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Anti-LGBT Bills Become Law in Michigan, North Carolina

Friday, June 12th, 2015

Two states enshrined anti-LGBT discrimination into law yesterday, legalizing dangerously broad “religious freedom” aka right to discriminate laws.

The first one was North Carolina, where the House rushed through a veto override with no time for discussion. The Washington Blade reports:

North Carolina Map

The North Carolina legislature has succeeded in overriding Gov. Pat McCrory’s veto of controversial legislation that would enable magistrates to opt out of performing marriages to which they have religious objection, including a same-sex union. The override succeeded in the House on Thursday by a vote of 69-41, which is three votes more than the three-fifths vote needed for the legislative maneuver. The Senate already succeeded in overriding the veto last week by a vote of 32-16. The legislation, Senate Bill 2, would enable magistrates and registers of deeds to opt out of issuing marriage licenses for a period of at least six months to same-sex couples — or any couple — based on a religious objection.

Up north in Michigan, Governor Rick Snyder wasted no time signing his own state’s bills. The Washington Blade reports:


“Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder signed into law on late Thursday morning a package of religious freedom bills seen to enable anti-LGBT legislation in the state’s adoption agencies. Snyder announced he had signed the legislation — House Bills 4188, 4189, 4190 — just one day after the Michigan Senate approved the bills. The Michigan House already passed the bills in March. In a statement, Snyder said he signed the legislation as a means to ensure children without homes in Michigan have access to families to care for them. The new laws are set to go into effect in 90 days.”

Let’s be clear that the laws in both states allow someone to refuse service to anyone, not just gays and lesbians, based on their own personal religious beliefs.

Italian Support for Marriage Equality Reaches a Majority

Wednesday, May 27th, 2015

titleItalian public opinion has moved decisively in favour of legally recognising same sex couples after Ireland`s “Yes” to gay marriage, the first poll issued since the landmark referendum revealed Wednesday.

The survey published by Italian daily La Stampa found that 51 percent of voters would support gay marriage in a country where the Catholic Church still wields considerable political influence.

Just over two thirds, 67 percent, said they were in favour of civil unions but opposition to adoption by lesbian and gay couples remains high at 73 percent.

See the Full Story at Zee News

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Greenland Unanimously Approves Marriage Equality, Gay Adoption

Wednesday, May 27th, 2015


Greenland’s parliament Tuesday voted unanimously to adopt Danish laws legalizing gay marriage and gay adoption.

Greenland is an autonomous country within the Kingdom of Denmark and has been self-governing since 2009.

The Arctic nation adopted Denmark’s civil union law in 1996. But it did not do the same when Denmark legalized gay marriage in 2012.

The law will take effect on 10/1.

Authored By Darren Wee – See the Full Story at Gay Star News

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Nicaragua Outlaws Marriage Equality, Same Sex Adoption

Friday, April 10th, 2015

NicaraguaNicaragua has rejected same-sex marriage and adoption by gay single people or couples. The Family Code establishes that marriage is defined as ‘between a man and a woman’. It also ensures only opposite-sex couples, foreign or Nicaraguan, can adopt.

Gay couples will also be banned from using fertility treatments to get pregnant and will not be entitled to social security protection or inheritance in the case of loss of a spouse.

This is one of the biggest step backs for a Central American country in recent years, taking effect yesterday (8 April).

Authored By Joe Morgan – See the Full Story at Gay Star News

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Italy: 64% Support Civil Unions, But 59% Oppose Marriage Equality

Monday, February 2nd, 2015

titleSome disappointing marriage equality and gay adoption numbers out of Italy today.

Gay Star News reports:

A public poll, conducted by Eurispes pollsters, found that 64.4% of those polled supported juridical protection for de facto couples of any gender – a benefit of legally recognized civil unions. However, 59.2% opposed gay marriage – up from a figure of 50.7% in 2014.

The percentage of people against gay adoption was 72.2% – a similar figure to previous polls. Adoption of children is currently restricted to opposite-sex married couples only, although a court in Rome recently allowed a woman to legally adopt and become the co-parent of her female partner’s child.

