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The Case Against 8 Premieres Tonight

Monday, June 23rd, 2014

The Case Against 8HBO’s documentary “The Case Against 8” premiers tonight on HBO. The documentary covers the legal fight against Prop 8, and some have accused the documentary of being too one-sided.

HBO’s been on a bit of a gay tear lately, withBehind the Candelabra, The Normal Heart, and now this show.

Here’s the trailer:

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USA, Utah: Prop 8 Documentary Wins Prize at Sundance

Sunday, January 26th, 2014

Prop 8 OverGreat news out of Utah (what is it with Utah and marriage equality news these days?).

Joe.My.God reports:

Yesterday The Case Against 8 won the Best Documentary Direction prize at the Sundance Film Festival. The Case Against 8 / U.S.A. (Directors: Ben Cotner, Ryan White) — A behind-the-scenes look inside the case to overturn California’s ban on same-sex marriage. Shot over five years, the film follows the unlikely team that took the first federal marriage equality lawsuit to the U.S. Supreme Court. Directors say they met at Sundance five years ago and also thank the “incredibly inspiring people we were able to follow around for 5 years.” They also thank HBO and the lawyers who “showed that civil rights know no boundaries.”

I really want to see this film – hope it makes the rounds of the film festivals this year.

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USA, Utah: New Poll Says 57% Oppose Marriage Equality

Sunday, January 19th, 2014

titleA new poll contradicts a poll last week that showed support and opposition to marriage equality in Utah split at 48-48%.

Deseret News reports:

The poll found 57 percent of residents oppose same-sex marriage, while 36 percent support it and 6 percent are undecided, according to the survey conducted by longtime pollster Dan Jones & Associates/Cicero Group on Jan. 14-16. It has a plus or minus 3.6 percent margin of error. “I believe that they felt very strongly about their opinions on this issue,” Jones said of the 746 Utahns who were queried by telephone and cell phone and online. “Most issues that involve religion and religious ideology bring out the strong emotions in respondents.”

The article also points out that a majority now support civil unions, and are evenly split on recognizing the marriages of same sex couples performed in other states.

Meanwhile, down in Park City, it was a marriage equality day at the Sundance Film Festival.

The Wrap reports:

“Love is Strange” gave the issue a human face, while “The Case Against 8\0x2033 raised an emotional audience response. The political issue of marriage equality hovered over Sundance like a thundercloud that broke on Saturday, with a documentary about Prop 8 raising high emotions and the premiere of a touching drama about a gay couple that faces troubles after they marry. There were tears and strong emotions at the premiere of “The Case Against 8,” a documentary about the effort to overturn the California law banning gay marriage. The movie elicited a lengthy standing ovation, and the lawyers who fought the battle in attendance, Theodore Olson and David Boies, hung around to answer questions after the movie.

And Prop 8 lawyer Ted Olsen said he wants to see marriage equality in all 50 states within 5 years.

The Hollywood Reporter has the details:

“The goal is to have marriage equality in all 50 states in five years,” Olson said. If you look at the progress that has been made since June, I think you can see that we are well on our way.” Olson and Boies have joined a case that is pending in Virginia. “There will be a variety of processes,” Olson said of the legal strategy moving forward. “You will see it in some states by legislation. You will see it in some states by a state court. And you will see it in states where it doesn’t work in a federal court. We’ve seen it in a federal court here in Utah in the past couple of weeks.”

Now we wait for the 10th Circuit hearing on this and the Oklahoma case.

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Filmmaker Planning Documentary on Marriage Equality Fight

Friday, January 10th, 2014

Got this from D’Arcy Benincosa about a new documentary she’s working on:


There has never been a feature length movie documenting the story of gay marriage across America because it hasn’t been legal… yet.

There is a A LOVE STORY

That has been waiting to be told.

The wait is over.

Now is your chance to become part of a story that has never been told before. A story of love, hope, courage, acceptance, and tolerance. A story that is important to me. A story that is important to you.

This story is history in the making.

Now is the time for a feature length film documenting the story of gay marriage across America. Such a film has not been made because gay marriages have not been performed on a wide scale before. But things are changing, and it is time to tell the remarkable story of this change, in real time, as it’s happening.

In years to come, the couples, the judges, all the people involved in this change will be our heroes. A documentary film based on the unfolding events of 2014 will connect us to these heroes and to our shared humanity.

A culture is made up of stories passed from one generation to the next. The foundation of the way we define our lives is expressed through stories told in movies, social media, news media, and books written at a given time in history. It’s time to make a change in the stories we’ve passed on about the LGBT community.

The trend in our culture has been to portray our LGBT neighbors as misfits, always on the outskirts of normal society, often so eccentric that we are unable to relate. Rarely do you see a movie featuring gay couples sharing a simple kiss, holding hands, or looking at each other with expressions of everyday love– these simple actions are the foundation of everyone’s love story. They make art art and love love– your love and my love. I want to make a documentary film about these everyday, extraordinary stories that make us all the same.

Thirty-two states in America have stories like this that need to be told. With your help we can make 2014 the year to tell these stories.

I believe marriage will be granted to everyone who wants it this year. We are on the right path. History is being made and it deserves to be documented. Not from the viewpoint of hate or of politics. Not from a feeling of controversy or from the idea that this is an issue to be dealt with–but from the singular perspective of LOVE. This film will seek to melt away fear and to tell the love stories our culture has ignored for far too long.

I am ready to tell this story. My career as a freelance photographer and film maker allows me to hop on a plane or get in my car at a moment’s notice and travel to each state as history is made. I will conduct interviews with judges, clergy, gay and lesbian couples and with people who make it all possible–creating one of the most comprehensive stories of marriage equality ever told.

