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Facebook and Marriage Equality


‘Rainbow Profile Pictures for Sex Offenders’ – Homophobia NOT Satire

Sunday, July 12th, 2015
Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg was one of 26 million people who used the rainbow filter on his profile picture. SOURCE: Facebook

IT’S LATE – my phone rings. It’s someone I haven’t heard from in a while. I answer.

His greeting is warm, but it sounds like he’s been drinking.

He chats about Facebook – he says he doesn’t use it much but he’s logged in and noticed the rainbow filter on my profile picture, the only one among his list of friends on the site.

He says he is concerned because he has just read an article claiming that sex offenders have been ordered to use rainbow profile pictures on social media so others can easily identify them as potential predators. Click to continue »

Why Does Facebook Censor Gay Images?

Saturday, January 31st, 2015

Facebook Image

Michael Stokes is a well known photographer with a thriving business. His beautifully staged images of physically fit men are familiar to many. He’s also a photo collector and historian who recently produced a book with Taschen on WW2 photos of soldiers at ease and quite naked.

Stokes has a large following on Facebook, with more than 260,000 likes, but he says the experience there has been befuddling and frustrating. Stokes says that, according to Facebook’s own standards, he has not broken the rules of what’s allowed and yet photos repeatedly get censored. He suspects homophobic users are reporting his page and trying to get him banned, but the inner-workings of Facebook’s moderation system are opaque. Most recently, Stokes’ account was blocked from posting altogether, only to be reinstated after appealing.

Complaints to Facebook are regularly met with apologies and reinstatements, only to have his work removed again. The Advocate contacted Facebook for comment about Stokes’ case and received what is becoming a fairly standard explanation from a spokesman: “We mistakenly removed a post from this Page after it was reported to us. As our team processes more than one million reports each week, we occasionally make a mistake. We apologize for the inconvenience that it caused.”

Authored By Christopher Harrity- See the Full Story at The Advocate

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Drag Queens Force Facebook to Back Down

Thursday, October 2nd, 2014

Sister RomaFacebook changed directions on its “real names” policy yesterday in response to continued and blistering criticism from drag queens and the threat of mass defections to Ello and other services.

Think Progress reports:

Facebook officially apologized Wednesday for enforcing its “real name” policy for users against drag queens and other members of the LGBT community. Chris Cox, Facebook’s chief product officer, acknowledged that the policy has been a “painful” experience for the many individuals whose profiles were suspended and promised to do better. “I want to apologize to the affected community of drag queens, drag kings, transgender, and extensive community of our friends, neighbors, and members of the LGBT community for the hardship that we’ve put you through in dealing with your Facebook accounts over the past few weeks,” Cox wrote. He explained that an individual user had reported several hundred accounts as fake, and they didn’t notice the pattern of how drag queens and other LGBT people might have been targeted for their identities rather than because they were trying to impersonate, bully, or troll others — as is the case for most fake accounts Facebook suspends.

“an individual user had reported several hundred accounts as fake” — and that, in a nutshell, is the problem with Facebook. Someone can lodge a complaint against you, and you often end up suspended or worse without any recourse, unless you can mount a mass media campaign in your own defense. FB is notoriously terrible at dealing with user issues – ever tried to get help from a FB employee? Which is as much a function of FB’s sheer size and limited staff as anything else. Maybe they should put a few more of their billions of dollars they earn from our information into customer service.

And BTW, has this individual who targeted drag queens been suspended from using Facebook?

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Facebook to Meet With Drag Queens Over “Real Name” Fiasco

Tuesday, September 16th, 2014

Sister RomaFacebook has agreed to meet with a group of drag queens about not allowing them to use their drag names on their FB profiles.

Queerty reports:

As momentum grew, Sister Roma planned a protest at Facebook HQ in Menlo Park, CA… “This issue affects a lot of marginalized, creative, and professional communities, including transgender people, bullied youth, activists, LGBTQ people who aren’t out everywhere, survivors of domestic violence and stalking, migrants, sex workers, artists who work under pseudonyms, and various professionals who work in sensitive professions (eg. mental health, criminal justice, etc.) who may want to interact with friends without being found by clients…” Well wouldn’t you know it, the last thing Facebook wants are viral videos of drag queens with protest signs outside their headquarters hitting social media and the national news.

Don’t mess with Drag Queens.

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Facebook reinstates homophobic ‘awareness’ page

Saturday, August 30th, 2014

RECENTLY I wrote about Heterosexual Awareness Month, a campaign against LGBT rights and marriage equality which is spreading ignorance and prejudice on Facebook.

I discovered their Facebook page in May and reported some of its content, which I considered to be blatantly homophobic. more

Tech Diversity Reports Leaving Out LGBT Employees

Saturday, August 16th, 2014

FacebookRecently, various tech companies, including Apple, Google, Facebook, and Twitter, have been releasing diversity reports for the first time in history. Perhaps unsurprisingly, these reports show that the majority of employees at these tech juggernauts are white and male. But perhaps the least progressive thing about these diversity reports is what they leave out: they do not report on sexuality at all, nor do they offer any gender options beside male and female.

These facts stand in contrast to tech’s huge presence in San Francisco’s pride two months ago. Reuters quoted Fred Sainz, Vice President of Communications and Marketing at the Human Rights Campaign, saying of participation in the parade: “It’s a dog whistle to their consumer base that these tech firms are cool, with it, and progressive.” A former employee of both Google and Apple said, “Tech companies need to be at Pride simply to be in the game.”

