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A #Texas Family Defies the Haters and Loves their Gay Son – A #Holiday Message:

Tuesday, November 25th, 2014
Nymont Final

Nancy K. (Middle)

We loved our Gay son – period | Originally seen on

“Celebrate Me Home,” for the Holidays. – By Nancy K. 

This weekend I’ve been busy taking down my Thanksgiving decorations in order to fill the house with my wonderful obsession; the Christmas Holidays!

While doing so, of course I had to play my Christmas music to begin my joyful tradition!

My first choice of the season…”Celebrate Me Home” by Kenny Loggins.

As I was singing along at the top of my voice, “Home for the Holidays, I believe I’ve missed each and every face – let’s turn on every love light in the place”   I just stopped after carefully setting out my childhood Santa’s  that spelled out “J O Y”, I stared at those words and just listened to the entire song.

All my heart could think about was everyone, absolutely everyone being home for the Holidays and turning on every love light.   For me, the term “Love Light” means being open to pure truth and acceptance – love with no conditions.    You see, I am the proud mom of a Gay son. When he comes to visit he will be home for the Holidays surrounded with love.   The Love Light in our family has always been turned on. As the song says, “he will find himself totally surrounded in our circles.”

As I stood there staring at that simple 3 letter word “JOY” and listening to the words “Celebrate Me Home” I thought of the many kids that were facing hatred, unacceptance and very conditional type love, because they are gay.  They do not have this Joy in their soul. Joy doesn’t just happen, it is acquired from acceptance for the beautiful spirit that they are.   Are they being celebrated home this holiday season?  It is time for this acceptance, surround them in your circle with Pride.

When our son was just a 3 years old, we knew.   His dad and I always embraced his differences.  At Christmas time, we honored all of his wishes.  After all, for children it is a time of magic, wonderment and they are watching to see if Santa “listened” to their hearts desire!

One Christmas our son’s heart desire was a very special order – a pink Convertible electric car!

This was a mission my son’s  dad was determined to accomplish.  It took a lot of work, but on Christmas morning, my son awoke to the magic of seeing his pink Convertible electric car sitting right under that tree! Naturally, we would  love and honor our son  for who he is.  Gender expression is something we should cherish, even if it’s against the status-quo.

There is one song that my son will always remember, “True Colors” by Cyndi Lauper.  It was my lullaby to him, dancing on my toes as I sang to him this song! I wanted for him to know, before he knew, that his True Colors would always shine through.  When the day came that he wanted to share with us his True Colors, we were so happy for him!   We knew almost his whole life.  We made the condition that it would be on his terms. We loved him for who he was – period.

Parents – there is a line in this wonderful holiday song that stands out, “It is a very uneasy highway,” yes it is.   Our job as parents is to make sure that this uneasy highway leads them to a home that is celebrated with complete love.  This is the season, right now to turn your love light on. If your relationship is dark, do not allow your child to sit in this darkness one minute more.  They are only waiting for that phone call from you. Please, bring JOY into your child’s life.   This will be the greatest gift you could give at this beautiful season of love.

All your child wants, all any of us want is to be Celebrated Home!

It’s time

Celebrate them home


Love Wins Out – Minister, Police Chief Reinstated

Wednesday, June 25th, 2014

Two inspiring stories of people who were stripped of their jobs because of homophobia winning their jobs back.

First off, Rev. Frank Schaefer, who was defrocked for officiating at his own gay son’s wedding, was re-instated after winning an appeal.

Reverend Frank Schafer reports:

The Rev. Frank Schaefer had been suspended for 30 days on Nov. 18, after a jury of Methodist pastors convicted him of violating church law. When the suspension expired, he was defrocked after refusing to promise never to perform another same-sex marriage. Three of Schaefer’s four children are gay. “I’m just elated,” Schaefer said. “It was a victory for me, for the church and for the LGBT [lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender] community.” A nine-person panel of clergy and lay members determined that Schaefer’s punishment was “unlawful” because revoking his credentials “cannot be squared with the well-established principle that our clergy can only be punished for what they have been convicted of doing in the past, not for what they may or may not do in the future.”

We’re thrilled for both the Reverend and his son.

