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Australia: Rudd’s About-Face on Marriage Equality Puts Pressure on Gillard, Other Holdouts

Monday, May 20th, 2013

SydneyJust got this from Australian Marriage Equality.

Marriage equality advocates have predicted other MPs will come out in support of marriage equality in the wake of former Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd’s change of heart on the issue.

Australian Marriage Equality national convener, Rodney Croome, said, “Kevin Rudd is an immensely influential figure who will inspire others to support marriage equality both in parliament and across the community.”

“As one of Australia’s most prominent Christians, Mr Rudd’s message to other people of faith is that they can support marriage equality not despite their faith but because of it.”

“Already former Labor minister, Joel Fitzgibbon, has said he is open to changing his mind on the issue and I expect other MPs will follow.” (Channel 7, Sunrise program, 21.5.13)

“If Mr Rudd can evolve on marriage equality so can Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott.”

Mr Croome went on to say that Mr Rudd’s decision to support marriage equality following the revelation that one of his former staffers is a gay Christian shows that those affected by reform telling their personal stories is the key to change.

“Mr Rudd’s change of heart is a reminder that marriage equality is a deeply personal issue about love, family and faith, and it is from this level that change will ultimately come.”

“I urge all supporters of marriage equality to keep telling their personal stories about why marriage equality matters.”

Green MP, Adam Bandt, has proposed a vote on his marriage equality bill on June 6th, providing Mr Rudd and others with an opportunity to vote for reform.