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Italian Support for Marriage Equality Reaches a Majority

Wednesday, May 27th, 2015

titleItalian public opinion has moved decisively in favour of legally recognising same sex couples after Ireland`s “Yes” to gay marriage, the first poll issued since the landmark referendum revealed Wednesday.

The survey published by Italian daily La Stampa found that 51 percent of voters would support gay marriage in a country where the Catholic Church still wields considerable political influence.

Just over two thirds, 67 percent, said they were in favour of civil unions but opposition to adoption by lesbian and gay couples remains high at 73 percent.

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North Carolina Marriage Equality Support Reaches 45%

Tuesday, September 16th, 2014

titleA new poll shows support has outpaced opposition to marriage equality in North Carolina.

LGBTQ Nation reports:

An Elon University Poll surveyed more than 1,000 North Carolinians and found that 45 percent support gay marriage. Opposition stood at 43 percent. Twelve percent of respondents said they didn’t know or had no opinion. The results are still within the poll’s margin of error, but pollsters say it’s the first time in the history of their polling they’ve seen support for gay marriage rise above opposition. “Support for gay marriage has picked up 4 percentage points since a spring poll and opposition has dropped 3 percentage points,” Elon University Poll said in a release. “It is the first time that Elon University Poll has found support for gay marriage to be greater than opposition, though it is within the margin of error.”

Remember, the state’s ban passed 61% to 38% just two years ago.

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Major League Baseball’s Support for LGBT Rights a Game Changer

Friday, August 22nd, 2014

Major League BaseballYou’re in a ballpark. Your team is losing. Big. It’s the kind of game that would have made you leave in the fifth inning – if you were one of those fans who doesn’t believe your team will pull it out until the very last out is recorded. If you were one of those people who gives up.

All of a sudden your team gets a hit. And then another. Nothing special. A ground ball with eyes here, a dying quail there. But the buzz has started. You know the one I’m talking about. When 50,000 people all seem to begin to whisper simultaneously? The buzz.

Another hit, and this one scores a run or two. Now the buzz is a low rumble. Your team is still down, but there’s a glimmer of hope. This one ain’t over yet.

Now comes the big hit. The one that makes the sportswriters who have already written 90 percent of their game recaps stop, sigh and hit the delete button. The low rumble is now a roar. The game hasn’t been won, but the opponent is already defeated, and they’re not sure how it happened. The stars realigned, and that flighty temptress momentum changed her uniform.

In short, the narrative changed.

Authored By Ryan Wagner – See the Full Story at The Washington Blade

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And Then There Were Four – GOP Senator Collins Supports Marriage Equality

Thursday, June 26th, 2014

Maine Senator Susan CollinsWith the addition of Susan Collins, four US GOP Senators now support marriage equality.

Think Progress reports:

Susan Collins became the fourth Republican senator to support marriage equality on Wednesday, announcing her position in a questionnaire from Maine’s Bangor Daily News. “A number of states, including my home state of Maine, have now legalized same-sex marriage, and I agree with that decision,” Collins wrote. Voters in Maine outlawed same-sex marriage in 2009, but legalized it in 2012.

The other three are Rob Portman (OH), Mark Kirk (IL) and Lisa Murkowski (AK).

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Ireland: Marriage Equality Support Reaches Two Thirds

Monday, April 7th, 2014

titleA new poll out of Ireland shows marriage equality support at an amazing level, going into a referendum next year on the issue.

The Irish Times reports:

Asked how they plan to vote in the referendum on the issue, promised by the Government next year, 67 per cent said they would vote Yes, 21 per cent No and 12 per cent were undecided. The corresponding figures in an Irish Times poll in November 2012 were 53 per cent Yes, 30 per cent No, and 17 per cent undecided… When the undecided are excluded from the current poll, the Yes figure is 76 per cent with 24 per cent No, compared to a figure of 64 per cent Yes and 36 per cent No in November 2012. The poll also shows voters are of the view that a traditional family of a father and mother is best suited to bringing up children by comparison with any other combination.

That’s an amazing level of support – if this passes next year, Northern Ireland will be the only part of the islands that doesn’t have marriage equality.

