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Jamaica Activist Ends Legal Challenge Against Anti-Sodomy Law

Saturday, August 30th, 2014

javed-jeghai-jamaicaA young activist who brought a challenge against Jamaica’s anti-sodomy law last year has withdrawn it because he is fearful of a violent backlash.

LGBTQ Nation reports:

Last year, Javed Jaghai made headlines after initiating a constitutional court challenge to Jamaica’s 1864 law that bans sex between men. He argued that the anti-sodomy law fuels homophobia and violates a charter of human rights adopted in 2011 that guarantees people the right to privacy. But in an affidavit, Jaghai said he has been “threatened enough times to know that I am vulnerable.” The 25-year-old man believes his “loved ones are under threat” by intolerant people and the drawn-out court challenge is causing too much stress and anxiety. “Though the cause and the case are noble, I am no longer willing to gamble with my life or the lives of my parents and siblings,” Jaghai wrote in a statement withdrawing his Supreme Court claim.

It saddens me to see that someone seeking justice can be bullied into silence like this, especially by threats against his family.

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