I believe in people. I believe in the power of love. And I believe that the thing that connects us to each other, regardless of our differences, is our personal story. Our stories are our lives. They are fleeting. They are precious. They are worthy of being documented.



WATCH: Bridegroom on OWN Tomorrow Night

Saturday, October 26th, 2013

Shane Bitney CroneAn amazing film is airing on Oprah Winfrey’s network tomorrow night. The documentary “Bridegroom” tells the story of a gay couple separated by a tragic death, and what happened afterward.

The Huffington Post reports:

Shane Bitney Crone, the subject and producer of the documentary “Bridegroom” premiering Sunday night on OWN, became an accidental activist for LGBT when the unthinkable happened: He lost the love of his life, Tom Bridegroom, in a tragic accident. The couple had been together for 6 years and shared a mortgage, a business and a pet — but without the legal protection of marriage, Crone could not stop what happened next. “I received a phone call from one of Tom’s relatives and she wanted to let me know that I was not welcome to attend his funeral — because if I do show up, his uncle and his father had planned an attack,” Crone says in the film.

We had the good fortune to meet Shane at the Portland Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, where Bridegroom was screened as the opening night film. He’s an amazing guy, and this is an amazing movie – encourage your friends and relatives to see it. It will change people’s minds about how they view same-sex relationships.

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USA, Portland: Gay Film Review – Breaking Through

Thursday, October 10th, 2013

Breaking ThroughWe went to this film expecting a biopic about Oregon Secretary of State Kate Brown, who is openly lesbian.

What we got, instead, was a wide-ranging documentary about politicians who are proudly out all around the country.

Here in Oregon, the story focused on two out Supreme Court justices – Virginia Linder and Rives Kistler – who, along with Kate Brown were both in attendance.

Brown dodged a question from the audience about whether she would seek the Governorship, asying it was probably time to end the questions.

The film itself is beautifully shot, and includes some revelations, including that Houston Mayor Annise Parker went through a difficult stage in her youth where she was a “cutter”, hurting herself to deal with a deep depression before learning to accept and become proud of being a lesbian.

For al their differences, the stories all share a common theme… overcoming bgotry and internal homophobia to enter into public service in a proud and open way.

One of the most moving stories was that of Dallas County Sheriff Lupe Valdez, who ran for the post in Texas as an openly lesbian latina woman. Even her family was against it, until she met with a group of her nieces and nephews, who wholeheartedly encouraged her to run.

On election night, she came from behind initially to win the post. And she found out later that one of her brothers, who had been adamantly opposed to her campaign, had been on the phone all night with other siblings, relaying the vote tallies. And how excited they all were when he actually won.

It’s a great film, one that any aspiring LGBT politician (and the rest of us, for that matter) should watch. It made me immensely proud of our LGBT community.

USA, California: “The Campaign” Shows How Prop 8 Fight Paved Way for Marriage Equality

Thursday, August 15th, 2013

Prop 8 OverA new documentary looks at the role the Prop 8 fight played in the recent successes of the marriage equality movement across the US. The Seattle Times reports:

I first saw the previews for “The Campaign” when I attended a PBS workshop for producers back in 2011. Producer/director Christie Herring was also a fellow that year, and I remember being moved to tears by the excerpt she showed us. Herring received exclusive access in 2008 to the state headquarters of the “No on 8\0x2033 campaign, which means she had access to heart-wrenching stories of ordinary people moved to take action for a cause that directly affected their lives and families. Herring dedicated the next four years to raising funds to complete the project.

The documentary is currently screening in film festivals across the country. Gotta catch it when it comes here – I can finally watch things about Prop 8 without feeling numb inside. It’s screening tonight in Seattle.

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USA, California: HBO Will Make Documentary About Prop 8

Wednesday, July 10th, 2013

HBO Documentaries LogoNow that the dust has settled on the Prop 8 case, HBO plans to make a documentary about it. Deadline Hollywood reports:

Ben Cotner and Ryan White are directing the pic which is currently in production by HBO Documentary Films. It tells the story of the people behind the historic Supreme Court case that overturned Proposition 8, California’s ban on same-sex marriage. “For the past five years, Cotner and White have had exclusive access to the work of the powerhouse legal team led by Ted Olson and David Boies as well as the four plaintiffs in the case”, Michael Lombardo, president, HBO Programming said today in a statement. The untitled feature will be completed by the end of this year for debut on the network in 2014.

Part of me doesn’t want to re-live this sordid chapter in California history, but part of me wants to see it now that I know the happy ending. Whatcha all think?

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Prop 8 Documentary “Inspired” to Be Available on Amazon

Thursday, September 27th, 2012

Prop 8 Documentary "Inspired" to Be Available on AmazonJust in time for the holidays, the Prop 8 documentary Inspired: The Voices Against Prop 8 is now taking pre-orders on Amazon, and will be available on iTunes, Google Play and other formats.

The doc, from L.A. filmmaker Charlie Gage, traces the development of a modern marriage-equality revolution: from the passage of Proposition 8, to the incredible protests that followed, and the hard work of rallying to community in the wake of a painful loss.

Authored By Benji Douglas – See the Full Story at Queerty

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Families of Transgender Children Share Their Stories

Monday, April 2nd, 2012

Last night, American Public Television’s excellent program In the Life began airing “Becoming Me”, an insightful and sensitive look at eight families with transgender and gender nonconforming children ranging in ages from 5 to 25 and the development of their kids across those age groups.

Full Story from

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