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Married Italian Gay Couple Interviewed By Local Paper

Monday, March 2nd, 2015

Italian Hawaiian Wedding

Some friends of ours who married last year in Hawaii were interviewed by Milena Montefiori of the Resto del Carlino Forlì newspaper.

Here’s our translation of the interview – there’s also a second article about same sex marriage in Italy in the linked article:

Married in Hawaii and The Government There Recognizes It

It was a beautiful wedding day: on the beach in Hawaii, at sunset. Bruno (a pseudonym), whi has lived in Forli for half his life, recounts with some emotion the day he married his partner.

RdCF: How long have you been together?

Bruno: For 13 years and two months.

RdCF: Why did you decide to take this big step?

Bruno: After living together for years, the idea was in the air. We thought that if we waited for Italian law to catch up, who knows when we would be able to marry. And so, when the opportunity presented itself in the US, we did it.

RdCF: What opportunity?

Bruno: We have some American friends that we met years ago during a discussion of marriage equality on Facebook. They had a house in Hawaii and they were our hosts.

RdCF: You lived the dream of many couples. But how much did it cost?

Bruno: Considering that we did not have to pay for nightly lodging, we spent about two thousand Euro a person, including the round-trip flight.

RdCF: And for the wedding, what steps did you have to take, and how much did it cost?

Bruno: In the US, it’s very simple. After having paid a fee of about $100, we chose an officiant and the type of ceremony.

RdCF: What was your wedding ceremony like?

Bruno: No frills, otherwise it would have been crazy-expensive. And afterwards, we celebrated with a group of American friends. Then we went on our honeymoon. Obviously, not with matrimonial leave; we used some of our regular days off.

RdCF: And when you returned to Forli? Did you celebrate?

Bruno: Yes, with my husband’s family that accepts us. They were very happy for us.

RdCF: Now, your marriage, where is it valid?

Bruno: In the US, for now only in the states that recognize marriage equality. And it should be recognized also in countries that recognize same sex marriage.

RdCF: Why is the registration of your marriage important to you?

Bruno: It would be a small step forward to make people here more comfortable with the idea of same sex marriage. Until then, however, we prefer to remain anonymous.

RdCF: Have you seen the judicial ruling in Grosseto that ordered the registration of a marriage between two men?

Bruno: Sure, we hope that it opens the door for our LGBT rights.

See the original article in Italian here.

Pagina Carlino

TV Producer Looking for Gay Married Couples

Tuesday, December 31st, 2013

Gay WeddngJust got this from producer Jonathan Tanzman:

Are you a gay couple thrilled to be already officially married?? Did you have an amazing wedding and want to share your story? If so, we want to hear from you!

A Major Cable Network and a Major Television Studio are now casting gay couples that are already legally married willing to share their fabulous wedding story with a gay couple about to be legally married. You and your partner will star in your own television segment all about your amazing wedding experience. If you would like to be a part of this extraordinary television experience, please contact Jonathan Tanzman ASAP at

Be sure to include: 2 photos of you and your husband; location, contact number, and a little bit about your wedding.

Please get back to him if you know anyone who qualifies – they need folks by Friday.


–Scott & Mark, GMW

Australia: Married Gay US Ambassador Stays Out Of Marriage Equality Debate

Monday, November 25th, 2013

US Ambassador to Australia John BerryUS Ambassador John Berry is staying out of the same sex marriage fight in Australia.

Gay Star News reports:

America’s new ambassador to Australia, John Berry, has stayed out of the debate on same-sex marriage in Australia despite marrying his partner Curtis Yee shortly before leaving the United States. Berry told ABC News Breakfast last week that ‘Australians need to decide that issue best for Australians,’ when asked whether he hoped Australia would legalize same-sex marriage. Berry said same-sex marriage was ‘a sensitive topic’ avoiding weighing into the debate.

Well, he’s a diplomat. They’re not supposed to make waves. But maybe just by his example he will make a small difference.

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USA, North Dakota: New Tax Form for Married Gays

Tuesday, October 15th, 2013

North DakotaNorth Dakota is rolling out a new tax form specifically for married gays and lesbians.

Joe.My.God reports:

North Dakota now has a tax form for married same-sex couples, and it’s precisely because the state doesn’t recognize such marriages. For the North Dakota tax department, that posed a bit of a dilemma, according to Lorie Bowker, who oversees the department’s income tax section. She said its answer was the form ND-1S, which was posted online about a week ago. It’s basically a work form for divvying up a couple’s federal tax filing so they can file as individuals in North Dakota. Bowker said, like the federal government, there is a “marriage penalty” built into the North Dakota tax code, so filing as individuals could be beneficial to same-sex couples.

