Marriage Equality Round-Up – April 15th

Written by scott on April 15th, 2016

Here’s our daily round-up of the marriage equality / LGBT rights stories from all around the internet. If we missed anything, let us know. Enjoy!

NATIONAL DAY OF SILENCE: Today is the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network’s Day of Silence, an annual silent protest of anti-LGBT bullying and harassment. Each year, tens of thousands of students participate by taking a daylong vow of silence at school and sharing speaking cards that raise awareness of anti-LGBT bullying. full story

HISTORY: The Roller? The False Transvestist? The Ship’s Queer? This list of ‘homosexual types’ is insane. Back in 1958, it turns out they were a little more creative than just your standard bear and twink. Stand-up comic Ivan Kirby shared this insane find on Twitter, a sociological report prepared for the Home Office in the UK. full story

Gay Types

POP CULTURE: Adam Lambert revealed in an interview with Digital Spy that the music industry still has a stigma against gay men singing about men in love songs. full story

BERMUDA: A two-question ballot — which will ask whether voters are in favour of same-sex marriage and whether they are in favour of same-sex civil unions — is likely to take place on Thursday, June 23rd. full story

CHINA: Though it was dismissed by the court in Changsha, China’s first legal challenge to a law limiting marriage to opposite-sex couples has galvanized many of the hundreds of young Chinese gay rights supporters who gathered at the courthouse, some of them waving small rainbow flags. full story

AUSTRALIA: The Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) have been at the forefront of the attacks against the Safe Schools program, claiming that homosexuality is unnatural, unhealthy, psychologically damaging and a barrage of other homophobic slurs. full story

AUSTRALIA: Two comedians are tying the knot tonight in a bid to highlight the marriage equality issue. Zoe Coombs Marr and Rhys Nicholson, both gay, will be legally marrying tonight at the Comedy Festival Club. full story


AUSTRALIA: Telstra chief executive Andrew Penn has attempted to downplay yesterday’s controversy by reinforcing the company’s support for marriage equality. full story

GERMANY: Stan and Olli, male king penguins, didn’t quite live up to the zookeepers’ plans for them to breed with the females at Berlin zoo. full story

UK: The head of Ofsted had admitted he has “never thought” about how to protect transgender students in bathrooms. full story

UK: Robert Hannigan, Director of British security agency GCHQ, used his morning speech to explain how GCHQ had become a more inclusive employer, and to apologize to former employees who had been dismissed because of their sexuality. full story

USA: Lesbian Country Singer Chely Wright said country musicians need to take a stand for the LGBT community and oppose bigoted laws. full story

USA: New data from the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has revealed that there was a 28% increase in discrimination complaints from LGBT employees. full story

USA: Ted Cruz supports anti-trans bathroom restrictions: “Men should not be going to the bathroom with little girls.” full story

USA: Following criticism that he hasn’t aided candidates down ballot from the presidential race, Bernie Sanders has announced three congressional hopefuls he supports — and two of them are seeking to defeat openly gay contenders. full story

USA: Tony Spence, director and editor-in-chief of Catholic News Service since 2004, unexpectedly resigned from that position Wednesday at the request of a U.S. bishops’ conference official, after tweets he had posted against so-called “religious freedom” bills in North Carolina and Georgia. full story

USA: According to a study, children of same-sex female parents fare the same as children of opposite-sex parents. full story

USA: Last night John Kasich reaffirmed his earlier statements that same-sex marriage is a settled issue. full story

USA, FLORIDA: Religious organizations are playing politics with the Florida Department of Children and Families and if they are successful, LGBT foster children lose. full story

USA, KENTUCKY: Kentucky’s governor on Wednesday signed into law a bill that removes county clerks’ names from the state marriage license forms at the center of a controversy involving an official jailed last year for refusing to issue licenses to gay couples. full story

USA, MARYLAND: The Maryland House of Delegates on March 9 passed the Equal Pay for Equal Work bill that contains protections based on gender identity by a 133-33 vote margin. full story

USA, MASSACHUSETTS: Republican Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker was heckled and booed when he failed to commit to legislation that would protect the rights of transgender people. full story

USA, MISSISSIPPI: Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant on Wednesday defended a controversial anti-gay bill he signed into law, saying that it was needed to protect ‘the churches’ full story

USA, MISSISSIPPI: Today, the Human Rights Campaign announced that more than 60 leading CEOS and business leaders, including executives from Bloomberg LP, CVS Health, Dropbox, Hilton Worldwide and Salesforce have signed onto an open letter calling on Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant, Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves, and House Speaker Philip A. Gunn to repeal H.B. 1523. H.B. 1523, the so-called “Religious Liberty Accommodations Act,” allows almost any individual or organization to use religion as a justification to discriminate against LGBT Mississippians in some of the most important aspects of their lives, including at work, at school, and in their communities. full story

USA, MISSISSIPPI/NORTH CAROLINA: Cincinnati City Council approved a measure to ban non-essential tax-funded travel to Mississippi and North Carolina by a 7-2 vote today. full story

USA, NORTH CAROLINA: Trans rock star Laura Jane Grace will not be joining artists like Bruce Springsteen in boycotting North Carolina, but instead plans to perform there to protest the state’s transphobic law. full story

USA, NORTH CAROLINA: Ani DiFranco is the latest musician to cancel an upcoming show in North Carolina in protest of the state’s anti-LGBT law. full story

USA, NORTH CAROLINA: Debra Messing is not happy about being made to film in North Carolina over the state’s anti-LGBT law.
full story

USA, NORTH CAROLINA: Governor McCrory’s net approval rating now stands at -4%. 50% of likely voters oppose the new law while only 38% support it. full story

USA, NORTH CAROLINA: San Diego-based premiere consumer electronics audio company 1MORE USA Inc. has announced it will be boycotting sales to North Carolina until HB2 is repealed. full story

USA, NORTH CAROLINA: The Mumford and Sons band has said it will donate profits from a concert in North Carolina tonight to local LGBT charities.
full story

USA, NORTH CAROLINA: A lesbian waitress in North Carolina has come forward to reveal she was ‘tipped’ with a Leviticus Bible verse instead of cash. full story


USA, NORTH CAROLINA: Charlotte shouldn’t be punished for an ordinance that was ultimately overturned by legislation preventing local and state governments from mandating protections for LGBT people, Mayor Jennifer Roberts said Thursday at a town hall meeting designed to rally support for the repeal of the controversial measure. full story

USA, NORTH CAROLINA: Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin, the stars of Netflix’s Grace and Frankie, said Thursday that they were ‘furious’ over a recently approved law in North Carolina that targets the LGBT community. full story

USA, NORTH CAROLINA: Yesterday a spokesman for North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory called the Human Rights Campaign “a shadowy, left-wing group funded by anonymous donors that is recklessly leading the charge to mislead the public and smear North Carolina.” Today we get the below HRC clip with calls McCrory out on his lies. full story

USA, SOUTH CAROLINA: Video of Spartanburg County Sheriff Chuck Wright speaking at the Greenville-Spartanburg Republican Women’s meeting shows the county’s top law enforcement officer threatening bodily harm to any transgender women who uses the ladies’ restroom in his presence. full story

USA, SOUTH CAROLINA: Caleb Laieski wrote an innocuous email to South Carolina legislator Mike Fair asking him to consider a ban on so-called conversion therapy. You won’t believe the response. full story


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