Marriage Equality Round-Up – January 28th

Written by scott on January 28th, 2016

Here’s our daily round-up of the marriage equality / LGBT rights stories from all around the internet. If we missed anything, let us know. Enjoy!

HISTORY: According to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, some of the men interned for their homosexuality in Nazi Germany were immediately sent to prison again after World War II, forced to serve the Nazi sentences. full story

POP CULTURE: On Monday, “The Daily Show” aired a hilarious segment about the couple’s “father-son” relationship, playing on the right-wing “slippery slope” argument about same-sex marriage and incest. After visiting the couple and asking Esposito why he’s “banging” his son, correspondent Ronny Chieng determines that they have “some gross human equality fetish.” full story

AFRICA: The US’s first ever special envoy for LGBT rights has said there are “seeds of hope” in Southern African countries for sexual and gender minorities. full story

AUSTRALIA: Homophobic hate is alive and well in Melbourne, Australia. Someone is pasting signs in public areas of South Yarra that read “Cure AIDS: Kick a Poofter to Death.” “Poofter”, of course, is a gay slur equivalent to “faggot”. full story

AUSTRALIA: The Australian Government’s plan to hold a non-legally binding vote on same-sex marriage by the Australian people that will cost $160 million has been put in doubt after two government backbenchers revealed they would still vote against the reform even if the poll was successful. full story


GEORGIA: Gay attorney Giorgi Tatishvili says he has ‘started the fight for the legalization of same-sex marriages and expects a positive decision by the Constitutional Court of Georgia’. full story

GREECE: Dimitris Konstantopoulos, a Greek MP, has asked God’s forgiveness because he voted for a measure to legalise same-sex civil partnerships. full story

INDIA: India’s Supreme Court could make a decision over the country’s law banning gay sex, according to a new report. full story

INDONESIA: An Indonesian government official is calling for gay and transgender students banned from college and university campuses if they show any public displays of affection or inappropriate behavior. full story


IRELAND: A bisexual woman who alleged she fled her native Nigeria after her family threatened to kill her over being involved in lesbian activity has lost her High Court challenge to being refused refugee status. full story

ITALY: Crux looks at Pope Francis’s past and current positions on civil unions, and why he changed. full story

ITALY: Italy’s Senate on Thursday begins examining a civil union bill for same-sex couples, a topic which has profoundly divided the country and could prove toxic for Prime Minister Matteo Renzi’s government. full story

LITHUANIA: Lithuania has refused to issue a temporary residence permit to the husband of a Lithuanian man. full story

TAIWAN: Tainan mayor William Lai announced Wednesday evening the city would become the fourth Taiwanese city to register gay couples. full story

USA: Ted Cruz assured voters that his presidency would not endorse the Supreme Court’s ruling that same-sex marriage is a Constitutional right, calling it “fundamentally illegitimate, lawless, and unconstitutional.” full story

USA: Since June, Wolfson and his colleagues have been carefully preserving as much as possible from their successful campaign. full story

USA: Lou Correa, a southern California congressional candidate has pledged to push for undoing the dishonorable discharges of gay veterans under the military’s former “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy. full story

USA: Susan Sarandon has slammed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s record on gay rights. full story

USA, INDIANA: The Senate Rules Committee just decided to not advance SB66, the “Super RFRA” bill, meaning the bill is almost certainly dead for this legislative session. full story

USA, INDIANA: Barronelle Stutzman, a Washington state florist who became a national figure for refusing to provide flowers for a same-sex wedding is scheduled to testify in Indiana against two LGBT rights bills that will be taken up by a state Senate committee. full story

USA, INDIANA: During a town hall meeting Saturday in his hometown of Whiteland, in central Indiana, Republican Rep. Woody Burton compared LGBT rights protections to protections for psychopathic killers, pedophiles, and overweight people. full story

Republican Rep. Woody Burton

USA, INDIANA: After hours of testimony from local and national hate groups as well as sobbing out-of-state martyred anti-LGBT business owners, the Indiana Senate Rules and Legislative Procedures committee tonight advanced a heavily-amended “LGBT rights” bill that actually worsens the already poor civil rights status of LGBT Hoosiers. full story

USA, NEBRASKA: The state’s defunct same-sex marriage ban could once again go before voters under a measure that seeks to remove it from the state constitution. full story

USA, NEBRASKA: On Wednesday, Nebraska Family Alliance and the Nebraska Catholic Conference both came out opposed to measures that would update language in state law to reflect last year’s U.S. Supreme Court decision striking down bans on gay marriage. full story

USA, SOUTH DAKOTA: By a vote of 58 to 10, the South Dakota House of Representatives passed discriminatory legislation targeting transgender students. full story

USA, TEXAS: David Watts Jr., who’s running for the House District 7 seat in ultraconservative East Texas, refuses to let the LGBTIQ community gays might actually prefer to bend him over and dominate him. full story

David Watts Jr.

USA, VIRGINIA: “If I have a child who has cancer, there’s a chance we can cure that cancer with chemo therapy rather than watch that child suffer,” said state Sen. Charles Carrico (R-Galax) during a subcommittee hearing on a bill that would ban so-called conversion therapy in Virginia. “It is a form of therapy, the chemo therapy, and to know it goes in remission and find out the child has cancer again, that is a parents’ decision to try and help the child.” full story

USA, VIRGINIA: Brad Kutner, a journalist who writes for the Virginia paper GayRVA (you may remember he also broke the story of the anti-gay attack at Amazon that’s now being prosecuted as a federal hate crime), has penned an open letter to an anti-gay Republican lawmaker he discovered cruising on Grindr over the weekend. full story


USA, VIRGINIA: Dan Savage thinks the closeted lawmaker is fair game:I disagree: this legislator’s votes against workplace protections for LGBT people, adoption rights for same-sex couples, and the judicial appointment of a qualified out gay man speak loudly of his hypocrisy and the the particular kind of damage done when closeted conservatives abuse their political power to protect their closets. full story

USA, VIRGINIA: A state senator’s effort to allow local clerks to opt out of issuing marriage licenses to gay couples narrowly cleared committee Wednesday. Senate Bill 40 is heading for the Senate floor. full story


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