Like to Americans Who Support Equality

Written by scott on March 6th, 2015


A new video from Girl Pants Productions illustrates just how insane homophobic arguments are to the majority of Americans who support LGBT equality.

Because, as we all know, being left-handed is really just a choice and guys who say they love both chocolate and vanilla ice cream are really just chocolate lovers too afraid to come out of the closet.

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  1. Carol Green says:

    Paradigm Shift Toward Marriage Equality

    I was once a bigot. My parents and my era taught me wrong. In the expanse of a long life, I woke up and changed my mind. In penance for my youthful zealotry, I am compelled to share this insight with other bigots so they will recognize blindness to be a necessary step toward their enlightenment. I was once blind. But now I see.

    The unenlightened mistakenly superimpose onto the Modern Age antiquated conventions of 100+ generations past once forged by an emerging, but naïve, sometimes barbaric, culture of man. Today, this festering anachronism persecutes innocent homosexuals who suffer daily bigotry, hatred, and death because of worn-out beliefs.

    The paradigm shift has unique sensations about it. When brainwashed bigots begin the course of illumination, they resist. Goodness willing, slowly over decades — through observation, insight, reason, empathy, compassion, understanding, and release — the mind begins to open. The shoulders let go the heavy weight of prejudice. The heart lays bare its natural desire to love and treat everyone equally. And, the soul ascends briefly into Samadhi, Nirvana, Paradise, for a glimpse. Then comes awakening! A new perspective. Acceptance, appreciation, and celebration of our diverse humanity replace prejudice, animosity, and hatred. Cleansing of human character occurs within the evolution of the human mind.

    The present day paradigm shift will bring FREEDOM FOR ALL, not just the “chosen ones.” Thanks to the wisdom and courage of a majority of Supreme Court justices!

    Carol Green, Retired California Teacher, Heterosexual

    Open my eyes. Witness the suffering. Shed self-righteous, judgmental thoughts. Loose the chains that bind me. Open my mind. Ponder all possibilities. Open my heart. Fear not the uphill climb. Walk toward the light in their shoes.

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