Marriage Equality Round-Up – March 27th

Written by scott on March 27th, 2015

Gay Wedding - HandsHere’s our daily round-up of the marriage equality / LGBT rights stories that don’t warrant a full posting on the blog, or that we didn’t have time to add. We’re able to get more news and analysis to you this way every day – enjoy!

Pop Culture: The TV show “Scandal” is featuring a same sex marriage. full story

Pop Culture: Zack Ford at Think Progress looks at where LGBT representation in TV is going. full story

Cameroon: Cameroonian lawyer Alice Nkom says her country will never get on top of its HIV epidemic if it continues to prevent gay citizens from accessing healthcare through repressive laws. full story

Ireland: The government has indicated that there will be no religious opt-out clause for businesses that do not want to provide goods and services for same-sex weddings, reports the Independent. full story

Italy: By a vote of 14-8 Italy’s Senate Judiciary Committee today advanced a civil unions bill that would also allow gay couples to adopt each others’ children and visit each other in the hospital. full story

Slovenia: The Slovene National Assembly today approved a bill that bans the proposed referendum on repealing same-sex marriage. full story

UK: Ed Miliband has said among the two things he most admires about David Cameron is his commitment to same-sex marriage. full story

UK: Microsoft’s UK Chief Marketing Officer, Philippa Snare, has questioned the ice-cream company, Ben & Jerry’s, for marketing itself as a supporter of gay marriage – despite the fact that Microsoft has itself featured a same-sex wedding in one of its marketing campaigns. full story

USA: Televangelist Pat Robertson told a father that his gay son’s plan to adopt a child with his husband was “wrong.” full story

USA: Anti-gay campaigner Peter LaBarbera has compared the work of LGBT activists to recruiting children like Hitler. full story

USA: Eagle Forum founder Phyllis Schlafly said that state governors should “refuse to enforce” a Supreme Court decision striking down bans on same-sex marriage, reports Right Wing Watch. full story

USA, Alabama: Pike County Probate Judge Wes Allen called the fight against marriage equality a “spiritual battle”. full story

USA, Arkansas: An effort to prevent Arkansas government from infringing on someone’s religious beliefs was revived on March 24, with a state Senate panel advancing a bill that critics have called a thinly veiled endorsement of discrimination against gays and lesbians. full story

USA, Arkansas: Gov. Asa Hutchinson says he would sign into law a right to discriminate measure that opponents have said would open the door to state-sanctioned discrimination against gays and lesbians. full story

USA, Arkansas: The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) President and Arkansas native Chad Griffin announced that the organization will run a full-page ad in the San Jose Mercury News spotlighting pending legislation in Arkansas targeting LGBT people and religious minorities. The ad will also run in the Wall Street Journal. full story

USA, Arkansas: Dr. Julian Bond, a major leader in the American civil rights movement, expressed outrage at discriminatory anti-LGBT legislation in Arkansas full story

USA, California: Christian activist Matt McLaughlin, author of the Sodomite Suppression Act, graduated from law school at Virginia’s George Mason University, which just said it will not condemn the odious initiative. full story

USA, Colorado: A bill to allow transgender people to change the gender listings on their birth certificates without undergoing sex reassignment surgery has passed its first test in the Colorado Legislature. full story

USA, Florida: Discrimination against LGBT workers in Florida costs employers more than $362-million a year, according to a report released today by Equality Means Business, a coalition of major employers in the state. full story

USA, Florida: There was a brief meeting at the Metro Wellness Center in St. Petersburg on March 24 in support of opposing the Transgender Discrimination Bill full story

USA, Florida: A new poll says that 67% of Floridians agree that marriage equality had absolutely no effect on their lives. full story

USA, Georgia: Members of a Georgia House panel made some changes to a divisive “religious freedom” bill, but left opponents who say it could provide legal cover for discrimination against gays and transgender people dissatisfied. full story

USA, Georgia: A divisive religious freedom bill stalled Thursday in a Georgia House committee after a Republican member of the panel successfully added anti-discrimination language to the proposal. full story

USA, Indiana: The Human Rights Campaign has condemned Indiana Governor Mike Pence for signing the state’s right to discriminate law. full story

USA, Indiana: Lambda Legal also slammed Pence for signing the bill. full story

USA, Indiana: The American Civil Liberties Union of Indiana says a religious objections bill that Gov. Mike Pence signed is a backlash to same-sex marriage in the state. full story

USA, Indiana:’s Marc Benioff: “We are forced to dramatically reduce our investment in Indiana based on our employee’s & customer’s outrage over the Religious Freedom Bill.” full story

USA, Indiana: George Takei, who earlier this week threatened to boycott Indiana if the state’s anti-gay “religious freedom” bill became law, tore into Gov. Mike Pence on Facebook today after Pence added his signature to the bill. full story

USA, Indiana: A gay top official with the Democratic National Committee in New Hampshire on Thursday slammed the recently signed religious discrimination law in Indiana as “outrageous,” warning 2016 presidential candidates that supporting such measures won’t fare well in New Hampshire’s early primary. full story

USA, Indiana: The NCAA is expressing concern about the new law ahead of next week’s men’s basketball Final Four in Indianapolis. full story

USA, Indiana: San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee has decided to sever ties with Indiana, issuing a public statement forbidding city employees from using public funds to travel to the state of Indiana. full story

USA, Indiana: Broadway star Audra McDonald sent a series of messages through Twitter to Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, chastising him for signing the right to discriminate bill. full story

USA, Indiana: Likely Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton denounced the new right to discriminate law as an attempt to enable discrimination against LGBT people. full story

USA, Indiana: In reaction to the new law, Yelp CEO Jeremy Stoppelman says the company will not expand in states that pass right to discriminate laws. full story

USA, Indiana: The Advocate rounds up some of the other reactions to the new law. full story

USA, Maryland: State lawmakers on Wednesday approved two separate bills — Senate Bill 743 and House Bill 862 — that would remove the expensive roadblocks facing trans individuals born in Maryland in an effort to update their birth certificates. full story

USA, Montana: A Republican lawmaker proposed Wednesday that the Legislature ask voters if they want additional religious protections in Montana’s constitution. full story

USA, Ohio: At their March 16 meeting, the Yellow Springs Village Council unanimously passed a resolution supporting marriage equality, making the Village the third municipality in Ohio to endorse same-sex marriage. full story

USA, Puerto Rico: The Liberty Counsel filed a motion seeking permission to file a brief at the First Circuit Court of Appeals in defense of Puerto Rico’s ban on marriage equality. full story

USA, Texas: A federal judge has temporarily blocked the Obama administration from implementing a new rule to ensure married same-sex couples have access to the Family & Medical Leave Act even if they live in non-marriage equality states. full story

USA, Texas: A bill seeking to continue Texas’ ban on gay marriage, no matter how the courts rule, received strong opposition during a late Wednesday public hearing — much of it from religious leaders and believers who said conservative Christians do not have the sole perspective on marriage. full story

USA, Washington DC: The Catholic Archdiocese of Washington signed on to a letter to members of the U.S. Senate on March 20 calling for Congress to block a D.C. bill that would protect LGBT students from discrimination at religious schools operating in the city. full story


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