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Italian Photographer May Sue Party for Misuse of Pro Equality Photo

Saturday, September 6th, 2014

After a far right wing group in Italy stole his photograph to create an anti-gay ad, a photographer is considering suing.

Italy Anti Gay Ad

The Advocate reports:

An Italian photographer has threatened to sue a conservative political party for misusing a photo — he originally shot it for a newspaper article supporting adoption rights for same-sex couples, but the right-wing group used it in a campaign opposing such rights. The photographer, famous for shooting a series of Benetton ads, contends the political party did not secure his permission to use the image, but more importantly, objects to how the party used it, according to Italian English-language news site The Local. “The photo was used in the opposite way [it was intended],” Oliviero Toscani told Italian news agency Ansa. “[Originally,] there were editorial photos to explain the various possibilities of a family for a French newspaper.” Instead, Toscani said, Italy’s conservative Fratelli d’Italia party “used the photos in an ignorant way, like they are.”

These anti-gay groups seem to have a history of stealing photographs – remember this one from Colorado? Or this time that NOM stole a lesbian couple’s photo? Or this time when the president of Poland stole a gay couple’s video?

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