The support for civil unions is a good thing, but a nine point increase in marriage equality opposition seems drastic.

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Utah Supremes Lift Hold on Same Sex Adoptions

Friday, October 24th, 2014

Same sex couples can now adopt in the state of Utah.

LGBTQ Nation reports:

The Utah Supreme Court is lifting its hold on adoptions by same-sex couples. The high court halted all such adoptions in May as the state appealed a federal ruling striking down Utah’s ban on same-sex marriage. But earlier this month, the U.S. Supreme Court allowed that decision to stand, effectively legalizing same-sex unions in Utah and 10 other states. The Salt Lake Tribune reports that Thursday’s decision to lift the hold comes in the cases of four adoptions sought by wedded same-sex couples, and will presumably allow those adoptions and others to proceed.

I wasn’t sure I would live long enough to see marriage equality come to Utah, and now this!

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Wisconsin Lesbian Couple Granted Adoption Rights, Marriage Recognition

Saturday, September 13th, 2014

Wisconsin MapIn yet another ruling, a lesbian couple in Madison, Wisconsin has been granted the right to adopt each other’s biological children and have their marriage recognized by the state.

The Advocate reports:

The Madison-based couple, Teresa and Kat Riley, who were registered as domestic partners in Wisconsin, then traveled to Iowa last year, where they were legally married. Together, they have two young children, one of whom was birthed by Teresa and the other by Kat. Though legal guardians of each other’s biological child, both mothers wanted full parental rights, which could only be optioned through legal adoption. But because Wisconsin does not recognize same-sex marriage, the couple had to petition the court for this nearly unprecedented right.

It really does feel like it’s only a matter of time now, doesn’t it? And a very short amount of time, at that.

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Czech Republic Marriage Equality Support Dips

Monday, July 14th, 2014

titleCzech Republic marriage equality support dropped 6% in a year, according to a new poll.

Gay Star News reports:

If a new poll is to believed, the idea of legalizing same-sex marriage is becoming less popular, not more, in the Czech Republic – with 6% less saying they support it this year compared to figures from last year. The polling data was released by the CVVM research agency on Friday and found wide support for the Czech Republic’s current method of recognizing same-sex couples – with 73% saying they were in favor of the country’s civil unions scheme. However in 2014 only 45% said they supported same-sex marriage, compared to 51% in 2013 and 2012 – the first time the poll had found majority support.

So is support really going backwards? And if so, is it driven by the anti gay law in nearby Russia? Or… ?

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Gay Adoption Poll: 63% of Americans Say Yes

Sunday, June 1st, 2014

Gay Adoption

A new gay adoption poll shows that it has more support in the US than marriage equality.

Joe.My.God reports:

A clear majority of Americans (63%) say same-sex couples should have the legal right to adopt a child, the most to say so since Gallup began tracking opinions on the matter more than 20 years ago. This is higher than Americans’ support for same-sex marriage (55%). A majority of Americans across all major demographics now say same-sex couples should have the legal right to adopt a child. This includes among all key political persuasions: 80% support among Democrats, 61% support among independents, and 51% support among Republicans. This majority support for legally permitting same-sex couples to adopt a child is also the case among different age groups. Young people between the ages of 18 and 29 are most likely to support the idea, with 77% saying same-sex couples should be allowed to adopt children.

I’m kind of stunned by these numbers, in a good way – in France and Malta, gay adoption was the deal-breaker, while marriage and civil unions in and of themselves were kind of shrugged off.

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Luxembourg Marriage Equality Coming Soon?

Thursday, May 29th, 2014

Luxembourg marriage equalityWill Luxembourg marriage equality become a reality soon?

Gay Star News reports:

Luxembourg moved one step closer today to legalizing gay marriage and adoption by same-sex couples. The tiny European country’s parliament’s legal affairs committee has passed n*6172A which is expected to be put before the full parliament for a vote before summer. It will be a move popular with citizens. A survey conducted last year revealed 83% of people in Luxembourg support same-sex marriage.

83% support for Luxembourg marriage equality – that’s amazing.

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