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Same-sex marriage: Greens set date for parliamentary vote

Monday, May 25th, 2015

The Greens will bring forward a Senate debate on the party’s marriage equality bill next month, in a bid to stir Federal Parliament into action on same-sex marriage.

The party has also set November 12 for a Senate vote on the bill, before Parliament rises for the summer.

In the wake of Ireland’s historic vote to legalise same-sex marriage on the weekend, Liberal backers of same-sex marriage have also been calling for the party to decide its position on a free vote by the end of the year.

Greens senator Sarah Hanson-Young already has a private member’s bill to legalise same-sex marriage before Parliament.
On Tuesday, she will announce the party will use its allotted Senate time on June 18 to start debate on the bill.

“Gay and lesbian Australians deserve better than being treated as second-class citizens; it’s well and truly time the Parliament acted,” Senator Hanson-Young said.

“Cupid doesn’t discriminate and neither should the law.”

The party has then nominated November 12 for a vote on the bill. This would be in the second last sitting week of the year.

Full story from the canberra times.

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Australia: Huge Marches for Marriage Equality

Sunday, November 24th, 2013

Melbourne Marriage Equality Rally 11/24/13

Photo by Matt Davis, Melbourne

Australia’s LGBT community marched for marriage equality across the country today.

O-blog-dee-o-blog-da reports:

Thousands of LGBT people and allies braved the rain and marched in Australia today, in support of marriage equality, in different centers, including Melbourne, where a crowd of about 600 descended on Parliament. Prime Minister Tony Abbott is anti-marriage equality. Although he attended his gay sister’s wedding to support her, he does not believe marriage should be a civil right for gays and lesbians. Many called for an end to his homophobia.

Conservative Prime Minister Tony Abbot is still refusing t bring the marriage equality bill up for a vote. Recent polls have shown that between 62 and 64% of Australians approve of marriage equality.

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Australia: New South Wales to Wait Until Mid November to Vote on Marriage Equality Bill

Thursday, October 31st, 2013

Australia MapThe Upper House in New South Wales has postponed a vote on a marriage equality bill until mid-November.

Gay Star News reports:

The state that might become the second Australian jurisdiction to allow same-sex marriage did not vote on a bill to achieve that today, postponing further debate until 14 November. Openly lesbian Labor Member of the Legislative Council (MLC) Penny Sharpe introduced her bill in the parliament around 10am today and was the first to speak to it. ‘It is with great pride that I introduce the NSW Same Sex Marriage Bill 2013 on behalf of the NSW Cross Party Group for Marriage Equality,’ Sharpe told the Legislative Council.

In Tasmania, MP’s voted to leave things up to the Federal Government.

LGBTQ Nation reports:

A motion to revive the debate over same-sex marriage in Tasmania’s parliament was defeated in the Upper House Legislative Council Tuesday, as local MP’s voted to leave the question up to the Federal Parliament in Canberra. Last year the MPs voted 8-6 to throw out a private member’s bill for state-based same-sex marriage, and Tuesday’s vote makes the bid to enact a marriage equality law the second failure in two years. The effort to revive the debate was spearheaded by the independent Member for Murchison, Ruth Forrest, who urged colleagues to consider the recent spate of same-sex marriage laws recently enacted in France and New Zealand.

Slowly marriage equality marches on in Australia.

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Australia: Marriage Equality Bill Fails Again in Tasmania

Tuesday, October 29th, 2013

Australia MapA marriage equality bill failed for a second time in the Tasmanian Senate.

Pink News reports:

Equal marriage efforts in Tasmania have failed for a second time, as an attempt to reintroduce a bill to allow same-sex marriages failed in the state’s upper house. The measure was introduced by independent member Ruth Forrest, however it was defeated 8 votes to 6. It was thought that Tasmania would become the first state to allow same-sex marriage, as a bill passed in its lower house last year, however the upper house voted down the bill, also 8-6.

It would’ve been nice to have Tasmania join the Australian Capital Territory in the fight for marriage equality.

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Australia: Marriage Bill Comes Back to Life in Tasmania

Saturday, October 5th, 2013

Australia MapAfter conservatives took control of the national government in Australia, the stare by state movement for marriage equality seems to be once again gathering steam.

SDGLN reports:

Tasmanian’s Upper House is set to be the focus of national attention when it considers for a second time whether the island state can go it alone in legalizing same-sex marriage. Independent MLC Ruth Forrest says she will bring on debate to resuscitate the same-sex marriage bill which failed last year, eight votes to six. Ms Forrest says she will make the move when Parliament resumes in just under a fortnight, in light of new information.

Tasmania follows the ACT, which is also considering a marriage equality bill.

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Tasmania, Australia: Marriage Equality Campaign Begins

Saturday, March 30th, 2013

Tasmanian Marriage Equality - Rodney CroomeTasmania is gearing uo for another marriage equality fight. This just in from our friend Rodney Croome at Australian Marriage Equality:

The campaign to win majority support for marriage equality in the Tasmanian Upper House has begun in earnest with flyers delivered to over 40,000 households in the lead up to the May 4th Upper House election.

The May election is crucial to the future of marriage equality in Tasmania, and nationally, because representatives from all three seats voted “no” during last year’s debate on the Same-Sex Marriage Bill which was defeated by only two votes.

Now advocates are hoping they can either pressure sitting members to change their vote, or unseat them in favour of pro-equality candidates.

Rodney Croome, spokesperson for the Tasmanian Gay and Lesbian Rights Group, said the scale of the Tasmanian campaign is unprecedented.

“Over the Easter break 60 volunteers will letterbox more than 40,000 homes in three electorates across Hobart and the North West Coast.”

“Our flyers explain why marriage is good for couples, for families and for for Tasmania and urge voters to support candidates who support reform.”

“A majority of Tasmanians support marriage equality and we will be doing all we can to ensure the Upper House represents that majority.”

The campaign will also include canvassing lobbing of voters through social media.

In each seat there is only one candidate against the Same-Sex Marriage Bill with all the rest in favour.

In the Hobart seats of Nelson and Pembroke the sitting members, Jim Wilkinson and Vanessa Goodwin face a field of contenders who all support the Bill, several of them making it one of their key election platforms.

In the North West seat of Montgomery the sitting member, Sue Smith’s, retirement has opened the seat to a wide field of contenders all of whom support marriage equality with the exception of the Liberal candidate, Leonie Hiscutt.

Last year Tasmania became the first state in Australia to pass marriage equality legislation through a House of Parliament with the Same-Sex Marriage Bill passing the Lower House overwhelmingly. The Bill was only narrowly defeated in the Upper House.

On Thursday, Upper House member, Ruth Forrest, took the first step towards having the Bill debated again by re-introducing it to the Upper House agenda.

More information on which candidates support and oppose the Same-Sex Marriage Bill can be found here.

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