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Hong Kong: Court of Final Appeal To Hear Transgender Woman’s Marriage Case

Monday, April 15th, 2013

Hong KongHong Kong’s top court is preparing to hear the case of a transgender woman who has been fighting for years to marry her boyfriend. Pink News reports:

The woman, known only as ‘W’, has fought since 2010 to get married to her boyfriend. Hong Kong’s Registrar of Marriages had ruled that, as her birth certificate still states she is male, she cannot marry a man according to the City’s laws, which do not allow for same-sex marriage. Her case reached the High Court but was thrown out. She has now taken the matter to the Court of Final Appeal, which will give a definitive ruling.

This case clearly shows that marriage equality is not only about gay and lesbian couples, because transgender citizens suffer inequality under the same laws as well. We hope W wins her fight!