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Nicaragua Outlaws Marriage Equality, Same Sex Adoption

Friday, April 10th, 2015

NicaraguaNicaragua has rejected same-sex marriage and adoption by gay single people or couples. The Family Code establishes that marriage is defined as ‘between a man and a woman’. It also ensures only opposite-sex couples, foreign or Nicaraguan, can adopt.

Gay couples will also be banned from using fertility treatments to get pregnant and will not be entitled to social security protection or inheritance in the case of loss of a spouse.

This is one of the biggest step backs for a Central American country in recent years, taking effect yesterday (8 April).

Authored By Joe Morgan – See the Full Story at Gay Star News

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El Salvador: Constitutional Ban on Marriage Equality Fails

Monday, February 10th, 2014

El Salvador

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The El Salvador Parliament turned back an attempt to ban gay marriage in the country.

LGBTQ Nation reports:

Of the 84 members that make up the Parliament, only 19 on Friday voted in favor of ratifying a constitutional amendment adopted on April 25, 2012, months after a first project, voted in 2009 to be shelved, according to the Spanish news agency EFE. The measure, which cleared the chamber in 2012, defines marriage as between a man and a woman and their children. It also sought to prohibit El Salvador from recognizing the foreign marriages of gay couples and bans gays from adopting children.

To become law, the measure would have needed to be approved twice, the second time by a supermajority. This was the second vote, so it’s now dead for at least 6 months before it can be brought up again.

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Belize: Judge May Strike Down Sodomy Law

Friday, October 4th, 2013

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A ruling is due shortly that could axe Belize’s ban on gay sex.

Gay Star News reports:

Belize is preparing for their law against sodomy to be struck down by the courts. Gay anal sex, considered ‘against the order of nature’, is illegal in Belize and can get you 10 years jail – but a court case is trying to change that… The case against Section 53, the anti-gay section of Belize’s criminal code, is being brought by Caleb Orozco, the brave head of the Central American nation’s main LGBT organization, UNIBAM. He says the law violates three sections of the country’s constitution and wants it changed so sex between consenting adults doesn’t count. At the moment a straight couple having anal sex are also breaking the law. UNIBAM is still awaiting a ruling on the case in May, which appeared to go well. But in the meantime, the government appears to be preparing.

It’s an important step that would give dignity to the country’s same sex couples, as well as providing them protection from a dangerous law.

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Costa Rica: Court Says No to Civil Unions

Monday, September 23rd, 2013

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A few months ago, the Costa Rican legislature accidentally passed a law that would have allowed civil unions, theoretically. Now, a court has ruled on the law.

The Costa Rican Times reports:

It seems that Costa Rica is not quite ready to allow civil unions between same sex individuals. There was hope when the Young Persons Act was passed by 45 deputies on July 4th of this year, which would allow civil unions “without discrimination” based on sexual orientation. Immediately the deputies said that it was a mistake and like most government officials around the world do not actually read the laws and bills they are passing. Makes you feel warm inside knowing that these are the leaders of our nations huh? We knew that the next step in trying to get this loophole recognized as law in Costa Rica was for it to be ruled on in the Costa Rican court system to set legal precedence in the country. The first case has been rejected but the fight will continue.

It was a long shot, but it would’ve been nice to see the court support Costa Rica’s gay and lesbian couples.

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Costa Rica: After Accidental Passage, First Civil Union Could Happen Within Weeks

Monday, August 26th, 2013

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You may remember that lawmakers accidentally passed the civil unions bill last month in Costa Rica. Now several same-sex couples are planning to take advantage of the new law.

The Coastal Rica Star reports:

The first-ever legally recognized civil union between same-gender partners in Costa Rica might take place in one or two weeks. Such was the statement pronounced by Marco Castillo, an attorney and president of the Diversity Movement in Costa Rica. Mr. Castillo is currently handling petitions from three couples who want legal recognition of their rights to civil unions as lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered (LGBT) people. If everything goes as planned, the metropolitan canton of Desamparados in the loveable capital city of San Jose will be the site of the first gay legal union in Costa Rica, a Roman Catholic nation by virtue of her Constitution.

