Marriage Equality Watch Will Close Down on April 30th

Written by scott on April 16th, 2016


Hello to all of our wonderful followers:

We wanted to let y’all know that we’re going to be winding down Marriage Equality Watch at the end of April. This has been a labor of love for us, but after more than eight years of early mornings and at least 7,000 hours devoted to this volunteer project, it’s time to move on.

We want to thank our partner organization, Marriage Equality USA, which has long been supportive of our activism. When MEUSA decided to close down, we took a long, hard look at what we were doing. While we once had 1.4 million page views a month, post-Obergefell our blog traffic has declined 120k a month.

The battle for marriage equality in the US is all but over, but we recognize that the fight for LGBTIQA rights in general continues. And there are many countries around the world where we don’t have any rights at all. Some of the folks from MEUSA are going on to NEAT to fight for housing and employment rights:

Mark and I will continue to support queer-friendly wedding vendors through our directory.

And I am personally involved in another same sex marriage project – a new book coming out from Dreamspinner Press on the Marriage Equality Day, June 26th. Called “A More Perfect Union”, the anthology will feature four wedding stories, each one written by an established, married gay author – myself, B.G. Thomas, Michael Murphy and Jamie Fessenden. If you want to be notified when it’s available, please join my mailing list here:

Mark and I wanted to thank all of you who fought for equality with us – it’s been an amazing journey. We will continue to maintain the blog on our site as a history of the struggle. If you are looking for an alternate daily LBTIQA news source, we suggest HRC’s AM Equality:

We are on the lookout for our next volunteer project, but in the meantime, we send our love out to all y’all!

–Scott & Mark


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  1. Tracy Hollister says:

    Thank you, Scott and Mark, for being a great source of news, as well as a great partner with Marriage Equality USA. I was on staff with MEUSA in 2013-2014, and spent most of 2015 traveling the world to interview LGBT people and allies about their stories and their countries’ struggle for the freedom to marry. I admired and loved following the international stories you collected in particular. I’m now back in NC, fighting HB 2. Thanks for all your good work.

  2. Glen says:

    Thank you guys. You will be truly missed. Every day at 10:00 when I hear your email on my phone I can’t take lunch fast enough to read your paper. Thank you so much. Good life. Good luck and again thank you Glen

  3. Michael says:

    So sorry to hear you are ending, but I understand why. Thank you for all you’ve done! Best wishes for a future of success and happiness.

  4. Bob Peacock says:

    Thank you both for the endless hours of non selfish work you have done on behalf of the LGBTQIAS, Community in the USA and the World. As Canadians, we never take for granted that things will not change. We are grateful that we have a Government that appreciates its’ peoples and that we do have a voice in how things are run. We as Canadians will NEVER allow the Provinces to get away with the kinds of laws that get put back into being in some of the States in the U.S. Then again, we are smaller in numbers and it is easier to control. There is so much to say to both of you for the wonderful work you have done, doing, and new projects on behalf of us all. Looking forward to continuing to following you. THANKS AGAIN, AND BLESSINGS TO YOU BOTH AND ALL THE WORKERS’ AND VOLUNTEERS.

  5. Stephen says:

    Thank you for the years of vigilance and information. There is still a lot of work to be done on combatting all the homophobic legislation being passed by the states.

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