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Marriage equality and LGBT rights rallies


After Transgender Girl Fined By School, Boys Wear Skirts in Protest

Sunday, September 21st, 2014

Brazil Protest

My favorite story of the week:

Nine days after transgender student Maria Muniz was fined by school officials for wearing a skirt, a group of her Colegio Pedro II classmates decided to stage a protest: both male and female students would all wear skirts on the same day. Soon after their demonstration an ecstatic Muniz learned that the school’s decision was overturned, reports the UK’s Orange News. Pedro II’s principal told Brazil’s Globo that the school will consider relaxing their dress code. After the protest, school officials posted a picture of their male and female students wearing wearing skirts to social media, where it became widely shared. Supporters have been writing their support to Muniz using the hashtag #VouDeSaia.

I mean, how cool is that?

Authored By Mitch Kellaway – See the Full Story at The Advocate

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The Most Awesome Response to Westboro Baptist Church, Ever

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2014

Panic at the DiscoThe band Panic! At the Disco turned a WBC protest into an HRC fundraiser in a brilliant response to the homophobic group’s pathetic rally outside the band’s concert in Kansas City.

Queerty reports:

The Bible-thumping gang that just loves to hate recently put out the most nails-on-a-chalk-board version of Panic At The Disco’s pop-punk anthem “I Write Sins Not Tragedies,” which they call “You Love Sin What a Tragedy.”… They also announced plans to picket Panic’s show in Kansas City, Mo this past weekend. Because apparently there weren’t any bigger sinners to harass that day. Well the band fired back in just about the prefect way imaginable. Frontman Brendon Urie (who is married to a woman but doesn’t shy away from talking about past experiences sleeping with men) and co. posted this message to Twitter, pledging a $20 donation to HRC for every Westboro protester.

Only 13 showed up, so the band upped their donation from $260 to an even grand. How awesome is that? They also donated 5% of their merchandise sales for the show. Love these guys!

Marriage Equality Decision Day Events Planned Across Florida

Thursday, July 17th, 2014

Equality FloridaFlorida’s LGBT community and supporters are still waiting for the ruling that could change their lives.

A lawsuit was filed back in January by six same-sex couples and the Equality Florida Institute in the state courts of Miami, stating that Amendment 2 in the Florida Constitution banning same-sex marriages was unconstitutional. Miami Dade Circuit Court Judge Sarah Zabel heard arguments in that case July 2 and has yet to issue a ruling.

A gay couple in Monroe County filed a similar lawsuit against Monroe County City Clerk Amy Heavilin for refusing to issue a marriage license to the couple because of the ban on same-sex marriage.

Equality Florida and other LGBT organizations are organizing “Decision Day” gatherings across the state to celebrate the cases regardless of the decisions. There are 11 gatherings planned across Florida on the day of the decision at 6 p.m.

Authored By Christal Hayes – See the Full Story at Watermark

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25K Rally in Support of Jamaica Anti-Gay Law

Wednesday, July 2nd, 2014

Jamaica - Google Maps25,000 people attended a rally in support of the Jamaica anti-gay law.

Pink News reports:

Jamaican LGBT rights lawyer Maurice Tomlinson says last weekend’s rally in support of Jamaica’s buggery law was a “very frightening” moment. Mr Tomlinson, a legal advisor of marginalised groups at AIDS-Free World, referred to Sunday’s event by saying: “They really poured a lot of money into this, which to me is of great concern”. Participants and church leaders called on Jamaicans to stand up for “strong and healthy families” and “to resist the homosexual agenda”. The Jamaican Observer reports that police say an estimated 25,000 people took to the streets of Kingston for the protest organised by Churches Action Uniting Society for Emancipation (CAUSE).

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Image via Google Maps

NOM Hate March Flops

Friday, June 20th, 2014

NOM Hate March

photo credit: Zach Ford

The NOM hate march in Washington DC drew only about 2,000 people, most of those bused in for free.

The Washington Blade reports:

Many of the estimated 2,000 people from across the country held NOM signs that defined marriage as between a man and a woman. Others carried posters reading “each child deserves a father and a mother” in Spanish. “When we hear time and time again from some in the media that the fight to protect marriage is over, we are here today to say no,” said NOM President Brian Brown. “We are here to say that no matter the circumstances, no matter how difficult it may be, we will stand in and out of season for the truth of marriage.”

Metro Weekly reports on some familiar faces who attended the rally:

Rep. Tim Huelskamp was the only current member of Congress to speak at the rally, mere yards from the House Chamber. “There are those intent on destroying marriage who claim history is on their side,” declared the Kansas Republican, who proposed amending the U.S. Constitution to define marriage as between a man and a woman mere days after the U.S. Supreme Court’s landmark marriage-equality rulings last June… The most recognizable names at the rally were former Republican presidential candidates Rick Santorum and Mike Huckabee. Santorum, who paused between sentences of his speech to allow a translator to repeat his words in Spanish, insisted that the institution of marriage must be reclaimed.