The reports from these companies have come with public statements that say they are working to change these numbers. Apple’s openly gay CEO, Tim Cook, said, “As CEO, I’m not satisfied with the numbers on this page. They’re not new to us, and we’ve been working hard for quite some time to improve them.”

Authored By Rebecca Ann Schuetz – See the Full Story at Dot429

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Are you proud of your heterosexuality?

Friday, August 1st, 2014

gay-prideDID YOU KNOW that July is becoming known as ‘Heterosexual Awareness Month’? Now that the month has passed, are you more aware of your own, or other people’s, heterosexuality?

I’m guessing the answer is no – and I’m guessing that most of you probably don’t feel the need for a particular time to be proud of who you are and who you love, because our families and society are usually affirming and supportive, reinforcing heterosexuality without a second thought all the time. In choosing this headline I have assumed, as our society does all the time, that everyone is (or should be) heterosexual.

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Facebook Bans Queer As Folk Producer for Marriage Equality Post

Saturday, May 24th, 2014

Facebook QAF censorship

Facebook’s censors seem to be running amok this week. The massive website has now come under fire for banning a US QAF producer for posting a celebration of Pennsylvania marriage equality.

Pink News reports:

Del Shores had originally posted on Wednesday to commemorate equal marriage becoming law in Pennsylvania, referencing a scene from the US version of the show. He wrote: “Today, a fan pointed out that Debbie can now marry Carl! Why? Because in one episode of QAF, when Carl asked Debbie to marry him, she said she would not until gay marriage was legal in Pennsylvania. How amazing! It’s an amazing time in history!”

How, exactly, is this offensive? Facebook has since apologized, but we seem to be seing more and more of these incidents related to LGBT rights and photos of gay romance.

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The death of hatred/birth of life

Sunday, June 2nd, 2013

Hate:  To dislike somebody or something intensely, often in a way that evokes feelings of anger, hostility, or animosity.

Of all the miracles we can witness in a lifetime, the birth of a child has to rank right there at the top.  Our first human touch, first taste of oxygen, seeing people for the first time, seeing the stranger whose heart beat has brought comfort, feelings of hunger, feelings of pain, cold and fear.  With as much intensity our senses are experiencing, you would have to think we could remember every moment and second of this.  Try as we might, those memories are not to come, not with out some nudge from hypnotherapy, which I feel is suspect in itself.

I would be safe in my opinion that every child born, isn’t born knowing hatred.  Hatred, whose pure definition is intensity by nature, for which there shoul be some remembrances of.   As infants, we don’t have the basis of hatred, it is taught to us by those for whom we are supposed to love and trust, and those they deem as a reliable source of knowing right from wrong, what is sacred and what is unholy.  From governments, to the clergy, from news articles to news casters, from parents to friends, our fragile minds are robbed of the ability to think and decide for ourselves.  The point is we didn’t experience an epiphany and start hating our fellow earth travelers.  We didn’t have a break through during therapy and remember Pat Robinson making monster sounds under our bed as a child.  Fox news sulking around the dark attic of your home and scaring you with their ghoulish march, Hitler rattling chains in the closet and Westboro Baptist waiting in the dark basement breathing heavily.  No, we are taught.

We are taught by those who are still in search of that euphoric feeling that never has come from hating.  That spiritual high, the sense of accomplishment, that heroic feeling of saving the day, never comes.  They were told the same lies and are left unfulfilled by their hatred, and anger rears it ugly head if they are surrounded by other people told the same lies and they have to mask their disappointment and their shame and guilt that echo’s from the back of their minds.  Searching for the rewards promised from  hatred is very much like unrequited love.  Regardless of the depth of our commitments and dutiful following, hatred will never love us.  It will always leave a dark seizing black hole in our soul, which if not fixed, will devour us, and leave us to be digested within the insane hell of purgatory.

We are told insanity is repeating the same actions that leads to failure, expecting different results.  Instead of continuing running head long into the brick wall, expecting the door four feet to the left to magically move four feet to the right, I suggest your make the move.  Make the move to tell those thought to be trusted, that they are wrong.  You will not be used as a surrogate for the need for fulfillment.  You will no longer make the lay away payments on a note of promised happiness that will never be satisfied.  You will not mold your life based upon other beliefs or misunderstandings.  You will stop being your own boogieman.

The new concept will be hard at first, but if you can carry hate for this long, you can carry this even further.  When you see a person you were taught to hate, hug them.  With your mind racing with vile words implanted in you years ago, say out loud that you love them.  If they are quirky and you feel yourself stumbling, love them that much more.  When you feel a need to say your God is right, try saying I respect you and your following of your higher spirit.  When their skin color seems to rob you of feeling superior, go get a tan in a show of solidarity.  When words are spoken you don’t understand, trying learning what they are saying before you label those words as hateful, and war provoking. It might be surprising to know that they are respecting you and your differences, and could be sharing and bestowing a blessing upon you and your family.  Be an example for others, when your friends kick someone to the ground, be the first to pull them up and dust them off.  When your child is born, stop the growth of the family tree of hate, let it’s roots wither up and die with you.

You can spend a lifetime hating others and be unfulfilled and die hating yourself, or give yourself a chance to open love’s door and find the rewards waiting within.