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Single Dad Asks for Advice on Helping Son Come Out

Tuesday, November 18th, 2014

nowpostThis story will warm your heart – a father accidentally discovered his son was gay, and then asked the internet how to help him come out.

Pink News reports:

Reddit user HeMeYou was left “overwhelmed” by advice from online strangers after accidentally discovering his son might be gay. Buzzfeed reports the 38-year-old father posed the question to Reddit after finding Google searches on his son’s iPad suggesting he wanted to come out. He said: “I found out my 13 y/o son is gay… He hasn’t told me, but I want to support him. What can I do?”

Ultimately, the father opened up the conversation with his son:

At the dinner table the same day, while we were eating we had a couple minutes of silence, not much was heard apart from the cutlery and my son finally said “I actually wanted to tell you something in the car, but I was afraid you’d get in an accident..”

I looked up from my plate and looked at him straight in the eyes… I could see he was thinking about something and all I could think of was “OMG this is it…”

He said “Dad..” with a couple seconds of silence “..I’m gay”.

I looked at him and couldn’t help myself from smiling, and I told him “____, you know I love you so much… right?” and I got up and gave him a huge hug. He even started to cry on my shoulder and because of that I couldn’t help myself but shed a couple tears.

What an awesome Dad.

Concluding his post, he said: “After dinner and after he finished his homework we both lay in our pyjamas on the sofa, while I was watching the Cooking Channel and he was playing on his iPad. “I had my arm around him and he was leaning his head on my chest, and all I could think of was that I’m the happiest father on earth right now.”

Tampa Church Cancels Gay Man’s Funeral Service

Friday, August 8th, 2014

FloridaA church in Tampa, Florida cancelled the Funeral service of a man once they learned he was gay.

Watermark reports:

A Tampa mother received a phone call a day before her son’s funeral saying the service was cancelled after the pastor found out the deceased was gay. Julie Atwood, Julion Evans’ mother,was told she could not have the funeral services at New Hope Missionary Baptist Church because it be “blasphemous.” Pastor T.W. Jenkins for New Hope said he did not know Evans,42, was gay until he saw his obituary which listed a surviving “husband.” After members of the congregation saw and called to complain, Jenkins said he did not think it was acceptable to hold the funeral services at New Hope. Kendall Capers, Evans’ husband and partner of 17 years, said their relationship was not a secret. The two were even married a year ago in Maryland.

Can you even imagine having to deal with homophobia like this when your son has just passed away?

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What I Want for Mother’s Day – Marriage Equality for My Son

Sunday, May 11th, 2014


Today, May 11th, millions of families across the country are celebrating Mother’s Day. Some children will send their mom flowers; others may present a handmade gift. For me, the greatest gift of all would be full marriage equality for all committed couples here in Colorado — so my son, Caleb, and his partner can finally legally marry in the state they call home.

As a mother, one of the most important things to me is my family. Family is the backbone of society, and recognizing my son’s freedom to marry the person he loves and protect his family only strengthens our society and our state.

I’m proud to say I have a little bit of real-life experience when it comes to this topic: my husband, Jamie, and I have been married for 32 years. I can attest that marriage takes hard work, but when you find someone you love and want to spend the rest of your life with, there’s no question that it’s worth it. Jamie and I know how much our marriage means to us, and that’s exactly why we want Caleb to be able to have that same opportunity.

Authored By Faye Dettmann – See the Full Story at the Colorado Independent.

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A Father’s Letter to His Young Son About Marriage Equality

Sunday, July 7th, 2013

Brian GreskoWow, how things have changed in the last ten-twenty years on marriage equality. The Hollywood Gossip points us to this letter from a father to his four year old son about marriage equality and the changes afoot in the world:

Dear Felix,

Your mom and I put off taking you for a blood test because, honestly, we figured you didn’t really need it, that the doctor’s concerns about the level of lead in your body were the routine kind of doctor’s orders we could ignore.

Doc has since corrected us of that misconception, stressing the importance of the blood test. (And we wonder where your stubbornness comes from.) Ok, point taken. So, at least a year late, this morning we walked in to get your blood work done just as the waiting room television cut to the steps of the Supreme Court Building, where the announcement came that the Court had ruled 5-4 to strike down the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), declaring the law baring the federal government from recognizing same-sex marriages unconstitutional.

You’re four-years-old as I write this. You seem to react to adults who make good eye contact, speak with animation, get down to your level to talk to you, and ask you questions that you understand and then listen to your answers. You click with men, you click with women, and as far as I can remember you only asked once about why one of your best friends has two mommies. When I told you that couples come in all combinations – woman and woman, man and woman, man and man – you nodded and that was that. No big deal.

So sitting with you in the waiting room, I had one of those moments of double-ness that parents sometimes have, as I thought about the news and what it meant, watched the happy reactions from the crowd of marriage equality supporters, and wondered what celebration might be going on in other parts of New York City, all while talking with you about the upcoming blood test and reading you a story. I didn’t explain what was happening on the television, and you didn’t ask. I figured the time will come soon enough – probably too soon for my liking – when you’ll be aware of the politics around sex and gender and sexual orientation.

