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USA, Arizona/Florida: Former Marriage Equality Foe Launches Campaigns for Gay Marriage

Friday, August 9th, 2013

Arizona mapTim Mooney, a GOP strategist, is launching campaigns for marriage equality in Arizona and Florida. The Huffington Post reports:

Tim Mooney doesn’t fit the profile of a typical gay rights advocate. The Republican strategist worked on Utah’s campaign against same-sex marriage in 2004, and helped Rick Perry become governor of Texas. Yet Mooney is the unlikely figure behind a pair of under-the-radar ballot initiatives to legalize same-sex marriage in Arizona and Florida. The campaigns, called Equal Marriage Florida and Equal Marriage Arizona, began in June, just before the Supreme Court announced its landmark ruling on same-sex marriage.

Existing LGBT rights groups are suspicious:


In interviews with The Huffington Post, a dozen gay rights advocates noted that same-sex marriage remains unpopular among some demographic groups in both Florida and Arizona. They argued that the time is not yet right to bring the issue to a vote in those states, especially without enlisting the broader gay rights community to build support among voters. Some advocates go further, suggesting Mooney’s campaigns are aimed at draining resources from gay rights groups, or at opportunistically profiting from the gay rights movement’s momentum.

Only time will tell what Mooney’s motives are or if his campaigns will be successful. I say, the more, the merrier on the marriage equality bandwagon.

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USA, Florida: Binational Gay Couple Gets First Green Card

Sunday, June 30th, 2013

Florida Gay Couple Gets Green CardThe long nightmare for same sex binational couples is finally over, and a couple in Florida has a green card to prove it. The Advocate reports:

Two men from Florida are the first binational, married, same-sex couple granted a greencard in the wake of DOMA’s death this week. The Supreme Court on Wednesday narrowly threw out the Defense of Marriage Act, which amongst its many injuries, made it impossible for those who marry a foreign-born same-sex person from sponsoring their spouse for a greencard (the reason: DOMA demanded the federal government not recognize state-sanctioned gay marriages). Two days later, a male couple from Florida, who married in a state or country where same-sex nuptials are recognized, benefited from SCOTUS’s decision, according to immigration attorney Lavi Soloway. The couple has not yet been identified by name.

We’re beyond thrilled for the happy couple.

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Florida, USA: Former GOP Governor-Turned-Democrat Crist Endorses Marriage Equality

Thursday, May 9th, 2013

Charlie CristFormer GOP Governor Charlie Crist just announced his support for marriage equality on his Facebook page today. reports:

“Some great news: On Tuesday, Delaware became the 11th state to allow marriage equality. And just a few days ago, Rhode Island adopted a similar measure, which followed victories last fall in Maine, Maryland and Washington. I most certainly support marriage equality in Florida and look forward to the day it happens here.” Crist is potentially planning a run for governor of Florida as a Democrat.

That would be something, wouldn’t it? The former Republican Governor back as a gay marriage-supporting democrat in Florida?

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