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Texas Senator Pens Letter to Lesbian Daughter on Marriage Equality

Monday, June 16th, 2014

Texas State Senator Juan HinojosaDemocratic Texas state Senator Juan ‘Chuy’ Hinojosa write a beautiful letter to his daughter on marriage equality.

Towleroad.com reports:

From the moment you breathed life, when you first smiled up at me, I knew how strong the love of a father could be. An unconditional love for such an innocent child that only a father could know. As you began to grow, I hoped for a safe environment for you and wanted to protect you from the harsh realities of this unjust world. But as you matured into a strong young woman, I began to realize there were cruelties I could not protect you from — simply because of your sexual orientation. I could not protect you from the discrimination, ignorance or hate…

As a society, we should not tolerate acts of discrimination, hate or violence for any reason. We are all equals. I remain committed to the cause of equality and most importantly in fighting to protect you and the children of all fathers. All men and women should have the freedom to choose their partner. As you are all grown up now, you will still always be my little girl. I am very proud of you. I hope one day that you, too, can experience the love for a child. And I hope one day that your children will live in a world where they will not need protection for wanting to marry who they love.

One day soon, even Texas will have marriage equality.

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UK: Grandfather Writes Beautiful Letter in Support of Gay Grandson

Friday, April 18th, 2014


After a boy’s mother threw him out of the house for being gay, his Grandfather wrote a beautiful letter in support of his grandson.

The Gay UK reports:

In the letter he calls his daughter an ‘abomination’, after she threw her son, Chad, out of her home after he told her that he was gay. The father went on to say: ‘The only intelligent thing I heard you saying in all this was that you “didn’t raise your son to be gay” . Of course you didn’t. He was born this way and didn’t choose it any more than being left handed.’

This grandfather puts the boy’s mother to shame.

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USA, Arizona: Amazing Letter from A Scottsdale Rabbi to Governor Brewer

Monday, February 24th, 2014

Just got this from my Aunt in Tucson who is following the whole Right to Discriminate law with great interest and disgust. It was written by Rabbi Stephen Kahn, of Scottsdale’s Congregation Beth Israel.


Rabbi Stephen KahnFebruary 21, 2014

The Honorable Janice K. Brewer
Arizona Governor
Executive Tower
1700 West Washington Street
Phoenix, AZ 85007

Dear Governor Brewer:

I am the Senior Rabbi of Congregation Beth Israel, founded in 1920. I write this with a heavy heart on behalf of our 750 families (roughly 2,000 members). Today, I respectfully implore you to act with bold and courageous leadership by vetoing House Bill 2153 and Senate Bill 1062 without delay.

Simply put, these bills are beyond “controversial”. Among many things, the final version of the legislation enables a business owner to refuse services to any patron based on their own personal religious proclivities, or even worse, a very loose definition of religious freedom. I cannot help but recall the spirit of the Third Reich’s laws established in 1935 at Nuremberg which legally permitted discrimination and anti-Semitism under the same implicit legislative construct as the bills passed earlier this week. As a Jew, I cannot help but feel that if a business owner, who is “informed” by their interpretation of “scripture” that a Jewish person cannot eat at their restaurant because I do not accept Christ as “Savior” that they would indeed have the legally supported permission to deny me service in their place of business.

As an American, I will always fully support the constitutionally protected rights of every citizen; the right of free expression of their own religious beliefs and convictions whether or not I personally/theologically agree with their beliefs or practices. However, as an American, a Jew and a Rabbi, I know that religious freedom does not permit me the right to oppress or discriminate against others because I think their theology or way of life is wrong. This is the antithesis of constitutional freedoms and the foundation of our country. The potential – both implicitly and explicitly – of legalizing a person or person’s right to persecute and discriminate against others under the guise of religious freedom is both intellectually objectionable and theologically corrupt of any scriptural justification I know of, especially in a free society.

Please do no sign this legislation which – based on historic precedent for our people in 1930’s Nazi Germany – could become THE seminal moment which will lead to horrifying consequences for the People of Arizona.


Rabbi Stephen Kahn


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USA, Illinois: Democratic Leader Urges Support for Marriage Equality Bill

Monday, September 23rd, 2013

Illinois Majority Leader Barbara Flynn CurrieDemocratic Majority Leader Barbara Flynn Currie is urging lawmakers to support the marriage equality bill in Illinois.