Think Progress interviewed folks at the rally:

Both on the dais and in the crowd, religious beliefs were the driving force behind attendees’s opposition to same-sex marriage. ThinkProgress spoke with several members of the crowd to get a sense of why they were participating, and most cited their religious beliefs as their primary motivation. In particular, many were religious leaders themselves or specifically came to the march with a church group. Watch a compilation of ThinkProgress’ interviews from the March for Marriage:

And remember how Archbishop Cordileone swore the whole rally had nothing to do with the gays?

SF Gate report:

“Kneeling on the sidewalk across from the U.S. Supreme Court, San Francisco’s Roman Catholic archbishop led several thousand protesters Thursday in prayer against same-sex marriage. Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone was the star attraction of a rally in Washington organized by National Organization for Marriage President Brian Brown, the nation’s leading opponent of same-sex marriage. Brown tapped Cordileone as the first speaker at the event and had him lead the group in prayer after a march from the west front of the U.S. Capitol to the Supreme Court steps.”

Oops. Will he be called on it?

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Drag Queen Confronts Anti Gay Protesters at Spokane Pride

Monday, June 16th, 2014

Spokane Drag QueenA drag queen took “Christian” anti gay protesters to task at Spokane Pride this weekend.

Joe.My.God reports:

In the second clip, white-winged counter-protesters show up to block the haters from the view of passersby.

The first clip is here – to see the second, click on the Joe.My.God link above.

We will no longer lay down and let these people walk all over us.

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Idaho Marriage Equality Supporters Rally

Saturday, May 17th, 2014

IdahoAfter the ninth circuit snatched away marriage equality at the last minute, several hundred Idaho marriage equality supporters rallied in Boise.

Edge Boston reports:

Waving rainbow flags and holding signs that read “Love will prevail,” nearly 200 gay rights supporters flocked to the steps of a county courthouse Friday to celebrate and protest the latest development in Idaho’s legal battle over same-sex marriage. The rally originally was planned as a party after a federal judge ruled earlier this week that the state’s gay marriage ban was unconstitutional. The judge said couples could marry starting Friday morning.

By Thursday, however, the ruling was temporarily put on hold by a federal appeals court deciding whether Gov. C.L. “Butch” Otter and Attorney General Lawrence Wasden should be granted a stay while they appeal. Not to be deterred, gay and lesbian supporters showed up at the Ada County Courthouse anyway to celebrate what they see as progress for the cause. Many arrived wearing rainbow-colored shirts and dresses. Some stood near the road holding pro-gay marriage signs and waved them at cars that honked back in support.

It’s sad that these couples came so close to having the chance to get married, and now must wait through the grinding appeals process.

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Ethiopia: Anti Gay Rally and Bill Dropped

Thursday, April 17th, 2014

Ethiopia via Apple Maps

Apple Maps

Ethiopia will not get more gay-hatey. At least not right now.

O-blog-dee-o-blog-da reports:

The AP is reporting plans to hold a mass anti-gay rally in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, have been cancelled. The two religious groups planning the rally announced last week it would be held on April 26th… Today, Negash said the cancellation is the result of people inside the church asking the government to prevent the rally. Currently, same-sex acts are punishable by up to 15 years in prison or 25 years if convicted of infecting another person with HIV during same-sex acts in the country.

It’s nice to see at least one African country pausing before taking an anti-gay step.

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Peru: Thousands March in Support of Civil Unions Bill

Monday, April 14th, 2014

Peru – Google Maps

From Google Maps

A large rally wound its way through the streets of Lima this weekend to support a proposed civil unions bill.

On Top Magazine reports:

Roughly 3,000 people on Saturday rallied in support of a proposed civil unions bill in Peru. Among those marching through the streets of Lima was the bill’s sponsor, Congressman Carlos Bruce. “This march is part of human diversity and our constitution allows this diversity to exist,” Bruce is quoted as saying by La Republica. “Now, what happens is that the law does not allow two people of the same sex to join with all the protection of the state.”

Another South American state considers relationship recognition for its LGBT citizens. It’s not marriage equality, but it’s a step.

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USA, Ohio: Marriage Equality Rally in Cincinnati on Saturday

Thursday, April 10th, 2014

Last week, Federal Judge Timothy Black announced that he would issue a ruling that Ohio’s 2004 Marriage Ban violated the 14th Amendment. Judge Black’s forthcoming ruling is a huge step forward and will add greater momentum to our ongoing fight for equality here at home.

As you may have heard, Attorney General Mike DeWine has indicated that he will appeal Judge Black’s ruling. Supporters of the appeal include Gay RightsRep. John Becker, who repeatedly calls for the impeachment of Judge Black, and Ohio Gov. John Kasich. To counter these anti-equality voices, FreedomOhio and Support Marriage Equality Ohio will join with other LGBT groups to rally this Saturday in support of Judge Black and his upcoming ruling.

Join us for a rally in downtown Cincinnati for Marriage Equality
When: Saturday, April 12, 11am to 2pm
Where: Downtown Cincinnati at 100 East 5th Street

Bring your family and friends and spread the word! Let’s show everyone that Ohio is all about love and equality!

RSVP ON Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/1438161453095596/

Many thanks and I look forward to seeing you there!

Adam Hoover
Support Marriage Equality in Ohio