In similar news, an openly lesbian Police Chief in South Carolina who was fired by the mayor for being gay will get her job back too.

Crystal Moore

Joe.My.God reports:

Dozens of Latta residents danced and cheered in front of the town’s community center Tuesday night as election officials announced a referendum to change the town’s form of government to strong council was approved, 328-147. Though the results will not become official until the ballots are certified at 11 a.m. Friday, for many town residents, Tuesday’s vote was an instant victory because it will allow town council to reinstate Crystal Moore as Latta’s police chief. Moore was abruptly fired in April by Mayor Earl Bullard after she refused to sign seven unexplained reprimands that he presented to her on the same day. “This is our town,” a grinning Tammy Taylor said, between cheers and high-fives. “We got our town back. We got our chief back.”

I love happy endings.

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WATCH: Bridegroom on OWN Tomorrow Night

Saturday, October 26th, 2013

Shane Bitney CroneAn amazing film is airing on Oprah Winfrey’s network tomorrow night. The documentary “Bridegroom” tells the story of a gay couple separated by a tragic death, and what happened afterward.

The Huffington Post reports:

Shane Bitney Crone, the subject and producer of the documentary “Bridegroom” premiering Sunday night on OWN, became an accidental activist for LGBT when the unthinkable happened: He lost the love of his life, Tom Bridegroom, in a tragic accident. The couple had been together for 6 years and shared a mortgage, a business and a pet — but without the legal protection of marriage, Crone could not stop what happened next. “I received a phone call from one of Tom’s relatives and she wanted to let me know that I was not welcome to attend his funeral — because if I do show up, his uncle and his father had planned an attack,” Crone says in the film.

We had the good fortune to meet Shane at the Portland Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, where Bridegroom was screened as the opening night film. He’s an amazing guy, and this is an amazing movie – encourage your friends and relatives to see it. It will change people’s minds about how they view same-sex relationships.

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MEUSA Remembers Long-time Member and Leader Elmer Lokkins

Saturday, October 19th, 2013
Long-time MENY/MEUSA member and leader Elmer Lokkins

Long-time MENY/MEUSA member and leader Elmer Lokkins

The Marriage Equality USA family lost a wonderful friend and powerful advocate this week in long-time member and leader Elmer Lokkins.  Elmer and his husband Gustavo (Gus) Archilla became for many symbols for our organization’s marriage equality movement in New York State. They were together for over six decades before Gus’s death in 2012.

Elmer was a decorated Army veteran of World War II, earning multiple honors and acclamation before being honorably discharged and moving to New York City. There, in 1945, he met the love of his life and worked at the Graduate Center of The City University of New York.

Read the full story on the MEUSA news blog…

“Bridegroom” is All About Love

Saturday, October 5th, 2013

There’s a scene in the new documentary film Bridegroom that touched us with its simple grace. For those who haven’t yet heard of the movie, it’s the follow-up to a short YouTube video about a gay man, Shane Bitney Crone, whose partner Tom Bridegroom dies in a tragic fall. The video went viral – you can see it here:

In the scene, Shane has just lost his partner of 6 years, and Tom’s mother has flown the body back home to Indiana from California. On the way to the funeral, Shane gets a call from one of Tom’s family members telling him he’s not invited.

And Shane’s response? To tell his own friends and family to let Tom’s parents off the hook because they were going through grief too.

Shane and TomWhat could have been a bitter film about the unfairness of the way gays and lesbian coupless are treat instead shines as a testimony to an amazing love story, and it’s a stronger argument for that decision.

Yes, the unfairness is a part of it all, from Shane being shut out of his partner’s hospital room by hospital officials to the inhumane treatment he receives from Tom’s family afterwards.

But the impression you’re left with after watching the film is that you’ve just seen an amazing love story that these two remarkable young men shared, and how just-like-everyone-else they really were.

We were lucky enough to catch the film on opening night at the Portland Lesbian and Gay Film Festival – and Shane was there too to answer audience questions.

The film is exploding on the gay film circuit festival at the moment, and has been picked up by OWN, Netflix, and reviewed by the New York Times.

Scott, Shane, MarkWe talked with Shane after the fact at the opening night after party. He’s a kind, self-effacing guy who really just wants to get his story out there in the hopes that it will help someone else.

