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On That Tennessee Marriage Equality Ruling

Friday, August 15th, 2014

Circuit Judge Russell E. Simmons, Jr.It finally happened. After a string of court victories for marriage equality, Circuit Court Judge Russell E. Simmons Jr., upheld Tennessee’s amendment against same-sex marriage, becoming the first jurist to uphold such a ban since the U.S. Supreme Court struck down part of the Defense of Marriage Act last year.

Having not won a case in almost 14 months, opponents of same-sex marriage were understandably excited. Less expected was the fatalism of allegedly unbiased journalists and even some supporters of marriage equality. It seemed that the end of the streak was the end of all hope. People who were beginning to think there might not be a federal circuit court split were again certain that marriage equality was on its way back to the Supreme Court. A run of losses might be in the making.

Fortunately, that’s not how streaks work, with the possible exception of Lou Gehrig, who never played after the end of his 2,130 consecutive game streak. Most “endings” are a blip on the radar before the resumption of excellence. Cal Ripken Jr., had one of his best statistical seasons the year after he ended his Gehrig-besting streak at 2,632 games. Despite ending his hitting streak at 56 games, Joe DiMaggio was an All Star and the Most Valuable Player (MVP) in 1941, and went on to another MVP trophy, seven more All Star games, and the Hall of Fame. Muhammad Ali won 31 straight fights before losing to Joe Frazier in 1971, but went on to reclaim the heavyweight title.

Authored By Joel Trambley – See the Full Story at LGBT Weekly

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