Marriage News Watch: Alabama Could End Marriage Licenses for Everyone

Written by scott on June 1st, 2015

Matt BaumeAn NBC station in Tennessee is refusing to broadcast footage of a gay soldier who wants to get married.

The governor of North Carolina vetoed a bill that would let state officials turn gay couples away from marriage counters — but the bill’s not dead yet.

And Alabama is actually going through with a threat to stop issuing marriage licenses state-wide — but that might not have the effect they want.

By Matt Baume – Full Story at Marriage News Watch


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  1. JP says:

    Alabama is most definitely run by a bunch of morons.

  2. susan malone says:

    just like the old days. Alabama is so bass ackwards. shocked that it even happened because of the red necks all over the place. some day though human rights will matter. and im praying for those who want to get married should have that in their lives. its not hurting anyone but it just goes to show u how rednecks still act today. but they can have sex and spew their hate all over the place. but ya know whatever u losers in Alabama. we will get married and u wont ever win cuz u don’t deserve to win.

  3. alan says:

    Amazing what a lack of an upper division education will produce.

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