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Before and After Gay

Saturday, August 23rd, 2014

Emerson-CollinsComing out is a right of passage for gay men and women — an experience as nearly universal as it is unique for each person. The process invariably began with the moment where the journey from self-discovery to self-awareness finally coalesces in self-acceptance and the readiness to speak the words. It began the first time we spoke the phrase “I’m gay” aloud to another human being.

Despite the shared experience, the nature of the journey is specific to each of us. Coming out stories run the gamut from those who kicked the closet door off its hinges in six-inch platform stilettos to those who cracked the door open just far enough to let in those nearest and dearest. A nearly infinite number of factors impact how we do it, when we do it, the words we choose, the people we share with and the choices we make once we were received.

That moment draws a line through our lives when our personal timeline suddenly has “Before Gay” and “After Gay” — our own internal birth which allows us to divide the important events, decisions and people on the calendar of our life by whether they happened B.G. or A.G. For the most fortunate among us, it’s a line in the sand. But when the fury of the coming out storm dies down, love and acceptance smooth the sand again and the line is gone. Before Gay and After Gay are one journey with events and people running continuously from one into the other.

Authored By Emerson Collins – See the Full Story at The Dallas Voice

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USA: What Happens After the Supreme Court Rules on Marriage Equality Cases?

Thursday, March 21st, 2013

US Supreme CourtIn less than a week the Supreme Court will hear a pair of cases involving same-sex marriage. Since Chief Justice John Roberts made his unprincipled switch to rescue Obamacare, I have given up on predicting Supreme Court outcomes. If the justices are going to be unmoored to logical argument and careen from one position to another depending on their perceived need to defend the court’s historical reputation, far be it from me to figure out where they will land. (At least the liberal justices are entirely predictable.) In other words, I have no idea how the justices will rule or on what basis (10th Amendment, 14th Amendment?).

Let’s, however, consider what would flow from various rulings. I will focus on the clearer Defense of Marriage Act case, understanding that the California Prop. 8 case may be decided on narrower grounds that are not especially relevant to other cases.

Suppose the court decides DOMA is unconstitutional on 14th Amendment grounds, that marriage is a “fundamental right” (it has so ruled many times) and that neither the states nor the feds can bar same sex marriage. Not unlike in abortion cases, the losing side will be aggrieved, claim judicial tyranny and vow to overturn the ruling. But for all intents and purposes, the issue will be over (aside from futile efforts to pass a constitutional amendment); social conservatives will have been roundly punished for trying to federalize marriage in the first place.

Authored By Jennifer Rubin – See the Full Story at The Washington Post

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