Marriage Equality Watch: April 19th

Written by scott on April 19th, 2016

Here’s our daily round-up of the marriage equality / LGBT rights stories from all around the internet. If we missed anything, let us know. Enjoy!

NATURE: An intersex kitten is getting a lot of attention – after being born with a mix of male and female characteristics. full story

Intersex Kitten

PEOPLE: Award winning actress Viola Davis has promised to fight for LGBT families everywhere, as she expressed her outrage at the lack of LGBT rights across the world. full story

PEOPLE: La’Porsha Renae has apologized for comments she made earlier this month at a press conference, during which she said, “I am one of the people who don’t really agree with that lifestyle” when asked to discuss the new anti-gay legislation in Mississippi, her home state. full story

POP CULTURE: The all-girl superhero group The Powerpuff Girls are using their powers to educate kids on transgender issues. In the new episode “Horn, Sweet Horn,” the girls meet a pony named Donny who wants nothing more than to be a unicorn. full story


PEOPLE: Marnie Simpson, the Geordie Shore star once engaged to Ricky Rayment, has come out as bisexual ahead of unveiling her new clothing range with Forever Modo on Tuesday. full story

Marnie Simpson

POP CULTURE: After 12 issues, Midnighter, the first comic with a gay lead. is coming to an end. full story


FRANCE: Air France has begun serving a new route to Iran – despite protests from gay air stewards. full story

KUWAIT: 41 allegedly ‘gay men and trans women’ have been arrested for prostituting themselves in a massage parlor in Kuwait. full story

UGANDA: Uganda’s Speaker of Parliament has said the Anti-Homosexuality law could return at any time. full story


UGANDA: Uganda’s former national football manager Chris Mubiru was cleared of sodomy charges. full story

UK: A review has found that government-appointed prison chaplains have routinely distributed homophobic literature to prisoners. full story

USA: Sen. Ted Cruz today invoked the protections included in the Constitution when a gay man asked the Republican presidential candidate about his work protecting the rights of gay voters. full story

USA: With no public notice, a gay man last December agreed to settle a potentially groundbreaking gay rights lawsuit he filed in 2012 accusing the Library of Congress of violating the U.S. Civil Rights Act of 1964 by firing him because of his sexual orientation and gender. full story

USA: White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest lashed out Monday over the delay on confirmation an openly gay nominee poised to become the next Army secretary, saying the senator responsible for the hold “relishes the opportunity to be before the camera.” full story

USA: Donald Trump’s legal team has reportedly threatened to sue a gender-fluid artist for painting a nude portrait of the Republican candidate. full story


USA, COLORADO: A pre-school that refused to allow a four-year-old student to opt out of education on gay relationships and gender issues has told Gay Star News that it stands by its anti-bias curriculum. full story

USA, ILLINOIS: As wedding season gets underway, more than 9,200 same-sex marriage licenses have been issued in Cook County since February 2014, including civil unions converted into marriages, and the county is expecting to hit the 10,000 mark this summer. full story

USA, MARYLAND: The Montgomery County Council will introduce legislation condemning discrimination against LGBTQ individuals on Tuesday. The Council hopes to influence County Executive Ike Leggett to suspend all official travel to states where discriminatory laws exist. full story

USA, NORTH CAROLINA: After apologizing for supporting North Carolina’s anti-LGBT bill, Billy Richardson hopes to strike it down. full story

USA, NORTH CAROLINA: Boston has cancelled their NC tour dates: “It is with deep regret, that I must announce the cancellation of our upcoming shows on May 4, 5 & 6 in Charlotte, Greensboro, and Raleigh in order to raise awareness, and protest in the strongest terms, the recent passage of HB2, the so called “North Carolina bathroom law.” full story

USA, NORTH CAROLINA: Duke University leaders condemned “in the strongest possible terms” the North Carolina law which requires people to use the bathroom that corresponds to the gender they were born with, and called for its repeal, adding to the heated national debate over gay and transgender rights. full story

USA, NORTH CAROLINA: Pearl Jam: “It is with deep consideration and much regret that we must cancel the Raleigh show in North Carolina on April 20th.” full story

USA, NORTH CAROLINA: Raleigh’s tourism agency says losses have reached $3 million because of cancellations prompted by the protests of North Carolina’s law on LGBT rights.
full story

USA, TENNESSEE: The House sponsor of a controversial bill that would require students in public school grades K-12 and higher education institutions to use the restroom that corresponds with their sex at birth is delaying action on the bill until next year. full story

USA, TEXAS: A Whole Foods in Austin is being sued by a pastor who claims he ordered a cake from them with the personalized message “Love Wins,” but instead recieved a cake with the phrase followed by a gay slur. full story


USA, TEXAS: Chris Sevier has filed a lawsuit against the Harris County district clerk, Gov. Greg Abbott and Attorney General Ken Paxton for denying him the right to marry his Mac. He is trying to prove that, essentially, marriage between a same-sex couple can be equated to marriage between a man and a machine. full story

USA, WASHINGTON: Washington state’s Family Policy Institute went to the University of Washington to grill students about their support for transgender rights. Watch as their spokesman demands to know why these trans-friendly students won’t recognize his right to identify as a Chinese woman, a 7 year-old boy, or a 6’5″ man. full story


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