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Ireland Marriage Equality Poll: 86% Support Same Sex Relationships

Monday, August 18th, 2014

titleA new poll out of Ireland shows some of the strongest support for same sex couples that we’ve ever seen.

Pink News reports:

A poll in Ireland has found that 86% of people approve of same-sex relationships. The poll – conducted by the Sunday Times – surveyed 954 people, and found overwhelming support for same-sex couples… Kieran Rose, of the Gay and Lesbian Equality Network said: “This is another welcome demonstration of the transformation in attitudes to lesbian and gay people and of the generosity of Irish voters in their willingness to extend equal status and dignity to lesbian and gay people and lesbian and gay headed families.

The new poll bodes well for the planned 2015 referendum on marriage equality in the country.

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Ireland Marriage Equality Vote Will Happen next Spring

Wednesday, July 2nd, 2014

Ireland - Google MapsIreland marriage equality will get a referendum vote in the Spring of 2015.

Joe.My.God reports:

Via Ireland’s Journal: Enda Kenny announced that a referendum on same-sex marriage will be held in the spring of next year. Speaking in the Dail today during Order of Business, the Taoiseach confirmed the vote will take place within the first four months of 2015. Responding to a question from Gerry Adams, the Fine Gael leader said, “The referendum will be in spring of next year. We haven’t named a date yet. “There are a number of other legal issues that need to be dealt with, including elements of adoption which are necessary. We’d like to have that cleared before we put the marriage equality referendum. It will be in the spring of next year and the government will decide a date in due course.”

A poll in February showed that 76% in the country support marriage equality – 76%!

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Bishop Supports Ireland Marriage Equality

Sunday, May 18th, 2014

Dr. Paul Colton - i=Ireland Marriage EqualityA Church of Ireland Bishop has come out in support of Ireland marriage equality, at least under the law.

Gay Star News reports:

Dr Paul Colton, Bishop of Cork, Cloyne and Ross, was speaking to BBC Radio Ulster’s Sunday Sequence programme about his views on gay marriage. ‘The events in society are moving very rapidly and the church is not at all up to pace with the debate’ he said. ‘I certainly support civil same sex marriage. ‘I also recognise that the church of Ireland’s definition of marriage is for itself and I adhere to that discipline… but that is not to say that everyone must be required to take the church of Ireland’s view of marriage.

Ireland is expected to vote on a marriage equality initiative next year, and support there polls at an astonishing 76%.

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Ireland: Marriage Equality Support Reaches Two Thirds

Monday, April 7th, 2014

titleA new poll out of Ireland shows marriage equality support at an amazing level, going into a referendum next year on the issue.

The Irish Times reports:

Asked how they plan to vote in the referendum on the issue, promised by the Government next year, 67 per cent said they would vote Yes, 21 per cent No and 12 per cent were undecided. The corresponding figures in an Irish Times poll in November 2012 were 53 per cent Yes, 30 per cent No, and 17 per cent undecided… When the undecided are excluded from the current poll, the Yes figure is 76 per cent with 24 per cent No, compared to a figure of 64 per cent Yes and 36 per cent No in November 2012. The poll also shows voters are of the view that a traditional family of a father and mother is best suited to bringing up children by comparison with any other combination.

That’s an amazing level of support – if this passes next year, Northern Ireland will be the only part of the islands that doesn’t have marriage equality.

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Ireland: New Poll Shows 76% Support Marriage Equality

Friday, February 21st, 2014

titleTruly amazing – a new poll shows an astonishing level of support for gay marriage in Ireland.

Pink News reports:

According to a recent Red C poll for Irish broadcasters RTE, 76% of people in the Irish Republic believe that marriages between same-sex couples should be legally recognized. The poll was published in the same week that Graham Norton slammed RTE for paying [euro]85,000 in damages to a Catholic anti-gay marriage group. Around 5% of voters were undecided on the issue and only 19% opposed the law reform.

Only 19% opposed – how is it that Ireland doesn’t already have marriage equality???

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Ireland: Same Sex Marriages from Other Countries to Be Recognized

Monday, February 10th, 2014

irelandIreland will recognize marriages from the UK as civil partnerships, and then as marriages if the proposed marriage equality referendum passes there in 2015.

The Independent reports:

SAME-SEX couples who travel from Ireland to marry in the UK will have their status recognised in this country if next year’s referendum is passed. A Department of Justice spokesman last night confirmed that – prior to the referendum – same-sex marriages in England and Wales would be recognised as civil partnerships in Ireland. If the referendum allowing same sex marriage in Ireland is passed, however, unions that took place in 45 foreign countries will be granted retrospective recognition as marriages in this jurisdiction. These include France, New Zealand, Canada, Uruguay, The Netherlands, Argentina, Spain, New York and Norway.

“A same-sex marriage contracted in England or Wales would be recognised as a marriage in Ireland, from the date on which same-sex marriage were to become available here, should the referendum to be held during the first half of 2015 pass,” the Department of Justice said in a statement.

It’s a good step. Polls look promising in Ireland, where various polls over the last two years have pegged support between 57 and 76%.

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Ireland: 2600 Entered Into Civil Partnerships in 2013

Sunday, January 19th, 2014

Ireland Civil PartnershipsThis just in from Ireland’s Gay + Lesbian Equality Network:

Civil Partnerships have proven to be a huge success in Ireland with figures up to the end of 2013 showing that over 2,600 people have entered into a civil partnership. The figures also show that civil partnerships have been truly national with couples in every single county entering into a civil partnership..

