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Tasteful Cakes, Los Angeles – Featured Gay Wedding Vendor

Thursday, March 24th, 2016

Tasteful Cakes

Periodically we’ll feature one of our vendors here to let our readers know about some great people who can help you plan the perfect wedding:

When my parents, Theresa and Cornelio Escobedo, and I created Tasteful Cakes, we had many hopes in mind, but all boiled down to one idea: to take care of our family, and friends, in the long term. Our needs, and thus goals, then, are no different now: to live free, to be happy in the lives we create, to be acknowledged and seen for ourselves, and to be loved. As a gay man, I am acutely aware of how eminent these needs are and how difficult it can be to really feel them. We opened with this idea and the journey continues to be dedicated to this effort.

The way that we produce and sell our cakes and pastries follows along the same: our customers are just like us, human beings, working hard to thrive in the same world. We have worked hard to become the name in high-end desserts in Southern California and hope that this adds to the level of value our clients receive in the products.

What has changed as we have grown is that idea of taking care of our own has expanded to include our larger communities. When we first opened the doors, we had a lot of support from our closest connections, we described the feeling as it “takes a village” to raise a bakery! And that is true every single day! It takes a lot of love, support, and hard work to keep a business alive! And this village just keeps getting bigger! Thus we make it our goal to give back as much as we can pay that effort forward and make the world a little sweeter! We have made a special point to focus much of this giving on the LGBT Community, as ours is a community in need of much love and kindness from anyone who can see us as more than just rainbow wallets!

We want to create a world where we don’t settle for tolerance but see celebration of each other! We intend to see that happen one interaction, one wedding, at a time! Your wedding is a very important part of making things better for all of us! Your joy, happiness, commitment, and love are the reason for all of this work! We want your experience of planning your special day to be as wonderful as possible! To that end, we will make sure that you have a great time tasting and creating your wedding cake!

Our promise is amazing looking, however elegant or extravagant, and amazing tasting, regardless the combination of flavors! Everything we do is custom and our goal is offer our clients the best experience and most spectacular product possible, period. We deliver almost anywhere, and for the experience, we are worth the drive to taste and enjoy! Whether you get your cake from Tasteful Cakes, or another source, I sincerely hope that you have a beautiful and exciting time planning and enjoying your very special day!

Eddie Surman, Owner, Tasteful Cakes, Inc.

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