The Final Marriage News Watch From Matt Baume

Written by scott on July 6th, 2015

Matt Baume

Matt in the Early Years

It’s kinda weird being on the back side of history. Matt Baume has done an amazing job chronicling the fight in the US. Here’s his swan song:

Only a few isolated locations in the country remain where same-sex couples can’t get married. Those opposed to equality are getting increasingly desperate, with stall tactics and long-shot legal games.

We’re also likely to see renewed attacks on other civil rights, so there’s still going to be a lot of work to do in order to protect equality.

But the story of marriage is changing from something we’re fighting to achieve to something we’re actually living. That’s why as of this week I’m wrapping up Marriage News Watch.


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  1. Robert Burns says:

    Thank you Matt, so very much!!

  2. Cheri C says:

    You have been phenomenal! Thank you so much!

  3. Mr Eric G. Osterberg says:

    Thanks Matt! Now if we can get states with constitutional bans to remove the bans from their constitutions and for LGBTs add non-discrimination laws, remove discrimination laws. Our rights will be advanced to real equality.

  4. Michael says:

    Love U Matt. Looked forward to Monday updates. Won’t they find another way to take marriage away? I have read Justice Kennedy’s opiniĆ³n several times…..and what a masterpiece. Lets work to make marriage equality the norm.

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