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Prop 8 Defense Lawyer Evolving on Marriage Equality

Thursday, April 17th, 2014

Prop 8 OverThe lawyer who argued before the Supreme Court in favor of upholding California’s ban on gay marriage learned while he was handling the case that one of his children is gay and now is helping her plan her wedding with another woman. Attorney Charles Cooper says his view of same-sex marriage is evolving after having argued in court that gay unions could undermine marriages between a man and a woman.

The revelation is an unexpected footnote in the years-long debate over Proposition 8, the California measure struck down by the Supreme Court last year. It is also offers a glimpse, through the eyes of one family, of the country’s rapidly shifting opinions of gay marriage, with most public polls now showing majorities in favor of allowing the unions.

Cooper learned that his stepdaughter Ashley was gay as the Proposition 8 case wound its way through appellate court, according to a forthcoming book about the lengthy legal battle. And with the Supreme Court ruling now behind him, Cooper cast his personal opinion on gay marriage as an evolving process.

Authored By Julie Pace – See the Full Story at Edge Boston

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USA, New Jersey: Lesbian Daughter of Christie’s Democratic Opponent Calls Him Out on Marriage Equality

Monday, June 24th, 2013

New JerseyGubernatorial candidate Barbara Buono’s lesbian daughter criticized Governor Chris Christie over his continued opposition to marriage equality. NJ.com reports:

The openly gay daughter of of Democratic gubernatorial candidate Barbara Buono sent an e-mail to her mother’s supporters this morning blasting Gov. Chris Christie for his stance on same-sex marriage. “As a gay American, I have a stake in what our governor says about marriage equality,” Tessa Bitterman, 22, wrote in an e-mail soliciting donations for Buono’s campaign against Christie. “And I have been deeply shocked by Chris Christie. As governor, he has been a giant roadblock to New Jersey achieving equality for all. By failing to support marriage equality, Christie is blatantly delegitimizing an entire group of people.”

Recent polls show Buono trailing the extremely popular Christie by 32 points.

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UK: Daughter of Anti-Marriage Equality Conservative Tory Produces Film Supporting Gay Rights

Monday, April 29th, 2013

Big BenThe daughter of a conservative Tory MP proposes gay marriage has made a film spoofing Le Miserables in support of gay rights. Pink News reports:

The daughter of an anti-equal marriage Conservative MP has produced a film in support of gay rights called Misérable Lesbians. A spoof of the original Les Misérables, Katie Amess, daughter of Tory MP David Amess, said: “I have always been pro-gay rights. Misérable Lesbians is a jokey title with a very serious message, which is that everyone deserves equal rights.” “I love my father and he’s entitled to his opinion but I disagree with him on gay marriage,” Katie, who lives in Hollywood, said.

We’re still waiting for a date for the final vote on marriage equality in the House of Lords.

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USA: Ronald Reagan’s Daughter Says He Would Have Supported Marriage Equality

Thursday, April 4th, 2013

President Ronald ReaganJust a day after the late President Ronald Reagan’s son compared marriage equality to bestiality and murder, the President’s daughter says her father would have supported marriage equality. NY Magazine reports:

Just a week after learning that being anti-background checks is akin to being pro-killing Ronald Reagan, the Republican icon’s daughter has revealed that he would have wanted same-sex couples to have the right to marry — or so she assumes. Patti Davis confidently tells the New York Times that her father would have “been puzzled” by the current debate and supported marriage equality, though she seems to base that on the rational application of his opposition to big government and the fact that he befriended gay people during his days in Hollywood.

But the mythological Ronald Reagan has always been larger in conservatives’ eyes than the actual man – a convenient blank slate on which to project all their right-wing beliefs. So don’t expect this to change anything.

Father and Daughter for Marriage Equality

Wednesday, March 20th, 2013

A gay father and his daughter talk about family and marriage equality at OakPark.com:

My partner, Lee Neubecker, and I adopted our two children, Michael, 9, and Braiden, 10, in 2009. Since they have two dads, both kids have been following the issue of marriage equality.

Braiden literally screamed out “Yes!” when she heard President Obama mention in his inaugural address that gays and lesbians should be allowed to marry. It brought a tear to my eye and at that moment I thought I should help her get her message out to those who can help our family gain equality in Illinois.

As our House Representatives reflect on their current positions concerning marriage equality, I hope they keep in mind that there are thousands of children involved in this issue whose families are not treated equally under the law. These children don’t understand why the government refuses to allow their parents to marry. They don’t understand what a “civil union” is. They do understand fairness.

Read the whole thing at the link above.

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Australia: Former Prime Minister’s Daughter Backs Marriage Equality

Sunday, January 8th, 2012

Jessica Rudd on Marriage EqualityMarriage equality advocates have welcomed the support of Jessica Rudd, the daughter of the former Prime Minister and current Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd.

Speaking to the Sydney Morning Herald, Jessica Rudd (pictured with Kevin) said: “I believe in marriage equality and I just don’t understand why we’re still having this debate.”

Australian Marriage Equality National Convener Alex Greenwich has welcomed her comments, saying Jessica Rudd is reflecting the views of not only a majority of Australians, but a clear majority of her generation.

Full Story from SameSame

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Gay Couple’s Daughter Speaks Out About Marriage Equality

Thursday, September 1st, 2011

On your average day, I’m not a big fan of parents who have their kids fight their battles for them. If you’re steadfast in your beliefs, you should be able to defend them without going for the cheap ploys. But when it comes to marriage equality, I have to admit, all bets are off. The fight for two men, men like Kevin Montgomery and Dennis Duban, to have their family legally recognized under the law is really about their kids too.

So I have to hand it to Kevin and Dennis for letting daughter Chelsea Montgomery-Duban take the reins of a project to fight the discrimination that’s hitting their family. She’s just a teenager. But thanks to her, $10,000 will soon flow into the coffers of California’s No H8 Campaign.

The non-profit that cropped up immediately after California passed Proposition 8 in 2008, making same sex marriage illegal in the Golden State, partnered with the Montgomery-Duban family last month to raise money and awareness for their cause. The goal was to get 100,000 “likes,” and Chelsea’s dads agreed to donate $10,000 of their own money. But there was a catch. You couldn’t simply click “like” on Facebook. The family set up a web page that had to be shared and liked — a web page that included Chelsea telling her story.

Full Story from The Stir

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