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Kiss and Makeup DFW, Gay Friendly Wedding Salon

Saturday, January 9th, 2016

Kiss and Makeup DFW

Periodically we’ll feature one of our vendors here to let our readers know about some great people who can help you plan the perfect wedding.

Kiss and Makeup DFW is an on location airbrush makeup and hair design in the Dallas/ Fort Worth metroplex and surrounding areas, including Denton and Oklahoma City for all your bridal and special occasion beauty needs. We are a team of professional artists that specialize in wedding and bridal airbrush makeup and hair.Your wedding is the most special day of your life, and we’ll it even more special by pampering you with a look created for you and your bridal party.

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Gay Friendly Wedding Vendors in Texas

Featured Gay Wedding Vendor: Nice Shot Films, Dallas, Texas

Tuesday, July 14th, 2015

Nice Shot Films

Periodically we’ll feature one of our vendors here to let our readers know about some great people who can help you plan the perfect wedding.

We’re a boutique film company that crafts wedding films for couples in Texas. Gay owned, we feel a special value in working on weddings in the LGBT community. We also do destination weddings throughout USA and beyond. , Nice Shot Films is a gay-owned company that crafts cinematic wedding films for couples in Texas and beyond. We love doing destination weddings!

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Gay Friendly Wedding Vendors in Texas

USA, Texas: DART Board Finally Passes Benefits for Partners of LGBT Employees

Wednesday, October 9th, 2013

Dallas Rapid Transit Agency Delays Domestic Partner benefits Discussion AgainThe Dallas Area Rapid Transit board finally approved domestic partner benefits for its employees.

The Dallas Voice reports:

After debating the issue for more than a year, DART passed what it called its Healthcare Equalization plan that gives its employees domestic partner benefits this evening. The vote was 9-3. Michael Cheney and Randall Chrisman, who walked out of the board to break quorum two weeks ago, voted against the plan along with Mark Enoch. The so-called plus-one plan allows any DART employee to put another adult in the household on the DART healthcare plan.

It’s great to see this finally pass after being dragged out for so long. Another small step in Texas.

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USA, Texas: LGBT Equality Resolution May Be Back

Friday, August 30th, 2013

Dallas City Hall

Dallas City Hall – Apple Maps

After dying a quiet death several months ago, a resolution in support of job nondiscrimination and marriage equality may be getting a new life.

The Dallas Voice reports:

Councilman Scott Griggs, the resolution’s author, said this week he plans to bring it before a committee in coming months. Committee meetings begin next week. It’s been nearly three months since a showdown at City Hall between LGBT advocates and council members who opposed the resolution after it failed to make it onto the June 12 agenda. This was after former Councilwoman Delia Jasso pulled her support from a memo, which meant the council was no longer required to consider the item… Griggs has rewritten the resolution to include the landmark rulings by the U.S. Supreme Court in two marriage equality cases in late June. He said he’s sent the draft to Councilman Adam Medrano, who chairs the LGBT Task Force, to get the group’s input on the language.

It shouldn’t be so difficult to get a non-binding resolution passed. But this is Texas, after all.

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Texas, USA: Dallas City Council Fights Over Marriage Equality Resolution

Thursday, June 13th, 2013

Texas mapThere’s been quite a lot going on in Dallas over a proposed marriage equality resolution, including Mayor Mike Rawlings claiming not to be absent while on a trip to South America to block any action during his absence. Wednesday morning, gay rights activists showed up at a city council meeting to push for a vote. The Dallas Voice reports:

Tensions ran high after speakers addressed the council, resulting in several audience members walking out, turning their backs on Councilman Dwaine Caraway and even shouting at council members during the meeting. Lesbian activist Cd Kirven said she expected more from council members and that they should support civil rights. “You, as a municipal representative, should always represent those ideals and are a critical part of freedom’s foundation,” Kirven told council members. “Again the LGBT community is disappointed by officials who claim to be allies.” She then asked the few dozen audience members wearing red in support of marriage equality to stand to show the strong presence of the LGBT community.

The Dallas Morning News also reports from the meeting, where one council member questioned the strategies being used to block the resolution:

Outgoing council member Angela Hunt, who signed Griggs’ memo to get the resolution on the agenda, isn’t buying it. “Pauline, thank you for having the courage to step forward,” said Hunt. “I have been amazed by the legalistic gymnastics that have been created to avoid putting this on the agenda. … I think it is absolutely wrong that the word ‘absence’ no longer means ‘absence.’ The mayor will be marked in the minutes as absent on city business. The charter does not say absent and incapable of serving his duties. The charter says absent orincapable of assuming his duties.”

KERA News thinks the incoming city council might have better luck:

Councilwoman Delia Jasso scuttled the resolution last month when she removed her support, leaving it without the necessary five signatures to call a vote. Mayor Mike Rawlings declined to move it forward, saying marriage equality is not a city issue. But, council members generally agreed they would take it up in committee and likely send a marriage and workplace equality resolution to the next council, which will be sworn in June 24. Council member Jerry Allen said he would be pleased to introduce it in the budget, finance and audit committee, which he chairs.

It’s amazing how hard they are fighting against what’s purely a symbolic resolution. But it would be a big blow to opponents to have one of Texas’s biggest cities on the record for marriage equality.