So they recognize that we’re married. But they won’t recognize that we’re married.

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USA: Retailer AutoNation Announces It Will Insure All Legally Married Employees’ Spouses

Saturday, August 31st, 2013

AutoNation LogoA Florida-based auto retailer just announced that they will begin insuring the spouses of all legally married employees, including gay and lesbian employees.

GSFLA reports:

“Last week in an employee meeting, [Chairman and CEO Mike] Jackson announced that same sex couples who are married will be eligible for benefits,” company spokesman Marc Cannon said. The Fort Lauderdale-based company, with 21,000 employees at 256 franchises in 16 states, calls itself “America’s Largest Automotive Retailer.”… AutoNation still will not insure unmarried partners, both gay and straight. “All associates have to present proof of marriage,” Cannon said.

More and more companies are starting to see that it’s in their best interest to treat their gay and lesbian employees well. Let’s hope this spreads.

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USA, Arkansas: Legally Married Same Sex Couples Petition for Recognition

Saturday, August 17th, 2013

ArkansasThings are really breaking out in Arkansas. In addition to a marriage equality lawsuit and a proposed ballot initiative, there’s a new suit from married same sex parents. LGBTQ Nation reports:

Seven legally wed same-sex couples have petitioned a judge to recognize the parental rights of both spouses and to have both parents’ names on their childrens’ birth certificates. The couples filed a petition on Thursday in Pulaski County Circuit Court. They are part of a group that is trying to topple Arkansas’ constitutional ban on gay marriage.

Which of these methods has the best chance of success in a red state like Arkansas?

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Cambodia: Some Provinces Recognizing Lesbian Couples as Married

Monday, May 6th, 2013

Cambodia - Google Maps

from Google Maps

At least 15 lesbian couples have been legally recognized as married in some provinces in Cambodia. Gay Star News reports:

Cambodian law defines marriage as between a man and a woman only but in some provinces in the country local government officials have decided to recognize gay couples. Some of these local government leaders will share their experiences at an IDAHO (International Day Against Homophobia) organized by RoCK as part of Cambodia Pride Week on 17 May. There are 15 lesbian couples that Srorn knows have been issued marriage certificates in Kandal, Takeo, Prey Veng and Kampong Chhnang provinces. ‘After Pride Week my job is to visit more provinces and interview gay couples who been given family books from the local authorities, because when they give you a family book it means that they are officially, legally family.’

This makes them the first same sex couples legally recognized by a government in Asia.

Binational Gay Couple Living in London Says DOMA Took Away Their Lives

Saturday, February 23rd, 2013

Ben Storey and Brandon PerlbergIn a story we’ve heard all too often, a married binational gay couple was forced to flee the USA to stay together because the Defense of Marriage Act prevented the federal government from recognizing their marriage. On Top Magazine reports:

The couple met in New York as Storey worked as a graphic designer on a temporary visa. Unable to gain a green card based on his employment or on his spousal relationship, Storey, 31, could not remain in the United States… Perlberg left his law firm, rented out his apartment and said goodbye to friends and family to live with Benn in Britain, where he receive a resident visa within 48 hours. In an appearance on CNN, Perlberg, 34, said that being uprooted has left him resentful of his country.

One more piece of evidence about what a spiteful, destructive law DOMA is, and how it is being used to force gay and lesbian couples to separate or flee the country of their birth.

Israel: Just Married Gay Couple Asks Court to Validate Prenup

Monday, January 14th, 2013

A married Israeli gay couple has made legal history in the country when they filed the prenup agreement to be validated by an Israeli court.

The men, Elad Aflalo Farber and Roni Farber Aflalo were married 10 months ago in New York.

Reported by Haaretz daily, they then proceeded registered their marriage with Israeli home office, which is required to recognize the marital status of gay couples married abroad based on a ruling by Israel’s High Court of Justice.

Authored By Dan Littauer – See the Full Story at Gay Star News

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Washington, USA: First Same Sex Couple Married at 12:04 AM

Sunday, December 9th, 2012

First Same Sex Couple Married at 12:04 AM in WashingtonIt’s a big wedding day for Washington State, where at 12:04 am Sarah and Emily Cofer became the state’s first same-sex couple to be officially, legally tie the knot.

Jesse Page and Brendan Taga soon followed at the King County Court House. Presiding Judge Mary Yu said she had seven such weddings scheduled between midnight and 7:30am.

“This is what courts are supposed to do, respond to the needs of our community,” she told USA Today. Bailiff Takao Yamada added, “We’ll sleep later.”

Authored By Andrew Belonsky – See the Full Story at

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