Marriage News Watch: Alabama’s Lesbian Marriage Penalty

Written by scott on May 25th, 2015

Matt Baume

Alabama has sent a minister to jail for 30 days for defying a local judge and marrying a lesbian couple.

Irish voters support marriage equality in a landslide, but marriage could still start in America before they start in Ireland.

And one more study shows support for equality on the rise.

Authored By Matt Baume – See the Full Story at AFER

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  1. Mr Eric G. Osterberg says:

    Alabama has sent a minister to jail? How stupid can you get, the religious extremist nuts/GOPs squawk about religious discrimination and they they commit it against a minister. What happened to Freedom of Religion? Wow, wow, wow! If this action of idiocy is not nationally broadcasted then it seems that few are paying attention. Such hypocrites!

  2. linda says:

    Somebody AUT to though the judge in jail.

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