“Civil Partnerships are a resounding success. Lesbian and gay couples in every county in Ireland have celebrated their love and commitment to each other in front of family, friends and neighbours. In doing so, these couples have contributed enormously to the remarkable progress towards marriage and full constitutional equality for lesbian and gay couples and families” said Tiernan Brady, Policy director with GLEN

Many hundreds more lesbian and gay couples have celebrated their commitment by entering civil partnerships or getting married abroad. These couples’ foreign legal relationships are recognised in Ireland as civil partnerships.

The Civil Partnership Act passed through the Oireachtas in July 2010 and the first public civil partnership was celebrated in April 2011. Civil Partnership provides almost all the legal rights and obligations that apply to civil marriage.

So, where are there most lesbian and gay civil partners across the country?

Dublin 8 is the most popular metropolitan area, with 100 couples from there having civil partnerships followed by Dublin 7 with 70 couples. There were 728 civil partnerships in total for lesbian and gay couples living in Dublin city and county

Cork is the most popular area in Munster, with 106 couples celebrating civil partnerships: 41 from Cork city and 65 from the rest of the county

In Connaught, it’s Galway, with 44 couples, 23 from the city of Galway and 21 from across the county

After County Dublin, Co. Kildare is the most popular in Leinster, with 40 couples from there having civil partnerships, and

Ulsters’ Donegal is the most popular with 12 couples.

“The huge welcome for civil partnerships throughout the country shows that Ireland is ready to take the next step to provide for civil marriage for lesbian and gay couples” said Brady.

“We warmly welcome the government commitment to hold a referendum on equal access to civil marriage in early 2015. We firmly believe that the people of Ireland will continue their warm welcome of lesbian and gay couples and families and that a yes vote will be carried in a referendum that would provide access to civil marriage and full constitutional equality” concluded Brady.

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Ireland: Unnamed Politician on Marriage Equality: “We’ve Had Enough of This Shit”

Monday, December 30th, 2013

Ireland - Google Maps

from Google Maps

Some of Ireland’s Fine Gael party are upset that the Prime Minister is pushing a marriage equality referendum.

Pink News reports:

Ireland’s Prime Minister (Taoiseach) Enda Kenny says he will be actively campaigning in favour of the country’s referendum on equal marriage – as an unnamed minister from his Fine Gael party is quoted as saying “we have had enough of this s**t.”

The Irish Independent reports that the outburst was over the prospect of Ireland staging another referendum on a key social issue. “We have had enough of this sh**,” said the unnamed Fine Gael minister. “We are not going again. We did the abortion, we are not f****** doing this one. We got away with the abortion one, but this referendum is guaranteed to be defeated,” the minister added.

In related news, Coca Cola, fresh off refusing to drop its sponsorship of the Sochi Olympics, has instead dropped a gay wedding scene from an Irish commercial.

Gay Star News reports:

The new campaign, Reasons To Believe, shows familiar scenes intended to inspire viewers such as charity runners, cakes being baked and child choirs. In one part of the advert, the line reads ‘For every display of hatred’ – showing a gang breaking into a car – ‘there are 5000 celebrations of love’ – which shows, in many countries, a gay couple getting married. But in Ireland, the gay couple scene is replaced with an image of a young straight, interracial couple walking down the aisle.

Looks like Coke is showing its true colors.

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Ireland: Many Same Sex Marriages from Other Countries to Be Recognized

Thursday, December 12th, 2013

Update: Just got this from Craig Dwyer at The Gay and Lesbian Equality Network:

Just to let you know that the statutory instrument enacted by the Government recently does not limit to those states and countries who passed civil marriage/ unions in 2013, but building on previous similar orders which now means that 57 forms of marriage and civil partnerships of gay and lesbian couples from 45 jurisdictions are now recognised in Ireland, and have the same rights and entitlements as Irish Civil Partnerships.

Ireland - Google Maps

from Google Maps

Ireland’s Minister for Justice and Equality has just announced that the country will recognize marriages of same-sex couples in countries that legalized the practice this year.

Pink News reports:

The order means that couples married in the Australian Capital Territory, France, Brazil, New Zealand, Uruguay or the six US states that have legalised equal marriage in 2013, will have their marriages recognized. The order also means those with civil unions in Jersey or Colorado will also be recognized. Those with such marriages or civil partnerships will now be able to take advantage of rights and entitlements which apply to Irish Civil partnerships… Announcing the making of the order, Minister Shatter noted that “there will be further changes in 2014, not least the opening out of marriage to same-sex couples in England Wales. These will be recognised in future orders”.

It’s a great step forward for Ireland’s gay lesbian couples, but we wonder why it was limited to places that passed marriage equality or civil unions laws in 2013 only. So if you married in Chicago, your marriage will be recognized, but if you married in New York, it won’t? Strange.

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Ireland: New Poll Shows Marriage Equality Support at 76%

Friday, November 8th, 2013

Ireland - Google Maps

from Google Maps

Support for marriage equality in Ireland is reached truly astounding levels, as the country prepares for referendum on the issue in 2015.

Pink News reports:

The first poll since the announcement of a same-sex marriage referendum has found that 76% of Irish voters support the legislation. Ireland’s cabinet this week formally agreed to hold a referendum on equal marriage in 2015. The Red C poll for Paddy Power found that 18% opposed the proposal with 6.5% were undecided. A random sample of 1,004 adults were interviewed by telephone between 4-6 November for the survey. Supporters of the centre-right conservative party Fianna Fáil are most likely to oppose same-sex marriage with 29% saying they will not back it.

In Dublin, support has reached an astonishing 83%.

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