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Texas Senator Pens Letter to Lesbian Daughter on Marriage Equality

Monday, June 16th, 2014

Texas State Senator Juan HinojosaDemocratic Texas state Senator Juan ‘Chuy’ Hinojosa write a beautiful letter to his daughter on marriage equality.

Towleroad.com reports:

From the moment you breathed life, when you first smiled up at me, I knew how strong the love of a father could be. An unconditional love for such an innocent child that only a father could know. As you began to grow, I hoped for a safe environment for you and wanted to protect you from the harsh realities of this unjust world. But as you matured into a strong young woman, I began to realize there were cruelties I could not protect you from — simply because of your sexual orientation. I could not protect you from the discrimination, ignorance or hate…

As a society, we should not tolerate acts of discrimination, hate or violence for any reason. We are all equals. I remain committed to the cause of equality and most importantly in fighting to protect you and the children of all fathers. All men and women should have the freedom to choose their partner. As you are all grown up now, you will still always be my little girl. I am very proud of you. I hope one day that you, too, can experience the love for a child. And I hope one day that your children will live in a world where they will not need protection for wanting to marry who they love.

One day soon, even Texas will have marriage equality.

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