Marriage Equality Round-Up – January 26th

Written by scott on January 26th, 2016

Here’s our daily round-up of the marriage equality / LGBT rights stories from all around the internet. If we missed anything, let us know. Enjoy!

HISTORY: President John F Kennedy had a special room in the White House just for his gay best friend, a book claims. full story

PEOPLE: Britney Spears tweeted her appreciation for GLAAD’S “Accelerating Acceptance” study on Friday but says the fight for LGBT awareness is far from over. full story

PEOPLE: British journalist Rod Liddle has said poppers and lube is ‘God’s way of telling you that…[gay sex] is unnatural and perverse’. full story

PEOPLE: Graham Norton had this great advice for bisexual teen: ‘It is important in life that you strive to be the most authentic version of yourself’ full story

POP CULTURE: Actor Ian McKellen told the Press Association that the diversity issue in Hollywood is a “legitimate complaint” and as a gay man he sympathizes with black actors who feel they aren’t represented. full story

CANADA: New posters have gone up in Toronto District School Board schools, which include 76,000 middle school and high school students. Launched by LGBTQ advocacy group Toronto Pflag, the posters depict a rainbow that spells out the LGBTQ acronym: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Straight, Queer and 2-Spirited. When students use the flash on their camera phones to take a picture of the poster, the words are suddenly accompanied by nouns that illustrate LGBTQ folks are people they know, respect and love: partner, teammate, buddy, friend, ally, supporter, and BFF. full story


GREECE: Greek same-sex couples began entering into civil unions on Monday after the legislation passed in December by the Greek Parliament came into effect. full story

INDIA: Last month, I made a personal journey home for a BBC Radio 4 documentary, to explore how dramatically India’s sexual landscape has changed in recent years. full story

ITALY: The Local went into the streets and spoke to protestors, both those in favor of and those against the civil unions bill, to find out what they think about gay marriage and gay adoption. full story


PORTUGAL: Outgoing President Anibal Cavaco Silva has vetoed a bill recently approved by lawmakers that granted full adoption rights to gay and lesbian couples. full story

SENEGAL: The head of an anti-gay coalition says police have arrested 11 people in Senegal’s capital during a demonstration against the release of 11 people accused of homosexual acts. full story

USA: Rep. Louie Gohmert, R-Texas, said last week that “it’s time to start impeaching” Supreme Court justices in response to the Obergefell marriage equality ruling, which he called an “illegal decision” that amounted to the court declaring itself to be God. full story

USA: Martin O’Malley renewed his commitment to fight for LGBT rights at the federal level on Monday night, although he omitted any mention of federal non-discrimination legislation known as the Equality Act. full story

USA: The legal battle over same-sex marriage that culminated in the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling in Obergefell v. Hodges was a costly one for American taxpayers – $13.5 million in plaintiffs’ attorneys’ fees in 41 cases. full story

USA, FLORIDA: Pine View, a grades 2-12 magnet school in Osprey, Fla., is now the first school in Sarasota County to pass a transgender student inclusive bathroom policy. full story

USA, INDIANA: Indiana may have lost as much as $60 million in hotel profits, tax revenue and other economic benefits when a dozen groups decided against hosting conventions in Indianapolis last year due at least in part to the controversy surrounding the state’s religious objections law. full story

USA, KENTUCKY: Kim Davis has said it was a ‘joy’ to be chosen by God to stand against same sex marriage. full story

USA, NEW YORK: A new study of the quality of healthcare provided to transgender patients in the New York City correctional system revealed significant areas for improvement and reported a greater than 50% decrease in patient complaints after the healthcare staff at 12 jail clinics received LGBT training. full story

USA, TENNESSEE: State Rep. Susan Lynn (R) has filed a resolution in the House supporting a lawsuit that would invalidate all state weddings after June. full story

USA, TENNESSEE: Despite a few voices of opposition, the Hawkins County Commission approved a resolution Monday asking the Tennessee General Assembly to defy last year’s U.S. Supreme Court ruling legalizing gay marriage. full story

USA, TENNESSEE: Students at a rural Tennessee high school reportedly wore “straight pride” signs last week to protest a newly founded chapter of the Gay Straight Alliance. full story


USA, UTAH: An overwhelming majority of Mormons in Utah support their church’s horrific new policy labeling same-sex couples as “apostates” and barring their children from being baptized. full story


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    Straights should not be included in the LGBTQ flag or community’s anywhere because next thing you know the bigots will want to be included. Put ally’s instead of straight! Straight ppl are NOT GAY!

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