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Texas, USA: Hundreds Rally for Marriage Equality in Dallas

Sunday, June 9th, 2013

Dallas Mayor Mike RawlingsHundreds marched in Dallas to protest Mayor Mike Rawlings’ refusal to support a marriage equality resolution. CBS reports:

The gay pride march was originally planned to bring attention to two marriage equality cases awaiting a ruling from the U.S. Supreme Court. Recent events however, at Dallas City Hall have given the rally a new purpose. Supporters said they’re protesting Mayor Mike Rawlings due to his decision not to put a resolution supporting gay marriage on the city council agenda. This isn’t the first time Rawlings has drawn the ire of protestors. Last year he refused to sign a pledge in support of a Constitutional law allowing same-sex marriage.

Sad that he can’t get behind even such a simple action for his LGBT citizens.

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Texas, USA: Dallas County District Attorney Backs Marriage Equality, Suggests Registry

Thursday, May 23rd, 2013

Dallas County District Attorney Craig WatkinsThings are moving along at the local level in Texas as Dallas County District Attorney Craig Watkins suggests the county create a domestic partner registry. The Dallas Voice reports:

Dallas County District Attorney Craig Watkins came out in support of marriage equality Tuesday and proposed that the county establish a domestic partner registry similar to one administered by Travis County. Watkins, a two-term incumbent who is facing a possible challenge in next year’s Democratic Primary from former Judge John Creuzot, addressed Stonewall Democrats of Dallas during the group’s monthly meeting at Ojeda’s Restaurant on Maple Avenue. Watkins delivered what appeared to be his standard stump speech to the group’s membership, and he didn’t mention LGBT issues. But he spoke to Dallas Voice in an exclusive interview after the meeting.

Small steps, but still, as with the civil unions ordinance in Bisbee, Arizona, it’s a start.

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Texas, USA: Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings Calls Marriage Equality Resolution a “Misuse” of Time

Wednesday, May 1st, 2013

Dallas Mayor Mike RawlingsAs the Dallas city council prepares to vote on a marriage equality endorsement, the city’s mayor thinks it’s all a waste of time. The Dallas Voice reports:

Rawlings’ chief of staff told the Morning News that the mayor hadn’t read the resolution, even though he received a copy of it three weeks ago. Then, on Wednesday, Rawlings told The DMN’s Rudy Bush that while he personally supports marriage equality, he doesn’t think the council should debate political issues over which it has no power: “I don’t want to be talking about late-term abortions, or gun control, or GITMO,” he said. To do so is “a misuse of City Council time.”

Rawlings has also refused to join the Mayors for the Freedom to Marry… but great, he “personally” supports marriage equality.

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Texas, USA: Dallas Set to Pass Marriage Equality Endorsement; Bills Pending in Legislature

Wednesday, May 1st, 2013

Dallas Councilman Scott GriggsDallas City Councilman Scott Groggs says he has the votes to pass a marriage equality resolution. The Dallas Voice reports:

Griggs has said he didn’t want to place the item on the agenda until he was sure it had the eight votes needed to pass. He told me Friday that in addition to the seven council members who’ve previously indicated support for the resolution, Sandy Greyson is now a yes. Greyson couldn’t immediately be reached to confirm her position. The other seven supporters are Griggs and co-author Delia Jasso, along with Angela Hunt, Pauline Medrano, Monica Alonzo, Jerry Allen and Dwaine Caraway.

The New York Times reports on a pair of marriage equality bills before the Texas legislature:

LIFE has been quiet in Paris — Paris, Texas, that is. Earlier this year, two bills for the legalization of gay marriage were submitted in the Texas legislature. While the odds for their passage are long, the passions they have aroused are slight. No boisterous anti-gay marriage demonstrations have wound past the local (65-foot-tall) Eiffel Tower, and the only red meat tossed around has been on backyard grills. In fact, all that our gun-toting governor, Rick Perry, could muster on the subject was a tepid: “In Texas, it is fairly clear about where this state stands on that issue.” Where Texans stand is not just further to the left than Perry believes — polls reveal that a majority of young Republicans support gay marriage — but also to the left of residents of the other Paris — the one in France.

As the article says, the odds of passage in Texas for a marriage equality bill are about zero with the GOP controlled legislature. But the fact that it’s even being debated in such a red state is nothing short of miraculous. The battle is now being fought in red-state territory in a positive way, as opposed to ten years ago when anti marriage equality bills were common in blue states.

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Texas, USA: Dallas Rapid Transit Board Puts Off Domestic Partnership Decision Pending Supreme Court Rulings

Wednesday, March 27th, 2013

Dallas Rapid Transit Agency Delays Domestic Partner benefits Discussion AgainIn an amazing show of timidity and cowardice, the Dallas Rapid Transit Board has once again delayed a decision on offering domestic partner benefits to partners of its gay and lesbian employees. Dallas Voice reports:

DART’s Board of Directors approved a motion Tuesday to postpone a decision on offering domestic partner benefits until after the U.S. Supreme Court rules in two marriage equality cases. The board voted 10-1 to postpone the issue until July during a committee-of-the-whole meeting on Tuesday afternoon. The vote to postpone consideration of DP benefits came one month after the committee-of-the-whole voted down a similar amendment 7-6 on Feb. 26.

What will their next excuse be?