LGBTQ Nation reports:

Majority Leader Barbara Flynn Currie sent a letter to all House members earlier this month saying it’s time to approve legislation legalizing same-sex marriage. The letter follows a push in early September by Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak to lure Illinois’ gay couples to wed in Minnesota, which legalized same-sex marriage earlier this year. Attempts to approve legislation have stalled in Illinois; A measure passed the state’s Senate but the House sponsor didn’t call a vote because he said he didn’t have the votes. “Illinois has been missing out on this economic opportunity long before Minneapolis’ mayor unleashed his advertising campaign in our state,” Currie wrote in the letter released Saturday.

Yeah, when a mayor from another state comes to steal your business because your lawmakers can’t get their act together, that’s gotta hurt.

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Canada, Ontario: Group Harasses Lesbian Couple

Saturday, July 20th, 2013

Kingston, Ontario - Apple Maps

from Apple Maps

You gotta read this one to believe it. A lesbian couple received a threat in the mail that’s both cold and calculating. Queerty reports:

Kim Renders, a Queen’s University teacher, HuffPo blogger, and proud lesbian, arrived at her Kingston, Ontario home last Friday to find a rather aggressive and unprovoked letter in the mail. Addressed to the “lesbian bitches” at her address, the harassing five-paragraph letter demands that she and her partner leave the city under threat of physical violence.

The letter reads, in part:

We are a small but dedicated group of Kingston residents devoted to removing the scourge of homosexuality in our city. We know you and have been following you for the past several weeks and we wish for you to leave this city, before it is too late, for you. This will be the first of many reminders, each escalating to higher and higher levels of harassment and derailment. Since we have nothing personal against you, only against your sexuality, we suggest you move to more conductive climes like Vancouver, or preferably San Francisco.

Chilling and sickening that these folks think they have the ability and the right to remove all gay and lesbian citizens from Kingston.

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A Father’s Letter to His Young Son About Marriage Equality

Sunday, July 7th, 2013

Brian GreskoWow, how things have changed in the last ten-twenty years on marriage equality. The Hollywood Gossip points us to this letter from a father to his four year old son about marriage equality and the changes afoot in the world:

Dear Felix,

Your mom and I put off taking you for a blood test because, honestly, we figured you didn’t really need it, that the doctor’s concerns about the level of lead in your body were the routine kind of doctor’s orders we could ignore.

Doc has since corrected us of that misconception, stressing the importance of the blood test. (And we wonder where your stubbornness comes from.) Ok, point taken. So, at least a year late, this morning we walked in to get your blood work done just as the waiting room television cut to the steps of the Supreme Court Building, where the announcement came that the Court had ruled 5-4 to strike down the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), declaring the law baring the federal government from recognizing same-sex marriages unconstitutional.

You’re four-years-old as I write this. You seem to react to adults who make good eye contact, speak with animation, get down to your level to talk to you, and ask you questions that you understand and then listen to your answers. You click with men, you click with women, and as far as I can remember you only asked once about why one of your best friends has two mommies. When I told you that couples come in all combinations – woman and woman, man and woman, man and man – you nodded and that was that. No big deal.

So sitting with you in the waiting room, I had one of those moments of double-ness that parents sometimes have, as I thought about the news and what it meant, watched the happy reactions from the crowd of marriage equality supporters, and wondered what celebration might be going on in other parts of New York City, all while talking with you about the upcoming blood test and reading you a story. I didn’t explain what was happening on the television, and you didn’t ask. I figured the time will come soon enough – probably too soon for my liking – when you’ll be aware of the politics around sex and gender and sexual orientation.

Or maybe you won’t. Hopefully, these issues will be moot in seven years time, or ten years, whenever you become aware of your sexual self (let’s go with ten years, eh?) and begin to find other people compelling in ways that will, at first, probably seem strange or mysterious. (For example, I didn’t notice girls had legs till eighth grade. Before then, I’m not sure how they got around, their mobility was no concern of mine. Suddenly, when springtime came and the skirts came out, their long, skinny, graceful limbs became vitally important. And yet I had no idea why. I just found them… fascinating. I knew they were key characters, I just hadn’t figured out what the story was about yet.) Maybe you’ll read about today’s decision in a history book and it’ll sound like a long time ago, the Dark Ages, when certain couples could marry and certain couples could not. You’ll feel comfortable pursuing whatever kind of partnership interests you, no matter the person’s gender, or color, or race, or class, or belief system, or whatever, and live in a country in which you can join in the legal state of matrimony with that lucky person.

