Prague - Czech Republic Marriage Equality - Pixabay

Czech Republic Marriage Equality Support Reaches 75%

Prague - Czech Republic Marriage Equality - Pixabay

A large majority of voters in the Czech Republic now support equal marriage – as pressure grows in the country to end a ban on same-sex weddings.

16 countries across Western and Northern Europe have now introduced same-sex marriage, but progress has been slower across Central and Eastern European countries, where polls suggest a majority still oppose the reform – leading to a stark divide across the continent. 

However, a poll this week in the Czech Republic shows that support for equal marriage is growing rapidly, as campaigners launch fresh efforts to push for same-sex weddings in the country. The Prague Daily Monitor reports that a poll conducted by Median polling agency showed 75 percent now believe that same-sex couples should be able to marry, with 19 percent opposed.

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Author: Scott Coatsworth