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New Zealand: 7% of Weddings In First Four Months Were Same-Sex Couples

Thursday, January 16th, 2014

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According to government figures, in the first four months of marriage equality in New Zealand, same-sex couples accounted for about 7% of all marriages.

Gay Star News reports:

Figures released by the New Zealand Registrar-General of Births, Deaths and Marriages this month show that 7% of marriages since New Zealand legalized same-sex marriage involved a same-sex couple. Close to 5% of the couples who married since same-sex couples could begin to legally marry on 19 August were same-sex New Zealanders while another two percent were from overseas. Of the overseas same-sex couples 88 were Australian while 43 hailed from elsewhere.

As far as we can tell, there’s been very little controversy over the law in New Zealand. Why is it so different from other countries?

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