It’s amusing that some lawmakers, who apparently didn’t even bother to read the bill, are now outraged at what they themselves have done.

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Costa Rica: Three Same Sex Couples Demand Marriage Licenses

Thursday, July 11th, 2013

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Just days after Costa Rica “accidentally” legalized recognition of same sex unions, three same sex couples are demanding marriage licenses. Gay Star News reports:

Three gay couples are fighting for their right to be married after they were ‘accidentally’ legalized by conservative lawmakers in Costa Rica. Marco Castillo, president of the Diversity Movement, confirmed they would appear in family court to apply for legal recognition of their relationships today (10 July). One of the couples, Fiorella Bruno and Ana Cristina Binsa, said they were applying in order to have hospital visitation rights, partner benefits for public health insurance and inheritance rights for their son.

We hope they’re successful. If the legalization holds, Costa Rica would be the first country in central America to recognize marriage equality.

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Costa Rica: Lawyers Say Recognition of Same Sex Unions Still Blocked

Saturday, July 6th, 2013

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Think Costa Rica now recognizes civil unions or marriage for same sex couples? Not so fast, constitutional lawyers say. Gay Star News reports:

The text, included in Paragraph 4 of the Law of Young People, recognizes ‘the right to recognition without discrimination contrary to human dignity, social and economic effects of domestic partnerships that constitute publicly, notoriously unique and stable, with legal capacity for marriage for more than three years’. The legal capacity, however, has been established Paragraph 6 of Article 14 of the Family Code, which by law prohibits the marriage between people of the same sex. The attorneys suggest that the amendments to the Law of Young People do not in effect change Article 242, which states that only a man and a woman can possess the ‘legal capacity’ to marry, or also enter into a civil partnership with all the corresponding rights and benefits.

It may have to be worked out in the courts, unless the legislature passes another bill to undo the change.

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Costa Rica: Could Accidental Civil Unions Become Law?

Friday, July 5th, 2013

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The other day, we reported on how Costa Rica “accidentally” passed civil unions as part of a larger bill – the provision apparently slipped by conservatives unnoticed. Today we have more details, from The Inquisitr:

The language was written by Jose Maria Villalta, a member of Costa Rica’s leftist Broad Front Party. The language confers social rights and benefits of a civil union that is free from discrimination. The lawmaker attached the measure to a reform of the Law of Young People. The reform covers social services for young people, as well as laws that govern marriage. He explained: “During the discussion in the first debate, we explained that the Law of Young People should be interpreted with this sense of opening to gays and no one objected.”

Costa Rica’s president says she will sign the bill. Gay Star News reports:

The Costa Rica president has said she will sign a bill where gay couples may have accidentally been giving the right to form same-sex unions… in a video posted on AmeliaRueda, Chinchilla rejected the calls saying: ‘No, we’re going to go forward and I will sign this law. ‘We understand that the debate is over how some interpret the law and this alone is not sufficient for the executive to veto the law.’

It’s not a huge surprise – President Chinchilla (love that name) has in the past indicated that while she does not support marriage equality, she could support some other form of legal recognition for same sex couples.

Still, we’re not out of the woods yet, as the Inquisitr notes:

The law allowing same-sex marriage in Costa Rica is unlikely to hold, even if President Chinchilla doesn’t veto it. It would still have to hold up in court, where it would most likely lose out. Current polls show the majority of Costa Ricans still oppose gay marriage.

But the conversation has started in Costa Rica, and as Anita Bryant learned to her detriment, that’s half the battle.

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Costa Rica: Did Country Just “Accidentally” Approve Civil Unions?

Wednesday, July 3rd, 2013
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Apparently a provision was approved yesterday by Costa Rican lawmakers that would legalize civil unions for same sex couples, and they didn’t even know it. Gay Star News reports:

Costa Rican lawmakers seem to have accidentally approved same-sex unions. According to Costa Rican newspaper La Nacion, a project to ‘reinforce the quality of life in the country’s youth’ also contained clauses about changing the Family Code to include same-sex unions. The bill, which 45 MPs approved last night, amended Article 242 of the Family Code, which regulates domestic partnerships.

Lawmakers are urging President Chinchilla to veto the bill. This is what happens when you don’t actually read what you are voting on.

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