Indeed, at the Q&A after the film, one woman credited Bridegroom with turning her mother around on the issue of marriage equality.

Directed by Linda Bloodworth Thomason (Designing Women) and produced by Shane himself, the film finds the joy in their life together, and the tragedy in the unexpected event that cut it short.

If you have the chance, catch this one at your local film festival. If not, you can see it on OWN later this month, or streaming on Netflix. Show it to your friends or loved ones – it might change their minds.

Just Because He Breathes: Learning to Truly Love Our Gay Son

Tuesday, July 2nd, 2013

2013-06-21-ryanprofile1Our friend Arturo Schultz ran across this and shared it with us. It’s beautiful and wonderful and heartbreaking, as a Christian family struggles to come to terms with their gay son. From the Huffington Post – after reuniting with their now-adult son:

Over the next 10 months, we learned to truly love our son. Period. No buts. No conditions. Just because he breathes. We learned to love whomever our son loved. And it was easy. What I had been so afraid of became a blessing. The journey wasn’t without mistakes, but we had grace for each other, and the language of apology and forgiveness became a natural part of our relationship. As our son pursued recovery from drug and alcohol addiction, we pursued him. God taught us how to love him, to rejoice over him, to be proud of the man he was becoming. We were all healing, and most importantly, Ryan began to think that if we could forgive him and love him, then maybe God could, too.

Read the whole thing. It will touch your heart – if only every family with a newly-outed child would read this…

USA: “Love” Wins Out Over “Rights” in Marriage Equality Messaging

Thursday, December 13th, 2012

USA: Third Way, the centrist Democratic think thank, is about to release a report based on polling from Washington State, which was one of the three states, along with Maine and Maryland, where a majority of voters approved same-sex marriage in Election Day referendums. And while the report and the poll are the work of a partisan as opposed to an independent group, the findings echo other research into support for same-sex marriage and have the ring of truth.

But what I found most revealing and instructive was this: among voters who saw the desire by gays and lesbians to be legally wedded as a bid primarily for the rights and protections that heterosexual couples have, same-sex marriage was a loser. Only 26 percent of them voted for its legalization, while 74 percent voted against.

But among voters who believed that gays and lesbians were chiefly interested in being able to pledge the fullest and most public commitment possible to their partners, same-sex marriage was a huge, huge winner. Eighty-five percent of those voters supported it, while only 15 percent opposed it.

Authored By Frank Bruni – See the Full Story at The New York Times

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Australia: PM Julia Gillard to Gays – All You Need is Love

Monday, June 11th, 2012

Australia: PM Julia Gillard to Gays - All You Need is LoveJULIA GILLARD last night cited her own relationship to show people who loved each other could live together without a marriage certificate as she again found herself defending her opposition to same-sex marriage.

Under fire on the ABC’s Q&A program from Geoff Thomas, a Vietnam veteran who has a gay son, the Prime Minister – who has allowed her party a conscience vote on the issue – said people should not be surprised if a “large number” of ALP politicians voted with her.

Ms Gillard, who lives with her partner, Tim Mathieson, said her views were genuine and that two people could have a relationship of love, commitment and understanding without a marriage certificate.

Full Story from the Sydney Morning Herald

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New Video About Love and Marriage Equality

Saturday, February 18th, 2012

I have been working on a beautiful short film (THE WEDDING DANCE) about Equality in a different perspective.

The objective with this project is to raise money for our feature film FRIEND. A film about coming out in 2012. A time now when things are so different with social networking. A time now that a child might not have the correct tools to coupe with humiliation in an instant world.

FRIEND is about giving back. Its a movie about accepting and loving oneself but most of all it is about educating. With the proceeds from this film I am going to be donating the profits to groups that help educate at risk youth… If we can raise $10,000 to make our last film with social networking. Than $250,000 can be done. Please take a look at the campaign we have started.

Full Story from Elliot London

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Six Decades Together: Gay Couple Tells Their Story

Friday, November 18th, 2011

This is the first short film created for THE DEVOTION PROJECT, featuring William I. Campbell and John V. Hilton who met in the 1950’s and have been together for 6 decades. The Devotion Project is an ongoing series of films documenting LGBT couples and the love they share.

Full Story from

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