I hope that by then American society will have a better understanding of what I saw all so plainly today. That if you prick our skin, the same red blood flows through all of our veins. These differences in appearance and behavior and belief in many ways are trivial, surface. How you treat other people, your stewardship of our planet and society and yourself as a functioning, contributing human on Earth, matters so much more than who you’d like to date, have sex with, or marry. As Kurt Vonnegut so succinctly put it, “You’ve got to be kind.”

Other than that? Have fun, kid. And while this marriage thing sure ain’t easy – in fact, I don’t wish it on anyone who doesn’t feel ready, 100% sure they want to make their commitment into a socially recognized, legal bond – I’m happy knowing that if, one day, you think you’re ready to take the plunge, you can do it with whomever the hell you want. And I’ll be right there (unless you decide to elope like your mom and me decided, which is totally cool too), cheering you on and wishing you well, no matter whose hand you’re holding when you say “I do.”

Love ya kid,


USA: A Gay Parent’s Video Letter to the Supreme Court

Monday, April 1st, 2013

you tube bigA gay father recorded a YouTube video to the US Supreme Court about his family and marriage equality. Queerty reports:

Jack Montgomery, a father of three from Washington, D.C., wrote an open letter to Justice Anthony Scalia and his fellow Supremes regarding Scalia’s speculation as to the potential “deleterious” effects of kids having same-sex parents. Montgomery and his husband Kelly Vielmo adopted three siblings from D.C.’s foster are system and in his letter Montgomery describes how they have beautifully enriched each others lives. He also urges the SCOTUS to consider what deleterious effects their decision will have on his children and children of same-sex parents throughout the country.

Watch the video:

UK: Marriage Equality a Bigger Threat Than Reformation, Catholic Priests Say

Saturday, January 12th, 2013

Marriage Equality a Bigger Threat Than Reformation, UK Catholic Priests SayWho should be more offended here, gays or protestants? 1,054 Catholic priests, 13 Bishops and assorted Catholic abbots have signed a massive open letter claiming that legalizing marriage equality in England is a greater threat to religious freedom in general, and Catholicism specifically, since the Reformation, the 16th Century split that led to the rise of Protestantism.

Here’s a sample of the letter, via The Daily Mail:

After centuries of persecution, Catholics have, in recent times, been able to be members of the professions and participate fully in the life of this country.

Legislation for same-sex marriage, should it be enacted, will have many legal consequences, severely restricting the ability of Catholics to teach the truth about marriage in their schools, charitable institutions or places of worship.

Authored By Andrew Belonsky – See the Full Story at Towleroad.com

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Scotland, United Kingdom: Priests Reading Anti Marriage Equality Letter in Churches Today

Sunday, August 26th, 2012

Scottish Catholic Priests Reading Anti Marriage Equality Letter in Churches TodayThe Roman Catholic Church has declared August 26 as National Marriage Sunday and is calling on politicians to “sustain rather than subvert marriage”.

The letter, which will be read in all of Scotland’s 500 Catholic parishes, will urge followers to continue to act against efforts to “redefine” marriage.

The Scottish Government has said it is right to introduce same-sex marriages, but has stressed no clergy would be forced to carry them out.

See the Full Story at The Telegraph

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United Kingdom: Anti Gay Lord Maginnis Again Making Waves

Monday, July 23rd, 2012

Anti Gay Lord Maginnis Again Making Waves in the UKA MONTH after losing the UUP whip for comments about homosexuality, Lord Maginnis has sent a thunderous email to a Tory think-tank which supports same-sex marriage.

The veteran Ulster Unionist – who was stripped of the UUP whip in the House of Lords last month after describing homosexuality as “a rung on the ladder” to bestiality – was infuriated that Policy Exchange had argued in favour of allowing homosexual couples to marry.

Policy Exchange has strong links to the Conservative Party and a decade ago its head of security, Dean Godson, wrote a highly-regarded biography of former UUP leader Lord Trimble.

Authored By Sam McBride – See the Full Story at newsletter.co.uk

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