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Lebanon: Judge Rules Gay Relations Don’t Contradict the Laws of Nature

Wednesday, April 16th, 2014

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A positive ruling for LGBT rights in Lebanon.

Dot429 reports:

A transgender woman was accused by the state of having a same-sex relationship with a man. However, Judge Naji El Dahdah, of Jdeide Court, Beirut threw out the case on January 28, 2014. The woman on trial was born with an intersex condition but was assigned a male identity. However, after growing up feeling that she was female, she underwent gender reassignment surgery in the 1990s. Despite the surgery, she was still listed as a male on her identity papers, which led to Lebanese authorities believing she had breached Article 534 of Lebanon’s penal code, which criminalizes same-sex sexual intercourse and subsequently same-sex relationships. El Dahdah, however, rejected the case based on a previous ruling by Judge Mounir Suleiman in 2009.

One small step forward in a part of the world that usually sees very little progress on LGBT rights.

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