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Chattanooga, Tennessee Rescinds Domestic Partnership Ordinance 63%-37%

Friday, August 8th, 2014

Tennessee mapIn a lopsided vote, city voters overturned the domestic partnership ordinance recently passed by the city council.

Think Progress reports:

Voters in Chattanooga, Tennessee overwhelmingly decided Thursday to undo a recently passed law that extended health benefits to the domestic partners of city employees. With a vote of 13,685-8,184, the town overturned the law originally passed 5-4 by the City Council. The Human Rights Campaign decried the vote as “hurtful and disappointing,” but Mayor Andy Berk was still hopeful. He told WTVC, “I have no doubt Chattanoogans value fairness and equality, and I am proud of the volunteers who spent nights and weekends to ensure our employees are treated equally.” He assured city employees, “Your work is valued and you are important to the future of our community.”

Once again, the lie that it’s only about the word “marriage” is exposed. It’s really about denying any and all rights to LGBT individuals, couples and families.

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USA, Tennessee: Chattanooga Likely to Pass Domestic Partner Benefits Ordinance

Saturday, November 16th, 2013

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The city of Chattanooga, Tennessee is set to become the third city on the state to offer domestic partner benefits. reports:

Chattanooga, Tennessee may soon become the third city in the state to provide health benefits to its domestic partners, reports: ChattanoogaThe City Council voted 5-4 Tuesday evening to approve the Extended Benefits and Equity Ordinance, proposed by Councilman Chris Anderson. The legislation extends health benefits to the domestic partners of city employees, including those in same-sex relationships. A second legislative component adds sexual orientation and gender identity to the city’s nondiscrimination policy.

The city has to vote once more, next week, for the bill to become law. As in Arizona, it’s a piecemeal approach, but may portend larger changes to come statewide. The big questions are when and how – maybe the lawsuit filed last week?

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USA, Tennessee: Gay Activists Plan to Counter Traditional Marriage Day With Marriage Equality Rallies

Thursday, August 22nd, 2013

Tennessee Marriage Equality DayTennessee lawmakers created Traditional Marriage Day earlier this year. And now LGBT activists are planning their own counter rallies for the August 31st event. reports:

Lawmakers passed a resolution in April to dedicate the date as a celebration of a “traditional marriage,” which, according to the official document, is “expressed only between a man and a wife.” An organization called Tennessee Equality Project responded with plans for their own celebration to take place on the same day. The organization recognizes “all loving and committed relationships regardless of the genders or orientations involved,” according to the event website. Rallies to support Tennessee Marriage Equality Day will be held in both Nashville and Chattanooga.

Once again, we’re finally taking this fight to the red states.

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