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Estonia Approves Civil Unions

Thursday, October 9th, 2014

Estonia - Google MapsSome good news out of Europe this morning – the Parliament passed a civil unions bill there.

LGBTQ Nation reports:

Estonia’s Parliament on Thursday narrowly passed legislation to legalize gay partnerships, the first such decision by a former Soviet republic. In a 40-38 vote, lawmakers approved a partnership act that recognizes the civil unions of all couples regardless of gender. Twenty-three lawmakers were absent or abstained in the third and final reading of the bill. The new law will give those in civil unions — heterosexual or gay — almost the same rights as married couples, including financial, social and health benefits provided by the government and legal protection for children. It does not give full adoption rights for couples in such unions but does allow one partner to adopt the biological child of the other.

It’s a big step forward for Estonia, especially in light of a well funded opposition by the World Congress of Families, an anti-gay group.

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Estonia: 35K Sign Anti Marriage Equality Petition

Sunday, May 5th, 2013

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In the Eastern European country of Estonia, anti-gay forces have turned in 35,000 signatures opposing gay marriage. Gay Star News reports:

The petition, put forth by the Foundation for the Protection of Family and Tradition, will be submitted to parliament later this month to argue against the government’s potential legal recognition of gay couples. ‘Over 35,000 signatures have been given and we’ll forward them to parliament on May 14,’ Varro Vooglaid, head of the Foundation, told news site Ohtuleht. According to campaign organizers, they launched the petition in mid-March with hopes of gaining 10,000 signatures.

Notice how these groups ALWAYS cloak themselves in the language of Family, Tradition, Protection, and Defense? As if we’re a Mongol horde gathered just outside the white picket fences, ready to break through and attack them in their homes.

Estonia: Writer Calls for Recognition of Same Sex Relationships

Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013

Even in Eastern Europe, the marriage equality movement is now percolating. The Chairman of the Estonian Writers’ Union is calling on the government to provide recognition for same sex couples. Gay Star News reports:

‘The fact that some people are homosexual and some are married isn’t even really the point … It all comes down to people, and people should not be pigeonholed in the legal sense based on inborn qualities.’ Sinijaerv also saw value in the opening up of civil partnerships to heterosexual friends who were caring for each other.

This guy has a great sense of humor, too:

Karl Martin Sinijaerv made the call in response to comments from IRL party MP Erki Nool that homosexuals should be avoided and given medical treatment. In an article posted by Estonian Public Broadcasting, Sinijaerv wrote that he could only agree with Nool that it was best to avoid practicing homosexuals. ‘A polite person will also avoid the company of practicing heterosexuals,’ Sinijaerv wrote. ‘It’s always a good policy to wait a little, until the practicing is over.’

Laughed my ass off over that one. There’s nothing better than a great wordsmith to puncture the hateful words of a bigot.