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Sweden: Pakistan Court Threatens Swedish Activist Over Marriage Equality Support

Friday, July 5th, 2013

SwedenIn a strange story that spans two continents, a court in Pakistan is threatening to imprison a Swedish gay activist for life because of her support of a transgender Pakistani man who married his partner in Sweden. Got all that? Pink News reports:

The head of the Swedish Federation for LGBT Rights (RFSL) Ulrika Westerlund, was threatened with life imprisonment by a Pakistani court, if the organisation does not stop supporting the union. She told the Local: “I have received a letter, on headed notepaper from someone who says he is a lawyer of the court stating that if our organisation does not desist in supporting the marriage then they will proceed with legal procedures that could result in lifetime imprisonment, “I have been in contact with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for advice, but they haven’t got back to me. It is not as if they can act on the threat anyway.”

So a court in Pakistan thinks it has jurisdiction over a citizen of another country, and can imprison them for expressing an opinion that court doesn’t like. Wonder where they got that idea?