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France: Mayor Says He Might Perform Wedding for Two Girls, But “Not Two Boys”

Friday, June 14th, 2013

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Another mayor in France is planning to disobey the new marriage equality law, but with a twist. Mayor Claude Binaud of Matha seems fine with marrying two women, or “girls” as he calls them, but not two men. Joe.My.God reports:

Claude Binaud, six-time mayor of Matha, a town in the Charente-Maritime region of south-western France, has caused a stir by refusing to marry a local man, Bernard Rouhaud, and his partner, it was reported on Friday. He qualified his refusal, however, by saying that he “might marry two girls.” Binaud, 77, has been a consistent opponent of gay marriage, which became legal in France in May after months of fraught national debate and even violent clashes. “There’s no doubt, I will not marry them, not two boys,” he told regional daily Sud-Ouest. “I don’t find it [gay marriage] normal. We’re touching on something central to society here – the family,” he said. “Two girls, I might have said yes, if my back was against the wall. But that’s totally different, they can have children,” he added.

Reminds me of straight guys who are totally fine with lesbians, because they can imagine getting into bed with them, but not so much with the gays.

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