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Australia: Lawmakers May Get Free Vote on Marriage Equality Bill

Sunday, December 15th, 2013

Australia Prime Minister Tony AbbottSome breaking news out of Australia this morning. It looks like Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s party may allow a conscience vote on the marriage equality bill.

Bloomberg News reports:

Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s Liberal Party, which leads a coalition government with the smaller National Party, will probably let legislators vote however they choose on the issue, Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull said today. Campaigners are urging members of parliament to cooperate on a change to national laws that could see Australia follow the U.K., Canada, France and South Africa in allowing same-sex unions. Legislation passed by the government of the Australian Capital Territory to permit same-sex unions was ruled inconsistent with federal laws by the High Court on Dec. 12, effectively nullifying about 30 weddings performed this month.

There are a number of conservative lawmakers who support marriage equality, but have not been able to vote for it in the past because the party has tied their hands. Anyone have a count of likely “yes” votes?

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Taiwan: President Expresses Support for Marriage Equality

Monday, November 25th, 2013

Taiwan - Google Maps

from Google Maps

Taiwan’s President Ma Ying-jeou apparently just expressed his support for marriage equality in the country. reports:

Ying-jeou noted that when he was mayor of Taipei 15 years ago it was one of the only cities in the world that had a budget for supporting gay rights activities and is now one of the most gay-friendly cities in Asia. However, heterosexual marriage in Taiwan developed over thousands of years of history and Ying-jeou lamented that advancing gay marriage, which is still illegal in the country, is going to take “a high degree of consensus”.

Could Taiwan become the first Asian country to institute a marriage equality law?

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USA, Oregon: Fifteen Portland Start-Ups Announce Marriage Equality Support

Thursday, November 21st, 2013

Portland SkylineA group of Portland-area start-ups has just announced support for the marriage equality initiative in the state.

The Oregonian reports:

Fifteen of the Portland area’s most prominent young tech companies issued a letter this morning backing marriage equality in the state, joining Intel, Nike and several other large Oregon companies and business associations. Executives from the companies backed a forthcoming ballot initiative that would legalize gay marriage in the state. “It’s very much in the spirit with which we operate our business. It seems to be fair. It’s not very complicated,” said Josh Reich, chief executive of Portland startup Simple Finance Technology Corp., which offers online and mobile banking services. The company, which operates under the name Simple, just crossed 75,000 customers.

Have you noticed that the other side almost never announces new supporters? The momentum is now all on our side. If the initiative qualifies, they will go to the ballot next November.

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USA, Oregon: Nike to Support Marriage Equality

Wednesday, November 20th, 2013

Nike LogoNike is putting its money where its mouth is in support of a ballot initiative to legalize marriage equality in Oregon.

The Oregonian reports:

Nike announced Tuesday it supports the Freedom to Marry and Religious Protection Initiative in Oregon, and that the company has created the Nike Equality PAC, a foundation to raise money in support of marriage equality. The PAC begins with $280,000: A $100,000 contribution from Nike and another $180,000 from Nike executives.

It’s fantastic that the company is throwing financial support behind the project too. Gotta trade in my old tennis shoes for some Just Do It.

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USA, Oregon: Intel Supports Marriage Equality Initiative

Sunday, October 20th, 2013

Intel LogoComputing giant Intel came out in support of Oregon’s marriage equality initiative.

The Oregonian reports:

Count Intel among the big businesses in Oregon backing same-sex marriage rights, even before an initiative to make it legal in the state makes the ballot… Though Intel employs more Oregonians than any other business (it has more than 17,000 workers in Washington County) the company’s headquarters is in California. Intel usually resists taking a public stance on Oregon policy issues. Instead, the company works through groups in which it is a member – including the OBA – or through lobbyists in Salem.

Asked directly about its position on the pending Oregon ballot measure, Intel spokeswoman Chelsea Hossaini wrote: “Intel Corporation supports marriage equality. In Oregon, Intel is a board member of the Portland Business Alliance and the Oregon Business Association. Both organizations voted and have publicly supported marriage equality this year.”

Another big corporation sees that it’s in its best interest to support marriage equality.

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