Marriage Equality Round-Up – January 9th

Written by scott on January 9th, 2016

Here’s our daily round-up of the marriage equality / LGBT rights stories from all around the internet. If we missed anything, let us know. Enjoy!

OPINION: One thing that has always struck me about LGBTQ+ activism is how little is made of poverty. full story

PEOPLE: Amandla Stenberg, who is most well known for her role as Rue in The Hunger Games, took over Teen Vogue’s Snapchat on Thursday and officially came out as bisexual. full story

Amandla Stenberg

POP CULTURE: Singular “they,” the gender-neutral pronoun, has been named the Word of the Year by a crowd of over 200 linguists at the American Dialect Society’s annual meeting in Washington, DC. full story

GUYANA: recently elected Guyana President David Granger indicated his willingness to repeal his nation’s colonial era “buggery” laws. full story

ROMANIA: Romanian Orthodox clergy are drumming up support for a change to the constitution defining marriage as an union between a man and a woman alone. full story

TUNISIA: An international human rights organisation, whose mission is to protect human rights activists at risk, has called on Tunisia to revoke the complaint made against a local LGBT rights association and the decision by a court to suspend its activities for 30 days. full story

USA: At least 27 states are likely to see anti-LGBT legislation in 2016, according to a rather gloomy forecast released Friday by the Human Rights Campaign. full story


USA: A policy brief released this week by the Fenway Institute and the Center for American Progress debunks myths about safety concerns regarding the use of these spaces by people who are transgender and describes negative outcomes that these bills could cause. It also calls on states to pass laws that protect the rights of all Americans to access public accommodations regardless of gender identity. full story

USA: Ben Carson on the LGBTIQ community: “The way it works now is they target you and they have all kind of hate speech ridicule, if there’s a way they can bring action against you they will do that, try to ruin your life.” full story

USA: More Americans than ever identify as bisexual, according to a report released by the CDC yesterday. But that’s not just changing social norms; it may be due to the way the US government is phrasing the question. Unfortunately, the CDC’s questions about sexuality aren’t always consistent — or even all that sex-savvy. full story

USA, ALABAMA: From NOM: “Please stand with Chief Justice Moore in support of marriage, state rights, and the constitution by signing this petition.” full story

USA, ALASKA: Alaska GOP state Sen. Peter Micciche today pre-filed a bill would allow businesses to refuse “services, accommodations, facilities, goods, or privileges” to any married or engaged same-sex couple. A companion bill has also been pre-filed in the Alaska House by GOP Rep. Dave Talerico. full story

USA, GEORGIA: Fifty-three percent of registered voters said the state should pass a religious liberty bill, including 43 percent of Democrats and 50 percent of independents, an exclusive new poll for The Atlanta Journal-Constitution found. But support for the bill plummeted to 27 percent when voters were asked whether the bill should pass even if it allowed a business to refuse to serve gays and lesbians. full story

USA, KANSAS: The Rev. Cynthia Meyer, a Kansas pastor who came out as gay in a sermon last Sunday, is now facing possible discipline from the United Methodist Church. full story

USA, TEXAS: Anti-gay Texas Gov. Greg Abbott on Friday called for a national convention to pass nine amendments to the U.S. Constitution, including several that would undermine marriage equality and LGBT rights. full story

USA, VIRGINIA: Virginia state Del. Bob Marshall (R-Prince William County) this week introduced a bill that would prevent municipalities from banning discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. full story


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  1. Tom Stark says:

    I say these people need to get a grip. This happened when black and white couples were in the midst of marriage too. GET OVER IT. if it isn’t hurting your marriage why should these people think that others shouldn’t. why don’t they look at their own marriage and see what is going on instead of trying to govern someone else’s.

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