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Featured Gay Friendly Wedding Vendor: A Charleston Beach Wedding LLC, Charleston, South Carolina

Wednesday, July 8th, 2015

A Charleston Beach Wedding LLC

Periodically we’ll feature one of our vendors here to let our readers know about some great people who can help you plan the perfect wedding.

Fun and romantic beach weddings in Folly Beach, SC, just minutes from historic Charleston, South Carolina. Our reviews say it best: we make it simple to have a destination beach wedding. Our motto is: beautiful, simple & affordable! Located on Folly Beach, we are the original beach wedding company in the Charleston, South Carolina area.

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Gay Friendly Wedding Vendors in South Carolina

The New Catholic Plan to Fight Marriage Equality

Thursday, September 5th, 2013

The VaticanThe United State Conference of Catholic Bishops has released a new set of strategies from its Subcommittee for the Promotion and Defense of Marriage about how to argue against marriage equality. Posted in a seven-part series on the Bishops’ Marriage Unique for a Reason blog is a series of tips for talking about same-sex marriage in the wake of the Supreme Court’s rulings overturning the Defense of Marriage Act and allowing California’s Proposition 8 to fall.

Here’s a look at the rhetorical tricks and strategies the Church hopes to utilize and why they won’t work:

Define Marriage As Heterosexuals-Only

The first tip offered in the series suggests that Catholics should simply assert a definition for the word “marriage” that is heterosexuals-only. That way, they can supposedly reframe the debate around what’s good about marriage for straight couples without sounding discriminatory:

In our conversations and communications, we must insist on bringing the debate back to the fundamental question: What is marriage? A phrase we use in our work is: “Treating different things differently is not discrimination.” We can make a case for the uniqueness of marriage between a man and a woman by pointing out that only a man and a woman can form a one-flesh communion and can give themselves fully to each other, including on a bodily level. Only a man and a woman are capable of welcoming new life into the world, even though there are times, sadly, when this doesn’t happen for reasons beyond their control. And so forth.

Authored By Zack Ford – See the Full Story at Think Progress

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USA, Illinois: Marriage Equality Advocates Lay Out Plan for Fall

Thursday, August 1st, 2013

Illinois Unites for MarriageAfter an embarrassing defeat earlier this year in the state House, when a promisee was not taken on the marriage equality bill, advocates are regrouping. Windy City reports:

The coalition needs to raise about $2 million, though they are working alongside and sharing resources with other organizations, among them Citizens United, Urban League of Chicago, Human Rights Campaign, Equality Illinois, Lambda Legal and The Civil Rights Agenda. “We formed a committee of people and asked for either $10,000 or $25,000 to get us started. …Between those groups, we’ve raised about $300,000 in cash and $200,000 in in-kind commitments,” said Bennett. Illinois Unites will hire 20 field operatives to work throughout the state; each will handle two targeted legislative districts.

Advocates have their eyes on two veto sessions this fall:

The veto session consists of two three-day weeks, one in October, the other in November. Kohlhepp said Illinois Unites will try to secure 71 votes for the legislation. He admitted that it would not be easy, but if the bill passes with fewer than 71, it would require an amendment in order to go into effect before June 1 of next year. The amendment would entail floor and committee votes in the House, as well as SB 10 having to be returned to the Senate. “With 71 votes, there’s no amendment. SB 10 becomes law thirty days after the governor signs the bill and SB10 does not have to back to the senate. Seventy-one votes is very, very hard to get, but we should be reaching for that goal. We should not have to go through three votes to get marriage equality in the state of Illinois,” said Kohlhepp.

Illinois would now be the 14th state to enact marriage equality, assuming Hawaii, New mexico, Pennsylvania or New Jersey (or insert your choice here) doesn’t beat them to it.

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USA: GOP’s 2014 Plan – Be Bigoted Against Gays, But More Quietly

Monday, March 18th, 2013

GOP Pushes Bill to Ban Gay/Lesbian Weddings on US Military BasesThe republicans have done a bit of soul searching over why they lost the 2012 elections so badly, and as part of the effort, they considered gay rights and marriage equality. Think Progress reports:

For the GOP to appeal to younger voters, we do not have to agree on every issue, but we do need to make sure young people do not see the Party as totally intolerant of alternative points of view. Already, there is a generational difference within the conservative movement about issues involving the treatment and the rights of gays — and for many younger voters, these issues are a gateway into whether the Party is a place they want to be.

If our Party is not welcoming and inclusive, young people and increasingly other voters will continue to tune us out. The Party should be proud of its conservative principles, but just because someone disagrees with us on 20 percent of the issues, that does not mean we cannot come together on the rest of the issues where we do agree.

It goes on to say: “On messaging, we must change our tone — especially on certain social issues that are turning off young voters.” In other words, the party will continue to oppose equal rights but will do so with a less strident approach

Yeah, that’ll bring the youth vote into the fold.