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Gays and the Political Psychology of Disgust

Sunday, July 27th, 2014

disgustWhen Michael Sam kissed his boyfriend on television to celebrate his successful draft into the NFL, some viewers were disgusted. The charged comments that followed demonstrated that when it comes to public displays of gay affection, some people have a gut reaction to recoil. But why? The answer to that question is not fully known, but scientists are beginning to establish an understanding of how biology and the environment may interact to form such reactions.

First, it’s important to understand that disgust in humans can be good. We should recoil from the truly gross things that can harm us–festering wounds, rancid meat, and feces, to name a few examples, are dangerous incubators of infection. “Disgust is apart of what is referred to as the behavioral immune system, which protects us from dealing with items and individuals that might make us sick, that might kill us,” says Patrick Stewart, a political scientist at the University of Arkansas (and not of X-Men, Star Trek fame).

But it’s not adaptive when healthy groups of people are reacted to in the exact same way as if they were pathogens. Here’s the state of the science of disgust right now.

Authored By Brian Resnick – See the Full Story at the National Journal

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United Kingdom: Archbishop of Canterbury Frustrated By Disgust With Marriage Equality

Wednesday, June 27th, 2012

The outgoing Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Rowan Williams has spoken of ‘frustration’ at those Christians whose feelings of ’embarrassment, shame and disgust’ over equal marriage rights for gay couples send out ‘unwelcome’ messages.

The head of the Church of England and leader of the Anglican Communion, who will step down in December, was speaking at a teenage Christian discussion day in Lambeth entitled ‘My Friends Think I’m Mad’, the Telegraph reports.

The Archbishop directly addressed the issue of marriage rights for gay couples as one of a “lot of tangles” between traditionalists and progressive thinkers in the Church.

Full Story from Pink News

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