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Nigeria: President Signs Bill to Criminalize Gay Marriage, Homosexuality

Tuesday, January 14th, 2014

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In Nigeria, it’s now a criminal offense to be gay.

OBDOBD reports:

Nigeria’s President Goodluck Jonathan has surreptitiously signed the so-called Same Sex Prohibition Bill into law. Reports are that Jonathan actually signed the Bill, better known as the “Jail-All-The-Gays” Bill, quietly last week. News of it’s signing has only now been leaked.

The Bill received international condemnation when it was passed by the Nigerian Parliament back in May of 2013. As OBLOGDEE reported at the time, the United Nation’s High Commissioner condemned the pending law urging President Jonathan not to sign it. As did many foreign countries.

Like most so-called same-sex marriage prohibition bills, the Nigerian “Jail-All-The-Gays” Bill only pretends its focus is to ban marriage. In fact, the goal is to further criminalize LGBTI individuals and organizations where gay sex is already criminalized.

David Mixner weighs in on the new law.

You bet Nigeria is no Russia. It is much worse than Russia…. The repercussions of this new law are chilling. Not only does the law ban marriage equality but also any LGBT relationship. If discovered, gay couples will be sentenced to fourteen years in jail. That is bad enough. However, it also provides for ten years in jail for forming any LGBT organization or supporting the formation of one. The law criminalizes even meetings between homosexuals.

Basically, you can now go to prison in Nigeria for owning an LGBT club, creating a LGBT social organization, supporting or forming an LGBT advocacy organization or simply meeting to discuss LGBT issues. The prison terms are harsh. The prison conditions are shockingly bad.

John Kerry is “deeply concerned“:

Kerry pointed out that the bill goes far behind just banning gay marriage or civil unions. “The United States is deeply concerned by Nigeria’s enactment of the Same Sex Marriage Prohibition Act,” Kerry said in a statement released by the White House. Beyond even prohibiting same sex marriage, this law dangerously restricts freedom of assembly, association, and expression for all Nigerians. Moreover, it is inconsistent with Nigeria’s international legal obligations and undermines the democratic reforms and human rights protections enshrined in its 1999 Constitution. People everywhere deserve to live in freedom and equality. No one should face violence or discrimination for who they are or who they love.”

Remember, several well-known US anti gay groups have gone to African countries to push these laws, and would like to see the same for gays here in the US.

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Uganda: Lawmakers Pass Bill To Jail Gays for Life

Friday, December 20th, 2013

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While no one was paying attention, Ugandan lawmakers passed a bill that would put gays and lesbians in jail for life, and penalize anyone who did not report them to the authorities.

The Washington Blade reports:

Ugandan lawmakers on Friday approved a bill that would impose a life sentence upon anyone found guilty of repeated same-sex sexual acts. “I am very disappointed by the ignorance displayed by Ugandan MPs,” Frank Mugisha, executive director of Sexual Minorities Uganda, told the Washington Blade after the vote. Stonewall, a British LGBT advocacy group, described the bill’s passage as “incredibly sad.”

A similar bill has been on hold for months or years now, due to outcry from international authorities about the bills harsh penalties for gays and lesbians. It’s a very sad day for the LGBT community in Uganda.

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USA, Indiana: GOP Pushes Marriage Equality Ban; Gays Could Go to Jail

Monday, July 8th, 2013

Indiana Governor Mike PenceEven after the landmark Supreme Court rulings for marriage equality, the Indiana GOP keeps running the other way. Governor Mike Pence is supporting an effort to add a constitutional ban in the state. On Top Magazine reports:

“Now that the Supreme Court has had its say on the federal government’s role in defining marriage, the people of Indiana should have their say about how marriage is understood and defined in our state,” Pence said last week. “Given that opportunity, I am confident that Hoosiers will reaffirm our commitment to traditional marriage and will consider this important question with civility and respect for the values and dignity of all of the people of our state. I look forward to supporting efforts by members of the Indiana General Assembly to place a constitutional amendment on the ballot for voter consideration next year.”

Pence isn’t the only one talking smack about Indiana’s gay and lesbian couples. A political blogger wants gays thrown in jail for asking for a marriage license. Joe.My.God reports:

According to an Indiana politics blog, any gay couple in that state who applies for a marriage license faces up to three years in prison. “A 1997 state law declares it a Class D felony to submit false information on a marriage license application or lie about the physical condition, including gender, of a marriage license applicant. Two men or two women seeking to marry inevitably would trigger the law, as the state’s electronic marriage license application specifically designates “male applicant” and “female applicant” sections for gathering required background data.”

Yes, Indiana, by all means, start throwing gay and lesbian couples into jail for requesting a marriage license. We could use a few martyrs over there.

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Arizona, USA: Nasty New Bill Would Jail Transgender People for Using the “Wrong” Bathroom

Wednesday, March 20th, 2013

ArizonaWhile many state governments are moving to add protections for transgender citizens so they can feel safe using public restrooms, my home state, Arizona, is going in the opposite direction. God, I hate what the GOP has done to this once noble state. Edge Boston reports:

Arizona lawmakers have jumped in to the national debate over the rights of transgender people with a bill being debated Wednesday that would make it illegal for people to use public restrooms not associated with their birth gender. Advocates say the measure would be the toughest standard in the nation for transgender people and bathroom use, requiring Arizona residents to use the restroom of the sex listed on their birth certificate. One local TV station has dubbed it the “Show Me Your Papers Before You Go Potty” bill, a reference to the Arizona Legislature’s sweeping 2010 immigration law.

The GOP has become the party of bigoted, sad, misguided little people.

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Uganda: Tony Perkins is US Christian #3 to Support Putting Gays in Jail

Monday, November 26th, 2012

To Tony Perkins “leading [a] nation in repentance” is passing legislation that would execute people based on who they love.

He tweeted: “American liberals are upset that Ugandan Pres is leading the nation in repentance – afraid of a modern example of a nation prospered by God?”

Authored By Andy Towle – See the Full Story at Towleroad.com

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Scotland, United Kingdom: They’ll Send Me to Jail Over My Marriage Equality Stance

Thursday, July 26th, 2012

Scotland, United Kingdom: They'll Send Me to Jail Over My Marriage Equality StanceArchbishop-designate Philip Tartaglia of Glasgow could see himself being imprisoned for speaking out in support of the traditional married family.

“I could see myself going to jail possibly at some point over the next 15 years, if God spares me, if I speak out,” Archbishop Tartaglia said in an interview with STV News July 24.

His comments came just a day before the Scottish government announced it would legislate in favor of same-sex “marriage.” Archbishop Tartaglia warned that the redefinition of marriage will have “enormous implications for religious liberty.”

Authored By David Kerr – See the Full Story at CNA

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Malawi: Jailed Couple Sends Message Thanking Supporters

Wednesday, April 28th, 2010

The gay Malawian couple who were arrested in December for holding a marriage ceremony have thanked their supporters from jail. Steven Monjeza and Tiwonge Chimbalanga have been in custody in a Blantyre prison for four months, having been denied bail. They have both pleaded not guilty to charges of sodomy and indecency.

In messages relayed to gay rights campaigner Peter Tatchell, the couple said they loved each other and thanked supporters for sending money.

Mr Monjeza was reported to be ill earlier this month with vomiting, sickness and jaundice due to the poor conditions in Chichiri jail. Supporters say his condition has improved slightly. In the message, he said: “We have come a long way and even if our family relatives are not happy, I will not and never stop loving Tiwonge.”

Full Story from Pink News

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