Or maybe you won’t. Hopefully, these issues will be moot in seven years time, or ten years, whenever you become aware of your sexual self (let’s go with ten years, eh?) and begin to find other people compelling in ways that will, at first, probably seem strange or mysterious. (For example, I didn’t notice girls had legs till eighth grade. Before then, I’m not sure how they got around, their mobility was no concern of mine. Suddenly, when springtime came and the skirts came out, their long, skinny, graceful limbs became vitally important. And yet I had no idea why. I just found them… fascinating. I knew they were key characters, I just hadn’t figured out what the story was about yet.) Maybe you’ll read about today’s decision in a history book and it’ll sound like a long time ago, the Dark Ages, when certain couples could marry and certain couples could not. You’ll feel comfortable pursuing whatever kind of partnership interests you, no matter the person’s gender, or color, or race, or class, or belief system, or whatever, and live in a country in which you can join in the legal state of matrimony with that lucky person.

I hope that by then American society will have a better understanding of what I saw all so plainly today. That if you prick our skin, the same red blood flows through all of our veins. These differences in appearance and behavior and belief in many ways are trivial, surface. How you treat other people, your stewardship of our planet and society and yourself as a functioning, contributing human on Earth, matters so much more than who you’d like to date, have sex with, or marry. As Kurt Vonnegut so succinctly put it, “You’ve got to be kind.”

Other than that? Have fun, kid. And while this marriage thing sure ain’t easy – in fact, I don’t wish it on anyone who doesn’t feel ready, 100% sure they want to make their commitment into a socially recognized, legal bond – I’m happy knowing that if, one day, you think you’re ready to take the plunge, you can do it with whomever the hell you want. And I’ll be right there (unless you decide to elope like your mom and me decided, which is totally cool too), cheering you on and wishing you well, no matter whose hand you’re holding when you say “I do.”

Love ya kid,


Actor Jeremy Irons Worries Marriage Equality Will Lead to Fathers Marrying Sons

Wednesday, April 3rd, 2013

Actor Jeremy IronsDo they just pull this stuff out of their asses? Or their own perverted desires? I think Mr. Irons may want to seek counseling. Queerty reports:

“Could a father not marry his son?” he asked. During the interview, the English actor worried that same-sex marriage would lead to fathers marrying their sons in an attempt to pass on estates without being taxed. Though, he explained “it’s not incest between men” because “incest is there to protect us from inbreeding, but men don’t breed.”

I thought I’d heard it all, but this one is new to me.

Minnesota, USA: Gay Couple’s Son Steals Spotlight During Marriage Equality Speech

Friday, March 1st, 2013

Check out this great video – starting at about 15:00, one of the sons of a gay couple speaking out for marriage equality in Minnesota steals the show. Joe.My.God reports:

On Wednesday, partners Dr. Paul Melchert and James Zimmerman joined other Minnesota families to speak in support of a bill reversing the state’s ban on same-sex marriage. But their 3-year-old son, Emmett, just wanted to play. Actually he wanted to use Melchert’s face as a NASCAR track.


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Washington, USA: A Mother, A Son, and Marriage Equality

Sunday, July 22nd, 2012

Gay Wedding Expo in Washington, DCIt’s safe to say most mothers of sons look forward to dancing at their boy’s wedding. This is thematic fodder for many a storyline in romantic comedies, not the least of which is Debbie Reynolds’ plea to Kevin Kline in Paul Rudnick’s 1997 film In and Out: “We love you no matter what… as long as you get married. I need this wedding. I need some music, and some beauty, and some place cards before I die.”

The Rev. Melody Young wants to do much more than dance at her son Nathan’s as yet unscheduled and unplanned wedding – she’s looking forward to the day when she performs the ceremony. As a teaching elder (our term for minister) in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), Melody is licensed to perform weddings in her home state of Washington, and authorized by our Book of Order to preside over worship and legally solemnize marriages.

Unless she wants to marry Nathan off to some charming future son-in-law.

Authored By Patrick Evans – See the Full Story at The Washington Post

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A Father, a Son and a Fighting Chance

Sunday, June 17th, 2012

Father's DayWHEN my son Jeff was little, he was a pain in the neck about eating. On one drive to Huntsville, Ala., he sobbed for 70 minutes (I know because I timed it) about how we were starving him to death.

We stopped at a diner and ordered him a meal, and he proceeded to eat about four bites before claiming he was full.

You might think I would lose my temper, but this had happened before, so I was prepared with a well-planned response. I reached over and started eating his food. Bite by bite, I finished everything on his plate, figuring that would teach him to mind his dinner.

Full Story from The New York Times

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NC, USA: Billy Graham’s Son Endorses Amendment One

Tuesday, May 1st, 2012

Last week Billy Graham’s daughter warned that God will destroy North Carolina if the amendment is not approved.

Full Story from Joe.My.God

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Belinda Carlisle Supports Gay Marriage Because Son is Gay

Sunday, June 6th, 2010

Singer Belinda Carlisle says she backs gay marriage because her son is gay. In a newly released interview with gay glossy The Advocate, Carlisle says she supports the institution because she wants what’s best for her son James Duke.

“My son is gay, and I want the best for him,” Carlisle, 51, said in explaining why she starred in a public service announcement last year for marriage equality. “I don’t understand why gay marriage is such a divisive issue in the first place,” she added.

Carlisle explained that she recorded the video in her backyard after her son got her riled up on the issue.

Full Story fromOn Top Magazine

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