Marriage News Watch: Texas AG Wants to Stop Gays from Caring for Families

Written by scott on March 23rd, 2015

Matt BaumeHow’s this for villainy: Texas AG Ken Paxton has sued the Obama administration to prevent gays and lesbians from taking time off to care for their spouses.

A new rule taking effect this week would require Texas to permit family and medical leave for LGBTs.

But Paxton is determined to fight those couples in court rather than let them take care of each other. Nice.

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  1. Michael says:

    So much for following the Golden Rule.

  2. Dr. Larry Schlatter says:

    It’s Texas for Pete’s sake! I am often disappointed that Mexico didn’t win that war!!!!!!!

  3. Mr Eric G. Osterberg says:

    Lame brains are just that, they waste taxpayers money with their hoopla.

  4. Tim Chase says:

    what five bills are required for Michigan

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