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New Buzzfeed/Ipsos Global Poll Shows Marriage Equality Support Rising

Sunday, May 31st, 2015

titleIn a recent global survey carried out by Buzzfeed and Ipsos, attitudes towards same-sex marriage and civil partnerships were gauged in 23 countries around the world.

Here, some of their key findings:

1. Young people are embracing marriage across the globe.

In Australia, Germany, Italy, and Japan (four countries still without marriage equality) the approval rate of 16 to 35 year-olds is taking over the 35-49 age group (aka, their parents) and the older generations by large margins. There is hope, people.

Buzzfeed/Ipsos Poll

Authored By James McDonald – See the Full Story at Out

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New Global Poll: Gays More Acceptable Than Gambling, Adultery

Monday, April 21st, 2014

PewGlobal1Pew research just released the results of a 40 country survey on “morality”.

Joe.My.God reports:

Pew Research has issued a report on a “global morality survey” they conducted last spring. As you can see above, homosexuality averaged out to be somewhat more acceptable than adultery and gambling in the 40 countries surveyed. In the USA: An overwhelming majority of Americans said extramarital affairs were morally unacceptable. But fewer Americans said that abortion was unacceptable (49%), with 17% saying abortion was morally acceptable and 23% saying it was not a moral issue. Meanwhile, less than four-in-ten Americans are strongly opposed to homosexuality (37% unacceptable), premarital sex (30%), gambling (24%), divorce (22%) and alcohol usage (16%). For these issues, a majority of Americans said that they were either morally acceptable or not a moral issue. And when it came to the issue of contraceptive use, only 7% said this was unacceptable.

While we seem to be nearing the end of the marriage equality fight in the US, globally we still have a long way to go, folks.

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New Global Gay Rights Group “All Out” to Launch in 2011

Thursday, December 9th, 2010

A new global LGBT rights group called All Out has announced their launch in early 2011.

Established by former leaders and founders of some of the world’s most successful movement building organizations, All Out will add global people power to the historic fight for LGBT equality.

All Out will rapidly respond to moments of crisis and opportunity, so governments, corporations and other institutions with the power to change the lives of LGBT people hear us – in huge numbers. We’ll also work to change our families and communities so that LGBT people win not just rights but also come to feel truly embraced wherever they are.

Full Story from Joe.My.God

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