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USA, Texas: Houston Mayor Wants City to Pass Anti Discrimination Law

Saturday, September 21st, 2013

Houston Mayor Annise ParkerOpenly lesbian Mayor Annise Parker wants Houston to join San Antonio and pass a non discrimination ordinance for its LGBT citizens.

LGBTQ Nation reports:

“It is absolutely something we should do, and the majority of council members have publicly stated they are in support of a nondiscrimination ordinance,” said Annise Parker, the first openly gay mayor of a major American city. “But this is an issue that requires all of council to be engaged and agree it is time to move it forward. When it happens, we will do that.” Unlike other Texas municipalities, Houston has a charter amendment that makes the council unable to pass an ordinance without voter approval.

Small steps…

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USA, Texas: San Antonio City Council Throws Transgender Citizens Under the Bus

Thursday, August 29th, 2013

Texas mapIt looks like conservatives scored a win in the proposed nondiscrimination ordinance in San Antonio this week.

The Dallas Voice reports:

A new draft of San Antonio’s proposed nondiscrimination ordinance released Tuesday lists restroom use for transgender people under its exemptions. “Nothing herein shall be construed as directing any policy or practice regarding the use of restrooms, shower rooms, or similar facilities which have been designated for use by persons of the opposite sex,” the new draft states. Councilman Diego Bernal, the ordinance’s author, did not respond to requests for comment as to why the compromise was necessary. The ordinance had support from Mayor Julian Castro and six council members last week, which was enough to pass the ordinance. A vote is expected on Sept. 5.

I find myself more and more disgusted by the supposed fear that these people have of transgender folks. They have no understanding of the day-to-day realities the transgender people go through. Instead they present a distorted picture designed to instill fear of the other, of the child molester, of the abnormal. This country has a long ways to go to support our transgender brothers and sisters.

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