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What Marriage Equality Supporters Are Doing and Saying: 4/22/13

Monday, April 22nd, 2013

Gay WeddingWe have a bunch of updates today on the marriage equality supporters side. Let’s start with Bill Clinton at the GLAAD Awards. On Top Magazine reports:

“You have helped me come to the place where I am today,” Clinton said in accepting the award. “That’s why you are the true agents of change. But we have all learned in our interdependent society, in our increasingly interdependent world that whenever people anywhere are denied any rights, it diminishes us all. That’s why we were so gripped to our television after those bombs exploded at the Boston marathon. That 8-year-old child was our child. And the same is true here. I believe you will win the DOMA fight. And I think you will win the constitutional right to marry. If not tomorrow, then the next day, or the next day,” he said to a round of applause.

Clinton, of course, was the man who signed DOMA into law, but has since had a change of heart, and along with Hilary Clinton now fully supports marriage equality.

Glee’s Darren Criss was also at the GLAAD Awards, and did a gay version of Carly Raye Jepson’s “Call Me Maybe”. On Top Magazine reports:

“We still wish we could go; The law said don’t ask, don’t tell; Then we watched as it fell; It’s a brand new day; So, now I have a new wish; Two guys, two chicks they can kiss and feel that true wedding bliss; ‘Cause it’s a brand new day; You start proposing, feel that big emotion for life-long devotion; This is where we’re going baby.” Hey, hey Supreme Court we say no; Hey, so goodbye DOMA, and so long Prop 8; Send out your invites for the wedding day; So long DOMA, and goodbye Prop 8.”

In Arizona, former Congressman Jim Kolbe is calling on the Senate to add same-sex couples to the immigration reform bill. Kolbe was the second openly gay Republican to serve in Congress. Towleroad reports:

The 11-term congressman from Arizona is expected to talk about the hardship of the current system on his relationship with his partner of eight years, Hector Alfonso, a Panamanian native. Alfonso is now in the U.S. on a green card, but the couple were forced apart for a year because a previous visa expired and the federal government doesn’t grant any legal status to gay couples. Kolbe is planning to marry on May 18, in Washington D.C.

Another proud, out gay man, actor Neil Patrick Harris, wants to move his family to New York after the final season of his sitcom. StarPulse.com explains:

Currently NPH lives in California with his partner, David Burtka, and their two-year-old twins, but they are planning to sell up and move to the East Coast as soon as Harris’ hit TV comedy comes to an end next year. Harris admits he wants to live in a state which recognizes gay marriage and hopes to make the move soon so his children can be enrolled in school in the Big Apple.

And finally, gay activist and former presidential candidate Fred Karger and several pro-marriage equality NFL players are joining a boycott against Amway for supporting The National Organization for Marriage. Edge Boston reports:

In 2012, Karger turned his sights on the Amway, the giant direct-sales conglomerate that some have called a cult. Its conservative owners, the powerful DeVos family, have given a recorded $500,000 to the National Organization for Marriage. Karger’s vocal protest to Amway has gotten some big-time results: Top NFL players have noticed and vow to join his boycott… Actress Jane Lynch, Minnesota Vikings punter Chris Kluwe and former Baltimore Raven Brendon Ayanbadejo have all lent their names and star power to the cause.